50 Straight Layered Hairstyles That Are Trending Worldwide June 30, 2016

When it comes to the most versatile hairstyle, the layered cut tops the list. A layered hairstyle never goes out of the fashion. And guess what! You have innumerable choices in it. Here, we will talk about one particular type of layered hairstyle i.e. straight layers.

Best 50 Straight Layered Hairstyles

Explore the below Straight Layered Hairdos that are extremely popular around the world and choose your most favourite one from them:

1. Sleek Smooth Layers with Front Fringes:

Get a true Asian look by adopting this sleek straight hairstyle. Just give your long, fine layered tresses a smooth and polished finish and add uniform front fringes to them.

2. Golden Blonde Hair with Asymmetric Layers:

Layers don’t need to be even all the time. Asymmetric layers are also quite popular these days. Here is an instance of an asymmetric layered hairstyle on smooth medium golden blonde bob with centre part.

3. Highlighted Blonde Layers with Subtle Waves and Texture:

This is a simple long layered straight hairstyle with neat centre part. But, the ash brown highlights on beige blonde tresses and the textured wavy ends have given it a new dimension.

4. Long Soft Black Layers with Side Part:

Look smart and highly professional in this long soft black layered hairstyle. Part your hair to one side and give it a sleek finish by applying lots of serum.

5. Thick, Blunt and Highlighted Layers:

If you are blessed with naturally thick and long hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Divide your dark brown highlighted layers into two sections by creating an off-centre part and let them rest on both of your shoulders.

6. Dark Ash Brown Layers with Deep Side Sweep:

The dark ash brown shade with super glossy finish is the biggest attraction of this hairstyle. However, you must section off the long deep side sweep from your crown and let the soft layers flow down your shoulders gracefully.

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7. Chocolate Cherry Layers with Pinned Sides and Divided Fringes:

Separate the top-front section of your chocolate cherry hair from your crown and keep them loose. Now, secure both sides individually at the back by using bobby pins and divide the fringes neatly to swing over your eyes.

8. Centre-Parted Blonde Layers with Pointy Ends:

If you have light golden blonde hair with smooth straight texture and frequent layers, part it in the middle and let the pointy ends of the tresses embrace your shoulders lovingly.

9. Asymmetric Bob with Reverse Layers and Deep Side Sweep:

Bring out the original fashionista in you by opting for this sleek asymmetric bob. It features straight reverse layers and a smooth deep side sweep, which can give you an uber chic look any time.

10. Textured Layered Bob with Long Side-Swept Bang:

This is a shoulder-length natural blonde bob with golden blonde highlights and ash brown lowlights. You can give it an edge by adding texture to both the slightly rounded layers as well as the graduated side-swept bang.

11. Middle-Parted Inward Layers with Side-Swept Front:

Split a triangular section from the front of your head and part rest of the hair in the middle. The layers with inward feathers should frame your face nicely, while the front section of hair should be swept to one side and tucked behind the ear.

12. Highlighted Blonde Bob with Choppy Layers:

Wear this short side-parted bob with choppy layers and long side sweep and give yourself a casual as well as highly trendy makeover. The soft black and dark ash blonde highlights will enhance your beauty to a great extent.

13. Centre-Parted Golden Blonde Layers with Dark Roots:

Here is a true golden blonde hair for you with dark roots and subtle waves. Part it in the middle and let the layers give your face a beautiful shape by framing it perfectly.

14. Peach Bob with Messy Random Layers and Fringes:

Show your love for ‘peach’ by choosing this crazy punk look. Get your shoulder-length bob layered randomly and give it a messy finish. The fringes should also be shaped asymmetrically in order to go with rest of the hair.

15. Highlighted Wavy Layers with Centre Part:

Long black layered hair with dark brown highlights is very much popular among the hairstyle lovers. Add a little volume to it by applying mousse, part it neatly in the middle and finally, create soft waves at the ends to complete the look.

16. Side-Parted Cobalt Blue Bob with Rounded Layers:

A cobalt blue bob itself is quite interesting and stylish. However, in this image, the slightly rounded layers, dark roots and silky smooth finish have made it even more attention-grabbing.

