50 Interesting Hair Accessories To Try July 21, 2017

Hair accessories are probably among the few objects that are often overlooked. Their function is to embellish the hair without being obvious. Nevertheless, here are some interesting hairstyles that make use of hair accessories in excess. Gone are the days when hair accessories were only limited to hair band or a pin and clip, Now the market is exaggerated with different types of hair accessories for women.

Try out these creative Hair Accessories for Women that can sport and enhance your personality:

1. Metal Head Band:

Metal Head Band Pinit

Image : Getty

A simple metal accessory, it runs around your forehead. A very elegant piece to decorate that bun!

2. Crystal Encrusted Blingy One:

Crystal Encrusted Blingy One Pinit

Image : Getty

The otherwise voluminous updo would have looked so dull and ordinary without the accessory.

3. A Simple Bow Headband:

A Simple Bow Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Katy Perry’s tied up now headband gives an extremely chic and stylish appeal. The hair is tied back, and the band just enhances the whole style.

4. Indian Style Crown Tikka:

Indian Style Crown Tikka Pinit

Image : Getty

The diamond/white crystal coated crown tikka has big white stones linked with extremely delicate white chain. Wear it with open hair and preferably longer tresses to accentuate the beauty.

5. Diamond Entrenched Five Wave Crown:

Diamond Entrenched Five Wave Crown Pinit

Image : Getty

This is a unique crown in a different style. Plait the hair or wear a ponytail or just leave it open, this headband is going to make you look special.

6. Butterfly Clip:

Butterfly Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

Button the bun with this simple butterfly clip to accentuate the simple but sexy appeal. The accessory is simple and hairdo is ordinary too, but the combination is just out of the world.

7. Glitterati White Small Pearls:

Glitterati White Small Pearls Pinit

Image : Getty

These intricately woven white pearls present a very delicate and high priced picture. You would look like a million dollars thanks to that accessory.

8. Thin Tiny Encrusted Stones Headband:

Thin Tiny Encrusted Stones Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The thin band is usually used for big and voluminous updos. The band gives a bound appeal to the hairdo and gives it a little symmetry.

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9. Coloured Sphere Headband:

Coloured Sphere Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Wear this accessory to a fresher party or crazy night out. The accessory gives a fresh and quirky appeal to the otherwise dull style.

10. Feathered Hat Clip:

Feathered Hat Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

If you want to look like a countess or dress up for a royal gathering, this hat-clip is the best bet. It’s just like a smaller replica of the large big hats. The hat-clip is a more portable and chic version.

11. Bandana Headband:

Bandana Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The bandana styled headband looks cool and has a hippie feel to it. It gives a beachy flair to it; wear it on when you walk the white sands on a sunny coast. Or wear it simply for a routine outing with friends.

12. Yellow Sparkle Headband:

Yellow Sparkle Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This headband again is versatile and can be worn in various ways. The headband has white and yellow studs giving it a glittery feel. Wear it like the way shown here, or pull it around , across the forehead and tie it at the back of the head.

13. The Indian Traditional Mang Tikka:

The traditional hair accessory could be worn in numerous funky ways. The accessory complements the make-up and the hairstyle! You can wear the accessory the simple traditional way complete with ethnic wear.

14. Ribbon up the Chignon Bun:

Ribbon up the Chignon Bun Pinit

Image : Getty

A simple ribbon could be used in a hundred ways. Here a simple chignon bun is given an edgy curve by this ordinary black ribbon tied up neatly to give the shape to the bun. Notice the shape of the tied up ribbon, a multi faceted bow.

15. Shiny Button Clips:

Shiny Button Clips Pinit

Image : Getty

These shiny buttons resemble the small glittering stars of the night black sky. A simple high based bun can have these tiny sparkles to ramp up the style. Just makes the ordinary, not so ordinary.

16. Embroidered Headband:

Embroidered Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This delicately embroidered headband glams up this casual hairstyle in a very subtle way. You have the freedom to choose the colour of your choice.

17. Bandana Headband Tied Upfront:

Bandana Headband Tied Upfront Pinit

Image : Getty

The headband is again a different bandana style tied up front. If you colour coordinate with the outfit you wear, you get a new style for the day. The style is definitely cool and soothing.

18. Thin Gold Headband:

Thin Gold Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This band comprises of tiny crystals bound together, giving it a glittering effect. It’s an elegant piece to wear, make sure you do not combine it with other shiny accessories.

19. Small Black Simple Hairpins:

Small black Simple Hairpins Pinit

Image : Getty

The simple hairpins can weave magic with a style making it very unique. These are generally used to secure the hair in a particular hairdo. Just roll your imagination and see where you can use them.

20. Thick Patterned Headband:

Thick Patterned Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Choose a headband that has a unique pattern. Wear it for a themed summer party or for your own exclusive style.

21. Small Star Glitterati Clips:

Small Star Glitterati Clips Pinit

Image : Getty

A simple glittering star attached at the base of the head, below a low based tightly pulled back bun. This is again simple yet elegant.

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22. Stone Studded Bun Accessory:

Stone Studded Bun Accessory Pinit

Image : Getty

Try this metal and stones studded bun clip. The understated accessory would give a chic flavour to the bun and enhance the hairdo.

23. Golden Slides Spiked Accessory:

Golden Slides Spiked Accessory Pinit

Image : Getty

The hairstyle is quirky with purple plaited bun and mini braids. The golden spikes add funk to the hairstyle.

24. Plastic Rope Bud Headband:

Plastic Rope Bud Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The coiled rope bud on the white plastic hair-band is something that you don’t get to see every day. The accessory can just enhance the simple hairdo and even the attire you wear.

