Make Up

  • Whenever there is an important occasion round the corner and we think about makeup, the options that hit our mind are gold eye makeup, copper eye makeup, smokey eyes etc. Have you ever thought of it like ‘eyelids emphasizing makeup’
  • While watching Bollywood stars on the silver screen, how many times have you wished you could look as pretty as them? The ethereal beauty of many of the leading ladies of Bollywood has often left us in awe. But have


  • Summer has finally arrived. Some people love the summer months, while others dread it. For people who go out to work every day, summer means sweat, oil and dirt! It is not really possible to hide from the effects of
  • We all crave for a clear and glowing skin and love to have one. But with stressful jobs and loads of pollution around, sometimes we don’t have enough time to take care of our skin. This negligence results in skin


  • No matter how beautiful a face you possess, you should never neglect your hair– the crown of your body. If your hair is in poor condition due to exposure to harsh chemicals or due to neglect, you can never look
  • Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks. Both literally and figuratively! And when it is long and full of life, even more so. It is no wonder women crave for long healthy hair. But keep in mind that

Hair Styles

  • As the summers approach, so does the sweat and humidity!! Gone will be the days where you could leave your hair open in all their shining glory..instead, you would feel like chopping them off into a short crop so that
  • Fat or chubbiness is something which we modern girls and teenagers detest. Exercising, dieting, and countless other weight loss strategies…… God knows what all we do to shed those extra pounds to acquire the enviable figure which we dream of!

Health and Wellness

  • So you bought a load of kiwi fruits on a whim and now they are sitting pretty in the fridge while you wonder what to do with them? How about some salad? Yes, kiwis can easily be eaten by themselves.
  • Have you got flab around the belly? If yes, it can be a source of constant embarrassment no matter what your age is. Your belly is the hardest part of the body to lose weight from. Don’t worry. You can


  • With increasing workload and stress, our health has taken a turn for the worst. The tight schedules and the revolving chairs have induced momentary comfort, but have paved the way for long term ailments and discomfort. We often land up
  • Moderate physical activity is a must for those trying to lose weight. Walking is one of the easiest and most economical ways to do so. It is no wonder then, that it is one of the most preferred forms of


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