17. Reddish Blonde Layers with Front Braid and Waves:

When it comes to looking fresh, charming and fashionable at the same time, this reddish blonde layered hairstyle can come to your solution. Add a little volume to the crown and braid up as well as secure the front section at the back with bobby pins.

18. Medium-Length Inward Feathered Bob with Short Bang:

Take a look at this medium-length bob with off-centre part and short side bang. The straight layers feathered in the inward direction can easily give you a sweet and adorable look.

19. Reverse Layered Bob with Rounded Edges:

Amp up your fashion quotient significantly with this edgy golden blonde bob with thick reverse layers! Make sure that you roll the end of the layers inward in order to create a rounded shape.

20. Short Puffy Wavy Layers Rolled Back to Side:

This simple layered hairstyle with a little wavy and tangled finish can be the right choice for your shoulder-length hair. Puff it up and roll it back to one side so that the layers at the lower section can remain free over your shoulders.

21. Rolled Back Ash Blonde Bob with Layered Bottom:

Who says layers don’t suit very short hair? In this short straight layered hairstyle, the upper section is brushed back quite roughly and the lower layered section is kept straight to create a half-n-half effect.

22. Side Tousled Braid with Highlighted Layers and Bangs:

Braiding layered hair can give you an absolutely sexy look. Just consider this side tousled braid created on layered hair with light brown highlights. Team it up with a face-framing side bang and a little messy flair.

23. Textured Uneven Bob with Layered Side Bang:

An uneven layered hairstyle features frequent irregular layers of locks. Here, the golden blonde bob has been made to look up-to-the-minute with such uneven layers, relaxed side bangs and subtle texture.

24. Messy Natural Blonde Wavy Layers with Divided Fringes:

Go cool and casual with this loose natural blonde hair with dark roots. Create a centre part and allow the messy layers to flow down your shoulders, while keeping the fringes divided.

25. Casual Layered Hair with Zigzag Part:

It may seem to be a simple centre-parted layered hairstyle just like other similar ones. But, you need to create the part in zigzag manner and curl up the ends of the layers inward for a comfortable look.

26. Long Layered Hair with Multiple Highlights:

You can’t help but love this long layered ash brown hair with golden blonde, light brown, dark brown and red highlights. Start with a smooth side-parted top and create textured waves as you go down the layers.

27. Stacked and Layered Bob with Long Deep Side Sweep:

Stacked bob with intense layers is all in rage these days. So, putting on this short, black and super glossy stacked bob with dark ash brown highlights and long deep side sweep will make you look every inch fashionistas for sure.

28. Messy Ash Brown Layers with Volume and Subtle Waves:

Now, this is quite a messy hairdo in which the ash brown hair is volumized a little bit around the part and the relaxed layers are waved up slightly. This hairstyle is mostly loved for a girl-next-door look.

29. Glossy Long Layers with Slightly Curved Ends:

Though it is a long smooth graduated hairstyle, the layers are not very precise and frequent in it. You can start with creating a centre part and finish by curling up the layers in a random way.

30. Unique Layered Hair with Razor Sharp Ends and Textured Waves:

This unique layered hairstyle is sure to win your heart with its dual colour and texture. The smooth straight front section is dyed light golden brown upto the crown and the ends of the layers are razored, while rest of the portion with texturized wavy ends is highlighted intensely.

31. Long Jet Black Layers with Fringes and Pointy Ends:

Give a new definition to your style sense with this long jet black layered hair. The pointy ends and the long fringes have made the look super sexy.

32. Smooth Black Layers with Gigantic Pouf:

Add height to your face with this exclusive hairdo in which the top hair is teased extensively to come up with a massive pouf, while the remaining smooth layered tresses are left completely loose.

33. Glossy Blonde Layers Gathered at One Side:

How about flaunting a gorgeous side hairdo on your shiny golden blonde tresses? Here, the silky smooth layered hair is parted to one side and gathered to the other for a simple yet eye-catching appearance.

34. Side-Parted Black Layers with Curved Ends:

Get your medium-length black hair layered and curl their ends in the inward direction for an added twist in your look. You may start styling with a side part and tuck the larger section behind your ear neatly.

