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10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Greasy

10 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Greasy November 2, 2017

Greasy hair is a major problem for many girls. While dry hair can wreck havoc because of the frizz, greasy hair can make it look thin, flat and very oily.

So want to know the reasons why your hair looks oily and greasy, even when you might be using the right hair care products? Read on:

10 Greasy Hair Reasons

1. Product Buildup:

Lack of care in washing the shampoo fully from the hair can cause product buildup. Similarly while conditioning hair, leave at least 2 inches from root, or use from mid length of hair to the tips. Roots produce natural oils so you don’t have to apply conditioner there. If you do, the scalp will turn more oily than usual making your hair look greasy from the roots. This is one of the main reasons for greasy hair.

2. Too Much Brushing:

Whenever you brush your hair, you are re-distributing the oil on the scalp throughout the hair. Avoid too much brushing if you already have oily hair and/or you are suffering from greasy hair conditions.

3. Hormones Gone Haywire:

Hormones have a major role to play in hair care. Sometimes an imbalance in hormones can happen due to menopause, menstruating or even by being on birth control pills. This results in hormones behaving more irrationally than normal, thus resulting in excessive oil production at the hair roots.

4. Playing with your hair:

Unconsciously we often run our fingers through our hair and play with our locks. This may seem girly and fun but it distributes oil of scalp throughout the hair length. This can make hair greasy too. So stop playing with your hair and leave it alone. Still wondering what causes greasy hair? Try are figure out if you tend to play with your hair!

5. Avoid Moisturizing shampoos:

If you have oily scalp condition, then it’s better to avoid deep fortifying shampoos and deep conditioning or moisturizing shampoos. These are definitely not meant for oily scalps, because these will tend to make your already greasy scalp, more greasy.

6. Avoid Regular Shampooing:

It may sound ridiculous but sometimes avoiding everyday shampooing can lead to less greasiness. This is because the more you shampoo, the more your scalp pores open and get cleaned. Cleansing and keeping pores open is necessary definitely, but it may lead to over production of oil by the pores. This may then lead to greasy scalp. Shampoo on alternate days.

7. Too Much Alcohol Based Styling Products:

Use of volumising sprays and styling products with alcohol can boost up oil production of the scalp. Use less styling products and those which are alcohol free for a less oily scalp.

8. Oil Of Forehead:

If you have oily skin, then your forehead also tends to secrete a lot of oil. So when you brush or blow dry your hair, make sure that you keep your hair off your forehead. And if you don’t, there are possible chances that the front portion of your hair will absorb oils from the forehead, making your hair look greasier.

9. Too much Tied Up Hair:

If you have the habit of keeping your hair always tied up in a pony tail, this may lead to deposition of oil and sebum at certain places of the scalp making your scalp greasy. So instead let your hair breathe and feel free..

10. Too Much Heat:

Overuse of heat related hair styling tools can result in dry hair. The scalp secretes more sebum to cater to the drying condition. This results in abnormal oil production which makes the hair greasy. So avoid over drying of hair from styling products.


For instant results, you can use dry shampoo with a talcum powder. This works well in rush hours when you don’t have time for immediate shampooing. Do not forget to wash your hair really well after you come back home because keeping talcum powder on scalp can lead to extreme dirt and grime build-up mixed with sebum of scalp.

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