Make Up

  • Whenever there is an important occasion round the corner and we think about makeup, the options that hit our mind are gold eye makeup, copper eye makeup, smokey eyes etc. Have you ever thought of it like ‘eyelids emphasizing makeup’
  • Mehandi has been a basic part of traditional system of the Indian sub-continent for a long time! Also known as Henna, it is now very popular in western countries too. Pakistani Mehandi designs have become a symbol of art, culture


  • Summer has finally arrived. Some people love the summer months, while others dread it. For people who go out to work every day, summer means sweat, oil and dirt! It is not really possible to hide from the effects of
  • Simple lifestyle changes like incorporating fruits in your daily diet can give you glowing skin. Fruits help with Clear complexion; Skin rejuvenation, Natural hydration; Improvement of Skin texture and making the skin appear youthful and glowing. Fruits are safe with


  • No matter how beautiful a face you possess, you should never neglect your hair– the crown of your body. If your hair is in poor condition due to exposure to harsh chemicals or due to neglect, you can never look
  • Every woman’s dream is to get long and silky hair. For some women it comes as a part of the family genes. Regardless of whether it’s a trend or not, I know so many girls striving for soft and silky hair.

Hair Styles

  • As the summers approach, so does the sweat and humidity!! Gone will be the days where you could leave your hair open in all their shining glory..instead, you would feel like chopping them off into a short crop so that
  • It’s the wedding season ladies, and while everyone is busy planning the perfect dress and makeup, have you thought about the hair yet? While you’re getting ready to zero in on the hairstyles, here are some important factors that you

Health and Wellness

  • So you bought a load of kiwi fruits on a whim and now they are sitting pretty in the fridge while you wonder what to do with them? How about some salad? Yes, kiwis can easily be eaten by themselves.
  • Papaya, a fruit which is available throughout the year, is deliciously sweet with a soft butter like consistency. This pear-shaped fruit is usually 7 inches long with about 1 pound in weight with the inside flesh being rich orange in



  • I love to shop online. I keep buying stuff from different websites because it saves my time and sometimes, a little money too! There are so many shopping sites in India, which offer discounts on different categories of items. As
  • Indians love colours and it’s natural that we show this love for colors in various forms and ways. One such beautiful way is through colourful Rangolis. So what is Rangoli? Well rangoli is a colourful design, a pattern with loads
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