10 Long Bob Hairstyles To Inspire You November 7, 2016

Bob cut is a very sophisticated choice of hairstyle. Whenever we talk of bob hairstyles, we visualise something thats mostly short. So girls when you do not like keeping your hair short but still like a Bob cut. What do you do? Simple – you add a twist to the old Bob hairstyle and create a new version of it, the long bob hairstyles.

Here is the New Gen Bob Hairstyles which are a little long but still retain the Bob essence. There cannot be a more delicate touch of style addition to the Bobs. So now you can ask your hairstylist to chop off your hair to a Bob but still maintain its length. A bob is definitely in on the list of long hair styles This is not all; you can even add a dash of colour for a more luscious look or even do some asymmetrical long bangs at the front.

To help you get a wider insight into this new style which is reigning right now, we have handpicked 10 of the best Long Bob Hairstyle pictures for you. Take a look!

Latest Long Bob Hairstyles:

Style 1: Rihanna Red Long Bob

Hate life without colours? Add some colours to your hair too. A puffed up messy long bob hairstyle which looks really ravishing.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You1 Pinit

Image: Instagram

Style 2: Sleek Side Swept Bangs

Like long bangs? Try out this one of the many long bob hairstyles with bangs. Its straight and sleek yet maintains the essence of a Bob cut. It simply rocks!

Sleek Side Swept Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

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Style 3: Banged and Middle Sectioned Bob

This is a sweet long bob hairstyle which is sleek & straight, with bangs but has a middle sectioning. A simple side sectioning or middle sectioning can totally change your look.

Banged and Middle Sectioned Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

Style 4: Zig Zag Parted Long Bob Hairstyle

Try styling this one of the many long bob hairstyles with your comb and it will certainly be a hit.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You4 Pinit

Image: Instagram

Style 5: Long and Short Side Swept Bangs

A really hot look! You definitely need a good hairstylist for this one. But at the same time, do not forget that you have to be daring enough to sport this long bob haircut.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You5 Pinit

Image: Instagram

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Style 6: Colours and Choppy Fringes

This is a nice look if you like bob yet choppy hairstyles. You can add a combination of colours with lowlights and highlights like in the picture for a more punk look.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You6 Pinit

Image: Instagram

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Style 7: Choppy Bangs Layered Bob

This is a very sexy look if you like asymmetrical front medium bangs and choppy layers. This maintains the Bob style also. It’s a total show in itself but you can colour it all up as per your choice. Try some dark brown or dark burgundy.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You7 Pinit

Image: Instagram

Style 8: Front Bangs and Messy Curls

Thought curls could only go with long hair? Time to think again. Style a long bob hair cut with front short bangs. Add some curls and mess it all up for this curly look.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You8 Pinit

Image: Instagram

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Style 9: Short to Long Bang Bob Hairstyle

Like this hot look below? Ask your stylist to give you a banged Bob cut from short symmetrical bangs at the back slowly increasing their length as you move towards the front.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You9 Pinit

Image: Instagram

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Style 10: Choppy Bob With Side Bangs

Keep a simple side swept bang and accompany it with a bob cut having some asymmetrical lengths hanging out here and there. A sweet but punk look.

Long-Bob-Hairstyles-To-Inspire-You10 Pinit

Image: Instagram

Bowled over by these long bob hairstyle looks? See how to get one in this tutorial. But don’t forget to take help from a good hairstylist.

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