50 Formal Celebrity Hairstyles To Inspire You February 2, 2017

Formal hairstyles are different from the causal party wear hairdos. Formal hairstyles when worn by celebrities make a bigger impact on everyone. All of us would want to wear the chic formal hairdos are favorite celebs sport not to mention their impeccable style. The flawless appeal inspires us to try at least once what they wear all the time.

We list out 50 Formal Celebrity Hairstyles which you should go ahead and try out:

1. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift

Image: Getty

The Taylor blunt with thick layered bangs in the front are very stylish. The bangs add the extra oomph to the blunt bob. The bob has a more glossy and shiny finesse.

2. Anne Hathaway’s Subtly Messy Bob:

Anne Hathaway’s Subtly Messy Bob

Image: Getty

Anne Hathaway’s wears a subtly messy bob which exudes a confident and finesse style.

3. Rachel McAdams Head Banded Top Knot Bun:

Rachel Mcadams Head banded Top Knot Bun

Image: Getty

The head banded top knot bun accentuates the style quotient of Rachel Mcadams. The style is conveniently easy to wear and maintain

4. Gwen Stefani’s Big Blonde Voluminous Bun:

Gwen Stefani’s Big Blonde Voluminous Bun

Image: Getty

The big blonde voluminous bun is extremely chic and stylish. It does have a slightly messy essence but the whole hairdo is attractive and formal.

5. Jessica Biel’s Half Up Half Down:

Jessica Biel’s Half Up Half Down

Image: Getty

The straight half up half down style with ombre edges is incredibly smart and pleasing to the eyes.

6. Eva Mendes Backcombed Thick Curly Waves:

Eva Mendes Backcombed Thick Curly Waves

Image: Getty

The stylish hairdo makes Eva Mendes look gorgeous and striking. The wavy and curly hairdo gives so much more detail and contours face beautifully.

7. Jessica Lowndes Brunette Wavy Layers:

Jessica Lowndes Brunette Wavy Layers

Image: Getty

Jessica Lowndes brunette wavy layered hairdo has a free and windy essence to it which is pretty and stunning.

8. Jessica Alba’s Side Braided Chignon:

Jessica Alba’s Side Braided Chignon

Image: Getty

The side braided chignon is stylish and sophisticated with the yellow ringed earrings. The style is classy and modish. The bun coupled with the braid is extremely unique.

9. Scarlett Johnson’s Subtly Puffed French Bun:

Scarlett Johnson’s Subtly Puffed French Bun

Image: Getty

Scarlett Johnson exudes a very elegant prim style with this cool subtly puffed French bun. The bun is worn with a very neat and tight fervor.

10. Rihanna’s High Beehive French Bun:

Rihanna’s High Beehive French Bun

Image: Getty

The red beehive bun is stylish and high on class. The bun is accentuated with two loose bangs in the front which gives the sleek bun a subtle tousled appeal.

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11. Salma Hayek’s Brunette Spiral Wavy Edges:

Salma Hayek’s Brunette Spiral Wavy Edges

Image: Getty

The Brunette spiral wavy edges are tousled. The curly hairdo makes the wearer appear younger and delicate.

12. Nikki Reed’s Black Rolled in Tousled Bun:

Nikki Reed’s Black Rolled in Tousled Bun

Image: Getty

Nikki Reed’s black rolled in low base tousled bun is easy to wear and stylish. The bun gives a neat messy impression.

13. Mandy Moore’s Shiny Waves:

Mandy Moore’s Shiny Waves

Image: Getty

The shiny waves coupled with trimmed layered bangs at the forehead give a very edgy appeal to the hairdo. The hairdo has finely cut edgy layers which give a fine and sophisticated style to the coif.

14. Irina Shayk’s Tight Long Ponytail:

Irina Shayk’s Tight Long Ponytail

Image: Getty

The model wears a tight long ponytail which is chic and sexy. The hairdo can be worn for a formal get together.

15. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge:

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Image: Getty

The Duchess of Cambridge has an impeccable sense of fashion. Her style is simply elegant and classy. The ponytail has a very neat and formal essence to it.

16. Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton

Image: Getty

Paris Hilton wears this long ponytail with a chic puff which gives a distinct touch to the style.

17. Petra Nemcova:

Petra Nemcova

Image: Getty

The super model wears this ombre tinted ponytail braid with loose bangs. The style is casual yet perfect for a formal event.

18. Maya Gilbert:

Maya Gilbert

Image: Getty

Maya Gilbert flaunts the sassy ponytail braid with thick side swept bangs which add a whimsical twist to the long braid. The style is just right for a formal after office event.

19. Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian

Image: Getty

Kim Kardashian’s signature open hair is just elegant and classic. The hairdo is just so effortless.

20. Megan Fox:

Megan Fox

Image: Getty

The neat black curl hairdo is sophisticated and pretty. The beachy waves are neatly styled with the middle part. All put up for the formal style.

