16 Layered Bangs Hairstyles You Can Flaunt Right Now August 31, 2016

Hair that softly falls forward on the face or on the sides looks cute as well as chic. Bangs are always in vogue; be it short bangs , long bangs or the wavy ones. They accentuate the facial features of a person and it is the quickest and easiest way to update your look. The best thing about the bangs is anyone can sport a bang hairstyle regardless of their face shape or hair type. Everyone from a celebrity to a college girl, are styling their hair into bangs. Hairstyles with bangs and layers are easy yet stylish. Take a look at these six most popular layered bang hairstyles and pick the one which suits you the best.

Top Layered Bangs Hairstyles

1. Crunched Wavy Layers And Front Bangs

Like a messy crunched look? To get this look, curl up layers with a big barrel curler, spray some water, bring down the curls with your fingers and you are done!

2. Bun With Bangs

Bun With Bangs pin_image_share

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A simple look that you can experiment with anytime, especially for people who wish to retain their long hair length.

3. Mid Length Layers And Outward Feathered Bangs

A perfect look with feathered bangs and layers. This one brings a more corporate feel and blends in with formal clothes like blazers and coats.

4. Uneven Fringed Layers With Short Bangs

A sure eye catcher, you can sport it anytime without much maintenance, and this is what makes it a unique hairstyle of all the hairstyles with layers and bangs.

5. Sleek Straight Layers And Front Fringes

A low maintenance look, just go with regular hair straightening and you are ready to flaunt it.

6. Inward Curls And Front Bangs

If you have an oval face shape then this is the hairstyle for you. It requires a neat finish, which means regular parlor visits and decent maintenance.

7. Messy Layers And Bangs

This is a simple yet sexy look. Go for a few curls, loosen it up with your fingers and you are done. You will, of course, get one of the many layered haircuts with bangs.

8. A Feathered Layered Front Fringes Look

A very elegant and messy look that complements both Indian and western types of outfits.

9. Curled Layers And Bangs Hairstyle

9. Curled Layers And Bangs Hairstyle pin_image_share

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To get this sweet look, just curl up the layers with a big barrel curler and exclude the bangs. Apply hair spray for a long lasting look.

10. Short Hair With Bangs

Short Hair With Bangs pin_image_share

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A tomboy or short hairstyle, the side swept bangs will make you look like a diva.

11. The Smooth Bangs

This hairstyle is suitable for straight or wavy hair. A lot of layers are added in the front keeping the sides longer than the middle part. The bangs are then side swept to one side. The rest of the hair is kept at the equal length. You can also highlight your bangs for a funkier look.

12. The Chinese Cut

Remember the Chinese cut sported by Deepika in the movie “Chandni Chowk to China”??? That perfect Chinese look had won her many compliments. This hairstyle is suitable only for straight hair as wavy or curly hair would not get the same result. For this, simply chop the bangs into a symmetrical length keeping it just above the eyebrows. It should cover the forehead well. You should keep the rest of the hair style simple with a straight cut. A rather simple and eye-catching choice for of the layered hairstyles with bangs for straight hair.

13. The Long Bangs

13. The Long Bangs pin_image_share

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It’s Suitable for wavy and straight hair; keep your bangs long by chopping them just below your chin. Side sweep your bangs and keep the rest of the hair till your shoulders. Girls having fine hair can comb the hair backwards so that it adds a volume to your crown.

14. The Asymmetric Bob With Bangs

All those beauties who sport a bob hair style, you can also experiment with layered bangs. Keep your bangs a little longer which reach your chin. Side sweep your bangs to one side and you are done!! It is simple yet classy. This hairstyle can be donned for any formal event or a casual day out.

15. The Layered Bob With Bangs

Thick wavy hair is well suitable for this hair style. Crop your hair into a well layered bob keeping a lot of layers over your ears. Cut asymmetrical bangs keeping the longer on one side. Side sweep the bangs to one side of your fore head. This hairstyle can also sported by girls having limp and fine hair as layers add a lot of volume on the crown. It is easy to maintain and looks chic.

16. The Loose Bangs

This hair style gives an impression of a full bodied look having a lot of volume. If you have a laser cut, go for this look. Long tresses can be accompanied by layered bangs which either can be side swept or kept over the forehead. It is perfect for a romantic date or a casual lunch.

16 Layered Bangs Hairstyles You Can Flaunt Right Now pin_image_share

If you’re looking for more amazing ways to style your hair with layers and bangs, this video is for you!

People who sport layers with bangs swear by it! It’s one of the best hairdos which suits all face types and skin tones. I have been sporting a layered bang hair style too and am simply in love with it. Adding to the advantage is the fact that these hairdos are easy to pull off and hassle free. Do try these hairstyles and let us know how you like them, in the comments section below!
Till then take care and keep it stylish!!!!!

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