Braids have been very popular this whole year and there is no sign that it’s going to leave the fashion world soon. Sported by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Uma Thurman and Miley Cyrus, they are very popular this fall too! And why not?

Braids are versatile and with practice takes very little time to achieve the perfect look for any occasion. Braids come in many shapes and sizes and there are innumerable hairstyles you can experiment with. The most well known Braid styles are Pigtail braid, French braid, Dutch braid, Waterfall braid, Braids with multiple strands and many more.

Braid Styles For Kids

Hair braids styles look equally beautiful on kids too. So if your girl has medium to long tresses, you can try out the following Braids.

Style 1: Normal Braids with Three strands for kids

Normal Braids with Three strands for kids

Image: Getty

This is the most basic three strand braid style for kids which our mothers and grand-mothers used to sport. They may seem boring but add some cute accessories and turn it into that oh-so-chic hairstyle. Looks great for school.

Style 2:  French braids & Dutch braids for kids

French braids & Dutch braids for kids

Image: Getty

These braids are a bit hard at first and you may need help while doing this for some time. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes easy though. The Dutch braid is also called the reverse braid.  So once you get a hold of these two braids then you can experiment with the looks and develop new looks all by yourself. To make these braids, part the hair in three strands and take a  section of hair from each of the side and braid. This braiding process is reversed in Dutch braid.

Styel 3: Lace Braids Hairstyles for kids

Lace Braids Hairstyles for kids

Image: Getty

This is a braid which is similar to French braids, but unlike the French, the braid is done on only one side. This braiding style is very largely used to make a headband style, which looks very pretty on kids and also keeps hair from falling on the face. So if you want to add some nice texture for your daughter’s hair without braiding too much, this is the perfect choice.

Style 4: Bubble braid for kids

Bubble braid for kids

Image: Getty

If your daughter wants to dress up like a princess, you may try the bubble braid like Jasmine from Alladin!

These kinds of braids look great for costume parties. The hairstyle is very easy and you need very little braiding skills. So when you don’t have too many accessories with you, try this braid. It only needs some rubber bands. Add some flowers to achieve that magical princess feeling.

Style 5: Braids with Multiple Strand for kids

Braids with Multiple Strand for kids

Image: Getty

If you think that braids look best with three strands, then think again. The braids with multiple strands create a mermaid inspired hairstyle which looks superb on kids. But these braiding styles need practice and patience.

Style 6: Waterfall Braiding for kids

Waterfall Braiding for kids

Image: Getty

This is a more complex braid and requires practice. But this look would be perfect for kids! The finished look imitates a waterfall. The look is very fairy tale like and goes well for occasions like parties.

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Style 7: Rope braid hair styling for kids

Rope braid hair styling for kids

Image: Getty

When you are in a hurry but want to dress your girl’s hair, then the easiest braid one can achieve with very less skills and time is the rope braid . For doing this braid, all you need to do is part the hair in two sections and twist each section clockwise. After you are done twisting, just wrap the two sections anti-clockwise. Do the wraps tightly and secure with elastic. Add accessories to oomph up the style. Very easy to carry and achieve that even your daughter can do this easily all by herself!

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