35. Glossy Layers with Front Rolled and Pinned at Back:

There is no need to keep your layered hair loose all the time. Just roll the front section at the back, smoothen it up and pin it with some bobby pins near the crown. The rest of the layers should be kept free and their ends should be curved up slightly.

36. Middle-Parted Wavy Layers with Pinned Sides:

How about going back to the school days with a cute graduated hairstyle? These long highlighted layers with middle part and subtle waves are just perfect for this purpose. Pinning the front sections a little up will give some added touch of softness to it.

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37. Hair-Wrapped Layered Ponytail with Pouf and Gentle Waves:

A layered ponytail can give you an extremely flattering look. Here, the black layered hair with dark brown highlights is turned into a semi-high pony with slightly inward curly ends. Also, do not forget to add a relaxed pouf at the top of your head.

38. Loose Straight Layers with Blunt Ends:

You have already seen the popular singer-cum-actress Selena Gomez sport this thick layered hairstyle with an off-centre part. However, the infrequency and the blunt ends of the layers have made it different from the earlier one.

39. Gorgeous Straight Hair with Outward Curls:

Look ravishing in your next party by choosing this awesome blonde hairstyle. Give your medium-length layered and highlighted hair a sleek look by applying serum and create delicate outward curls at the ends of the layers.

40. Medium-Length Blonde Layers with Inward Curly Ends:

This apparently straight, light ash blonde hair is great for defining the shape of your face. Make sure that the layers in it are precise enough and curl them up a little in the inward direction.

41. Outward Feathered Layers with Twisted Side Sweep:

Side-part your straight layered hair and add texture to it. Now, twist up the first few layers dramatically and get the edges of rest of the layers feathered outward. Isn’t it dazzling?

42. Short Cinnamon Red Bob with Wispy Layers:

Here is a wonderful short layered hairstyle for professional women. The side-parted bob, wispy layers, messy finish and the sizzling cinnamon red shade have turned it into a remarkable one.

43. Face-Framing Bob with Long Fringes and Outward Feathers:

A straight layered hairstyle, when paired with long straight fringes, can frame your face the most excellent way. Here, the ends of the layers are curled inward a bit for a more precise and prominent look.

44. Soft Long Layers with Short Thick Fringes:

Though this is a long straight black hairstyle, the layers have given it a girly delicate flair. Adding thick short fringes to the forehead will give the whole look a new dimension.

45. Highlighted Wavy Layers with Wispy Ends Rolled to One Side:

In this ultra-feminine long straight layered hairstyle, the top section of the thick highlighted hair is volumized to some extent and rolled to one side in an organized manner. The rest of the layered tresses are waved up slightly and the ends are given a nice wispy effect.

46. Messy Reverse Layered Bob with Side Bang:

No matter whether your hair is thick or super fine, this shoulder-length bob with reverse layers will make you look pretty always. Let the side bang cover one of your eyes partially and give the whole style a subtle messy finish.

47. Random Highlighted Layers with Messy Textured Finish:

Never mind to sport a funky hairstyle? Here is a layered version for you to give a try. Get your highlighted hair layered randomly, add texture to them and finally, tease them up to come up with a messy volumized hair.

48. Short Boyish Bob with Black Stray Layers:

Emphasize your tomboy personality with this short boyish bob hairstyle. It features random wispy layers with added texture and a defined side-swept bang swinging over the forehead.

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49. Highly Volumized Hair with Sharp Intense Layers:

Though it is also a layered hairstyle, it is quite different from the typical ones. Create frequent layers on your glossy jet black hair and add volume to them so that the whole thing gets an intense bushy effect. Lastly, add texture to the layers so that they look sharp, straight and totally funky.

50. Brushed Back Puffy Layers with Shaved Sides:

In this straight layered haircut, both sides of the head are shaved, while the remaining long hair is layered properly. Now, puff up the top-front section and brush it back. Apply a smoothening serum to keep the entire look intact for long. Hope you liked all these Straight Layered Hairstyles! So, ready to sport your favourite one? Do let us know how it comes out by commenting below.

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