10 Beauty Secrets From Across The World June 3, 2015

What do Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Madhubala, Mumtaz, Aishwaya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Julia Roberts and few other top movie stars have in common?  Beauty!!! But then every woman is beautiful in own way!So doesn’t that make us all worthy of the best there is out there for our skin and hair?Right guidance from experts is important to enhance our beauty, so we always make sure that we use the right beauty secrets!!!

Read below to know these beauty tips from around the world, for just for a more beautiful you!!!

1. Exfoliation is the key to a beautiful skin:

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Exfoliation is the most integral part of any beauty regimen.Itshould never be avoided. Exfoliation helps us remove those unwanted dead skin cells that get deposited on the skin surface. Absence of exfoliation can result in clogged pores, which further troubles the skin by causing acne. It also restricts the nourishing properties of moisturizers and toners to reach deep within the skin. Once you approach your mid 20’s make sure that exfoliation becomes an integral part of your skin care regimen. This will help your skin to stay fresh and glowing always, thus keeping your pores dirt-free, which further increases the chance of better absorption of anti-aging products.

2. Sugar Pro-Spa Treatment at Home:

Skin exfoliation treatment, which is done in spas, also do wonders to your skin. However, you can get it done once a month or bi-monthly. If expensive, you can opt for the same professional spa-like experience at home using sugar granules. Claimed to be an amazing exfoliant, sugar granules help soothe and smooth your skin with occasional but regular use. Do not forget to take a warm bath after use. You can make a mixture of Kosher salt, sugar and edible coconut oil to make an amazing Scrub for your whole body.

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3. Water-Sleep-Exercise:

Yes, all these three things are must for a healthy and happy “You”. Make sure that you drink as much water. Similarly, make sure that your sleep well enough to wake up charged with energy. Also try exercising on a regular basis. However, avoid over doing it!!!

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4. Soft Hands and Feet:

It is also very important to take proper care of your hands and feet. Make sure that you soak your hands and feet in warm shower gel soaked water for at least 15 minutes before a manicure or pedicure scrubbing ( with pumice stone). This will help you get rid of the dry and dead skin cells. Warm water will also soothe your tired feet. If you have problem with corns and cracked feet, try rubbing the soul of your with warm coconut or olive oil and petroleum jelly before sleeping.

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5. Biotin can do wonders:

Use of biotin for hair growth has been reported to offer amazing results in almost all the cases. It is water soluble vitamin B complex that also strengthens the nails. Regular intake of about 2.5 or 5 or 10 mg, as per your hair condition after both breakfast and lunch will help. It claims to be free of any side effects. However, it’s better to consult your doctor for the right dosage.

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6. Right Treatment for Soft Hair:

You might experience hair loss while combing your frizzy hair, even after using serum or hair conditioner. This might happen for two reasons, either you are using conditioner on your roots or you’re over conditioning to make your roots weak. One thing to understand is very important and that is ‘roots don’t need conditioning, because roots naturally produce oils’.

The key to conditioning your hair in the right way is by starting the using of conditioner from the tips and end at least 1 inch leaving your roots. This will help you achieve soft hair.

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7. Dandruff avoidance:

A nice warm mixture of camphor, castor oil, coconut oil and lemon juice can help you treat dandruff. A soothing massage and then following it up with a warm towel wrap for 15-20 minutes will enhance the oil care performance. Also if your choosing a dandruff shampoo, make sure that pick suits your hair. Dandruff is caused due to various reasons like product build up, choice of wrong shampoo, no clean rinse and others.

8. Haircuts and measurements:

It’s advisable to not go for short bob haircuts when young or if you’re not sure to carry it off well. With age the hair growth may slow down, thus making you more conscious of your looks. There could also be situations where ‘what’s preferable to the stylist’ might not set well with your face and confidence.  Tell your stylist what your hair style requirements are!!! This will save you from embarrassing cuts, which you might have to carry for days till your hair grows back.

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9. Secret to a healthy stomach and skin:

A mix of a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of water on empty stomach in the morning can be a healthy start for a day. It will keep you free of the unwanted troubles in the body, thus boosting your body to attain a slim figure.

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10. Retinoids are a must for aging skin:

As you start approaching your 30’s start using anti-aging creams for fine lines and wrinkles with retinoid. These are derivatives of Vitamin A. On one hand they increase collagen production and on the other, they make your skin vulnerable to sun damage.Use such creams mostly at night and wear a proper sunscreen the next day.

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Hope you benefit from the around the world beauty secrets.

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