25. Shiny Band:

Shiny Band Pinit

Image : Getty

The shiny band can replace the simple rubber band. The tacky band can add so much glitter to an ordinary hairdo.

26. Standalone Simple Black Hair Slide:

Standalone Simple Black Hair Slide Pinit

Image : Getty

The simple black clip can be used as a standalone in any hairdo. Here the clip just clamps on the neat hair tied back.

27. Ribbon Weave:

Ribbon Weave Pinit

Image : Getty

Just weave the ribbon in any hairstyle to get the vintage effect. Nicole Kidman here sports a ribbon weaved into her messy side braid. The style here presents an epoch flavour.

28. Lace Headband:

Lace Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

The transparent wide laced headband with a small flower bow near the ear depicts a class in itself.

29. Bow Clip:

Bow Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

A high half up half down style can be easily enhanced by a simple bow clip which blends with the attire.

30. Sparking White Bud:

Sparking White Bud Pinit

Image : Getty

Getting ready to attend a wedding? This sparkling accessory can just up the game for you. Wear the white sparkles near the bun, on the side so that you show off the glitter and hairdo. The style and the accessory will blend perfectly with white lace attire.

31. Plastic Coloured Stone Flower Clip:

Plastic Coloured Stone Flower Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

A simple, coloured flower clip in front of the bun gives so much detail to an existing exquisite hairdo. The advantage with this accessory is you can whatever colour you want and pinning a standalone to the hairdo is enough.

32. Big Derby Headband:

Big Derby Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This dual tone flower headband/hatpin is a ready to wear for a derby kind event. The key here is colour coordination with makeup and the attire worn.

33. Bowed Hair Extension Clip:

Bowed Hair Extension Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

This side big bow clip is made up from hair extension.

34. Small Bow Hair Band:

Small Bow Hair Band Pinit

Image : Getty

The small bow hair band is cute and stylish. Team it with a black polka dot dress. Looks guaranteed!

35. Multi Coloured Flower Hair Band:

Multi Coloured Flower Hair band Pinit

Image : Getty

These kind of multi coloured flower based hair band accessories for women gives a punk effect to the whole style. The coloured flowers make a bold statement which blend with the style.

36. Fresh White Small Flowers:

Fresh White Small Flowers Pinit

Image : Getty

These are the natural accessories which anybody could use. The white flowers are simply elegant and give a fresh glow to the tightly pulled back hairdo.

37. Tiara Headband:

Tiara headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This pearl and crystal entrenched tiara would make you look regal. Wear this for your wedding day or the reception.

38. Elaborate Tiara Headband:

Elaborate Tiara Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This is definitely one of the best long hair accessories for women with long hair! This headband has a more elaborate touch in delicate finish. It does not look over the top even with a huge voluminous hairstyle.

39. Simple Cloth based Flower Clips:

Simple Cloth based Flower Clips Pinit

Image : Getty

Slip these flower clips on the sides when sporting the hair with curly edges.

40. Stainless Yellow Metal Clip:

Stainless Yellow Metal Clip Pinit

Image : Getty

This standalone metal clips the boyish pixie and gives a feminine touch to the hairdo. The style is sophisticated and understated.

41. Starfish Clasp:

Starfish Clasp Pinit

Image : Getty

Splashing a single huge starfish on your hair can do wonders! Just attached this clasp on one side whatever be the hairdo and see it work the style your way.

42. Bunch Rose Clasp:

Bunch Rose Clasp Pinit

Image : Getty

For any formal or even semi formal events, a rose can just make your day. This rose bunch clasp exudes so much elegance. The style is classy yet not over the top. Black and white can sometimes simply wave magic.

43. Bejewelled Headband:

Bejewelled Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

This embellished headband is beautiful and modish.

44. Standalone Butterfly Clasp:

Standalone Butterfly Clasp Pinit

Image : Getty

A simple standalone butterfly clasp embellishes this ordinary wavy hairstyle. The style evolves into a sexy hairdo thanks to the accessory.

45. Big Bow Clutch:

Big Bow Clutch Pinit

Image : Getty

This big bow can be used to pin the ponytail or a braid. The sheer size of the accessory can impose the stunning impression of class and style.

46. Feathered Clasp:

Feathered Clasp Pinit

Image : Getty

The long feathers in bright colours can enhance a sleek hairdo or even a pixie. Make sure the colours of the feathers blend with the attire and make up you wear.

47. Delicate Red Wire Head Band:

Delicate Red Wire Head Band Pinit

Image : Getty

This delicate intricately done wire headband is beautiful and chic. Wear it with a tousled hairdo; the intricate designs subtly enhance the hairdo.

48. Simple Metal Band:

Simple Metal Band Pinit

Image : Getty

The boho- hippie affair gets stronger in this style. The simple metal band strengthens the effect of the textured wavy curls and the dark mauve lips.

49. Delicate Pearl & Net Butterfly:

Delicate Pearl & Net Butterfly Pinit

Image : Getty

Here comes one of the latest hair accessories for women, the pearl and net butterfly clasp. The clasp is best for face with soft features as the accessory not only enhances the hairdo but the facial features too.

50. Elaborate Red Clasp:

Elaborate Red Clasp Pinit

Image : Getty

This huge red clasp appears to be an out of fairytale accessory. The big bud and cute hangings, all blend into each other. Best bet for this style is, wear it with neat open curl or wavy hair. Red never disappoints, it will just make the hairdo more glamorous.

We have listed out 50 beautiful hair accessories for women which you can try out. If you have any suggestion for improvement for this article, do let us know by commenting below. We appreciate reader feedback and would like to include your suggestions.

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