10 Celebrity Braids That You Can Flaunt Too May 6, 2015

Celebrities all around the globe are sporting braided hairstyles, be it long or shoulder length hair, celebrity braids are grabbing everyone’s attention. The fact is that such a hairstyle is easy to achieve, and you can get one of these on your own too!!!

If you are good with a French braid, which is a common braid style, then you can pull off various styles because it gives you the maximum amount of opportunity to play with your hair. People love the braiding hairstyles because they are different from the usual neatly made hairdos like buns. Young celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus have been spotted wearing messy side braids time and again on the stage shows or award ceremonies, which has made their followers to sport the same.

To inspire you and give you some hot ideas on braids, we are putting forward 10 awesome handpicked celebrity braided hairstyles. Pick and try some or may be all of them!

Top Celebrity Braids

1. A Sweet Braided Band:

Sported by Jamie King, your thick hair or thick bangs can let you achieve this look easily. Sport this sweet look and be a show stopper.

A Sweet Braided Band Pinit

Image: Getty

2. A Fish Tail Braid:

Sported by the famous ‘High School Musical’ girl Ashley Tisdale, this is a hot look for a girl’s night out or any peppy party that requires a funky look. It is easy to create and sport. For example, if you like your bangs, you could either let it flow or tie them up and give it the look of a complete and tidy fishtail instead.

A Fish Tail Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

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3. Long Bangs In A Braided Fashion:

Bangs, if kept long can be made into a braid just like how Jennifer Aniston is sporting in the image below. You just need some hairpins and bobby pins to get this one right.

Long Bangs In A Braided Fashion Pinit

Image: Getty

4. Side Braid With Stiff Half Pin Curl:

A hot look for an evening get-together or any special event, the grand half pin curl sported by Jennifer Hudson definitely steals the show.

4.-Side-Braid-With-Stiff-Half-Pin-Curl Pinit

Image: Getty

5. Low Side Braided Bun:

The well-known sexy style icon, Charlize Theron, sports a simple yet hot look with a low braided bun. This is clean, neat yet extravagant.

Low Side Braided Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

6. Messy Fishtail Braid, With Side Asymmetrical Bangs:

Known for her ever changing hairstyles, Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting a messy fish tail look with awesome asymmetrical bangs that give a sense of style and glamour.

Messy-Fishtail-Braid,-With-Side-Asymmetrical-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

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7. Braided Bun:

A high braided bun like how Jennifer Lopez is sporting in the image below, you can go for the same look, it is fun and adds a great deal of glamour too.

Braided Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

8. The Messy Bangs and Milkmaid Braid:

Brooklyn Decker here sports a milkmaid braid, but in a messy fashion way that adds glamour to the old English village hairstyle.

The Messy Bangs and Milkmaid Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

9. Braided up do:

Dianna Agron Sports a braided messy updo. Try it and see the amount of appreciation that you get.

Braided up do Pinit

Image: Getty

10. A different twist to the normal braided bangs hairstyle:

Paris Hilton sports a different kind of look here. The braids are intertwined between the bangs and are lying low. If you can manage a friend’s help or a stylist, you can easily sport this look.

A different twist to the normal braided bangs hairstyle Pinit

Image: Getty

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I hope this article on celebrity hairstyles braids inspires you also to try something with braids.

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