Cute hairstyles for medium length hair will always be in fashion. Some of them remind us of “Back to school” days.

Cute and messy hairstyles sported by many celebs today are gaining immense popularity.  A braid and some crunched up messy curls can give you the look that you want. To cater to your cute hairstyles requirement, we have selected some cute looking hairstyles for all you girls out there.

1. A braided cute hairstyle:

 If you are clever with braids then this can be just the style for you. Fix some hairpins and you are ready to go. This is rules the charts when it comes to cute hairstyles for medium hair length.

cute braided hairstyle

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2. Cute ponytail and braids:

to achieve this look, you need to be a genius with braids or take help from your friend. Front bangs will give that “wow” feel to it.

cute ponytail and braids

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3. Loose lying side braid:

 A little difficult look to achieve, but looks gorgeous with loose lying hair. Side braids make you look like a cute diva from your school days.

loose lying side braid

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4. Messy curly bun:

buns can look very cool, a crunchy curly messy bun is a favourite of the ‘Back to school’ hairstyle category.

messy curly bun

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5. Flaunty colours:

 Add some colours to your boring hairstyle.

colors hairstyles look

 Via pinterest

6. That old cute look:

Some things can never go out of fashion, the same can be said about this easy to do and easy to sport look. This is definitely one of the oldest and most popular school hairstyles.

school girl cute hairstyles

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7. Loose side braid with curly bangs:

This is an easy to achieve hairstyle, but needs a little curling at your bangs to give it a final touch. This is another cool hairstyle for girls with medium hair for school.

loose side braid with curly bangs

Via pinterest

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8. The curly girly prom look:

This can be a hot prom high school look for any girl, and at any age.

the curly girly prom look

Via pinterest

9. The simple side crown braid:

A very easy hairstyle to sport for medium hair with medium to long bangs. You don’t have to be an expert to make braids for this one, but basic knowledge always helps.

the simple side crown braid

Via pinterest

10. The cute low twin ponies:

Do this look with some messiness. Easy, sweet and simple messy look from your high school that is rocking the current party scene. Then why not sport this hairstyle for medium hair for school day too?

the cute low twin ponies

Via pinterest

Check out this nice video tutorial to know more about hairstyles for school girls.


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  • emaso48

    There are some nice hairdo’s on here, cute but not what I am looking for.

  • Samnatha

    Very nice post! The hairstyles are indeed cute and very fashionable. I am not a braid person but these braid hairstyles are cool. Good job done!

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    Amazing, these were such simple and actually practical everyday looks, Its real easy and fast and fun to do. I really appreciate it! My favorite hairstyle has to be one with braided cute hairstyle and I think they are really pretty & awesome!
     I am going to use your awesome ideas. Thank you…