10 Pony Hairstyles That You Can Try Right Now June 23, 2015

Ponytails have and will always be in fashion. If given an expert touch, you can definitely get a glamorous look.

Latest Pony Hairstyles

Here are 10 latest ponytail hairstyles that have rocked the world.

1. Bouffant Pony :

A clean and easy pony, great for mid length hair girls but requires some sexy front bangs and a teased crown with or without bump its.

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2. The cute and the difficult :

It is an effort full task, but worth the patience invested.

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3. Crunched up pony :

To get this sexy look, do a little teasing or a small bump it in the front and for the tail, you can use a big barrel curler, and loosen the curls to set the waves. Simple and elegant choice from all the pony hairstyles.

4. A classic look with twist :

Twist your hair inwards and tease a bit at the crown and this amazing look is ready. Of all the hairstyles ponytail of this kind is the simplest to do.

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5. Sleek and trendy :

Sometimes, a clean sleek ponytail with a wide band is all you need.

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6. All in one look :

It has elements of a crunched low hung pony, twists, front bangs and a teased crown.

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7. One side twisted Pony :

A clean inward twisted pony that is a good choice for any occasion.

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8. Tease at the crowns and sides kept clean :

This style goes well with any kind of outfit.

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9. An inside twisted low hung pony :

With a little help from your best friend, you can surely try this out.

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10. Braided Pony Tail :

A gorgeous and clean look for parties.

These are the amazing pony hairstyles for girls..

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