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Make Up

  • Whenever there is an important occasion round the corner and we think about makeup, the options that hit our mind are gold eye makeup, copper eye makeup, smokey eyes etc. Have you ever thought of it like ‘eyelids emphasizing makeup’



  • No matter how beautiful a face you possess, you should never neglect your hair– the crown of your body. If your hair is in poor condition due to exposure to harsh chemicals or due to neglect, you can never look

Hair Styles

Health and Wellness

  • Do you want to make a delicious salad without adding too many calories to the meal? Are you looking to spice up your turkey dish, but don’t want to cook an elaborate recipe? Turkey salads are both easy to make


  • Fat, in the wrong places, can look really ungainly! Losing weight from the right areas of the body is the key to looking attractive. Most cardio workouts help you lose fat from all over the body and many core exercises


  • Summer calls for time to be spent at a pool, beach or a Water Park. I have a pool party on my cards this coming week and I was thinking what to wear and from where to buy? And well


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