21. Hilary Duff:

Hilary Duff

Image: Getty

The former child star and a contemporary Hollywood actress/singer Hilary Duff shows off her exquisite low base chignon bun.

22. Blake Lively:

Blake Lively

Image: Getty

Blake Lively stuns with this extremely neatly done messy updo. The style is right for a formal red carpet event.

23. Halle Berry:

Halle Berry

Image: Getty

The ombre highlighted pixie is simply pretty and smart.

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24. Monica Belluci:

Monica Belluci

Image: Getty

The 50 year old is the latest in the line of many famous actresses to become the next Bong girl. The gorgeous actress has a flawless sense of style. The medium length hairstyle with a side part is just right for a business meeting sans the glitter.

25. Keri Hilson:

Keri Hilson

Image: Getty

Keri Hilson wears this chic and blackish blonde pixie with asymmetrical bangs which have a quirky effect to the style.

26. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie

Image: Getty

The actress wears a highly sophisticated medium based bun which is elegance personified.

27. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez

Image: Getty

Jennifer Lopez wears this slicked back style which has a wet texture to it. The style is just right for a high end formal event.

28. Jennifer Anniston:

Jennifer Anniston

Image: Getty

The Friends actress wears the extremely stylish and tousled hairdo with effortless grace. The hair is simple left open with fine bangs and a middle part.

29. Courtney Cox:

Courtney Cox

Image: Getty

The textured spiral curls are dressed for a formal gathering. The hairdo is classy and pretty.

30. Helen Mirren:

Helen Mirren

Image: Getty

The platinum bob the elegant actress wears is simply classic and looks very regal.

31. Anna Wintour:

Anna Wintour

Image: Getty

The middle parted blunt bob with fine fringe at the front; the style is refined and graceful.

32. Nicole Richie:

Nicole Richie

Image: Getty

Nicole Richie hairdo is made by slicking back the hair with a side part. The style is high fashion and extremely attractive.

33. Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez

Image: Getty

The faux bob which she wears is just perky and elegant at the same time. The style is just done elegantly at the same time.

34. Queen Letizia of Spain:

Queen Letizia of Spain

Image: Getty

The beautiful Queen has an impeccable style which reflects in the hairdo she wears. The medium length bob reflects precision and sleekness.

35. Queen Rania of Jordan:

Queen Rania of Jordan

Image: Getty

The highlighted streaks complete with the side part reflect elegance and class. The medium length bob is just an amazing style to dress with for a formal occasion.

36. Jennifer Hawkins:

Jennifer Hawkins

Image: Getty

The former Miss Universe and a current super model Jennifer Hawkins oozes of seductive style. The pretty thick textured waves are just right for a formal occasion.

37. Emma Watson:

Emma Watson

Image: Getty

The Harry Potter Star has an amazing fashion sense which never looks overdone. The sleek side swept subtly wavy hair exudes a wonderful formal presence.

38. Keira Knightley:

Keira Knightley

Image: Getty

The Pirates of the Caribbean star wears the textured backcombed wavy hairdo which is just right for a formal meeting.

39. Michelle Williams:

Michelle Williams

Image: Getty

The fringe bang pixie is refreshingly chic and stylish with a smart finesse.

40. Catherine Zeta Jones:

Catherine Zeta Jones

Image: Getty

Catherine Zeta Jones presents a very sober serene style with this swept to one side wavy hairdo!

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41. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz

Image: Getty

The bright pink lips complement the neat messy tousled hairstyle which consists of a long wavy bob with uneven edges.

42. Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts

Image: Getty

The high beehive bun is classic and incredibly stylish. Do try this look for a powerful fashion statement.

43. Uma Thurman:

Uma Thurman

Image: Getty

This messy chignon is big and seems intertwined, but the glittering hair accessory give its a chic definition.

44. Tilda Swinton:

 Tilda Swinton

Image: Getty

The maintained gelled pixie is a distinctive style. Wear it if you have it you to pull off an unusual style with elegance such as that of Tilda Swinton.

45. Jennifer Connelly:

Jennifer Connelly

Image: Getty

The actress wears this simple short bob straight hairdo with natural elegance. The style is so effortless yet unique.

46. Naomi Watts:

Naomi Watts

Image: Getty

The platinum brown shaded bouffant bun is radically stylish and modish.

47. Sandra Bullock:

Sandra Bullock

Image: Getty

The messily but tightly tied bun of Sandra Bullock is pretty and attractive. The style is fine tuned for a formal event.

48. Nicole Kidman:

 Nicole Kidman

Image: Getty

Nicole Kidman wears this flawless and chic hairdo with utmost elegance and sophistication.

49. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry

Image: Getty

The sleek blunt bob with a chic side part is gives a precise style.

50. Charlize Theron:

 Charlize Theron

Image: Getty

The wavy bob with wavy side swept bang is understated but just right for the business meetings.

There can be more to this formal celebrity hairstyles list; it’s not exhaustive. If you know more celebrity formal hairstyles please let us know. Do not forget to leave your comments below as we appreciate reader feedback. We would like to include your suggestions.

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