11 Puff Pony Hairstyles For You To Try February 14, 2017

Ponytails are easy to attain, simple and are in fashion all the time. You can never go wrong with a ponytail. When you are low on time, a look that always works is a ponytail hairstyle. Even with the new fashion trends, changing trends and new makeup in the market, ponytails have somehow managed to retain its charm till date. They have the ability to be styled as a sleek look or messy or in any fashion you can think off to go with your overall look for the day. And it is a guarantee that you will look fabulous.

Puffy ponytails are the new trend; everyone from models to college girls is sporting it. But, how to make a puff ponytail? To create a puffy pony hairstyle, use a stylish comb to tease hair around the crown or a bump it insertion can create an awesome look too. The good thing about ponytail hairstyles is that you don’t need a hairstylist, it can be done at your home’s comfort. Today we are showing you some easy to create puffy ponytail hairstyles.

Here are 11 puff ponytail hairstyles for you to try out. #1 is definitely going to make your day!

11. The Victorian Touch:

The Victorian Touch Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are not handy with teasing and bump it approach, visit a stylist and get the desired look.

10. Knotted Puffed Low Pony:

Knotted Puffed Low Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

Even knots in a low ponytail are one of the best messy hairstyles. It is simple and gives a unique appeal.

9. Simple But Elegant Puffed Up Pony:

Simple But Elegant Puffed Up Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

A low pony with side sectioning and simultaneous tying is an easy to get look.

8. Puffed Clean Pony:

Puffed Clean Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

This style below has a clean side and puffed crown. To avoid teasing, you could put a small bump to the crown.

7. Messy Puffed Up Low Pony:

Messy Puffed Up Low Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

if you have long hair, create a style statement with this messy look.

6. Crunched Up Puffy Pony:

Crunched Up Puffy Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

A sexy Red Carpet look, tease a little bit on the front and set wavy curls for the tail.

5. Bouffant Crown with Short Front Bangs:

Bouffant Crown with Short Front Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

An eye-catching hairstyle, bump it and tease a bit on the crown and you are all set and ready.

4. Bumped Up Pony:

Bumped Up Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

A bumped up back set clean with a hair band completes the look.

3. Messy Puffed Up Pony:

Messy Puffed Up Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

Like messy looks – Try this low tied messy ponytail with puff and some front bangs. You can experiment a bit by getting a crimped look.

2. Teased Clean Pony:

Teased Clean Pony Pinit

Image: Getty

A bouffant front section with a clean tidy pony is good for all occasions. A red carpet favourite, this hairstyle has its own sweet appeal.

1. Tease the Crowns and Keep the Sides Clean:

Tease the Crowns and Keep the Sides Clean Pinit

Image: Getty

Often used on the runways; it goes well with any outfit. You can match it up with a heavy Indian sari or a Patiala outfit too. This puff hairstyle has the ability to add a contemporary style factor to your look.

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