Who doesn’t want to look like a celebrity and get appreciated by others in a party? Everyone, right! But looking like a diva is not all about choosing the right makeup and applying it adeptly. Hairstyle is also an important part of spectacular celebrity looks. Let us guide you through it.

Check out the list of 50 incredible celebrity party hairstyles that were sported by our favorite celebrities:

1. Jessica Alba:


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This gorgeous American beauty gathered all her medium-length layered hair at one side and left it loose. The soft golden blonde highlights are looking amazing on her dark brown textured waves.

2. Eva Longoria:


Image: Getty

Eva chose a high bouffant bun to keep her hairstyle in synch with her oval face. The side-swept bang, covering a certain part of her forehead and one eye, is making the look even more classic.

3. Ashley Greene:


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This Ashley Greene braided hairstyle will give you an effortlessly beautiful look for any party. All you need to do is create a messy loose side braid with sexy bang and side sweeps.

4. Taylor Swift:


Image: Getty

You can simply twist your hair by sweeping it over your forehead and make a low, messy bun at the nape of your neck in order to recreate this glam-doll look of Taylor. It’s outstanding!

5. Beyonce Knowles:


Image: Getty

Long, voluptuous curls have their own ageless appeal. So, get these dazzling chocolate brown curls just like the American singing sensation Beyonce and be the head turner in your next party.

6. Scarlett Johansson:


Image: Getty

We can’t help but love this delightful hairstyle of Scarlett. High bun, side bangs, small messy waves all over the head and gleaming accessories – aren’t these just perfect for a party look?

7. Angelina Jolie:


Image: Getty

This Oscar-winning actress kept it simple by wearing a semi-high bun on her highlighted chocolate brown hair. An absolutely neat style to draw attention to your incredibly beautiful party outfit!

8. Cameron Diaz:


Image: Getty

Cameron let her golden blonde locks with slightly curled ends rest on one of her shoulders. Her outward feathered side-swept bangs have made the look highly feminine and ideal for a casual party.

9. Bella Thorne:


Image: Getty

A twisted topknot looks really elegant in a party, if you can carry it off like the teen beauty Bella. Cover your forehead with fringes and let a few strands of hair cuddle your face.

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10. Anne Hathaway:


Image: Getty

A loose bun embracing the base of your neck and a few hair strands swinging freely around the edge of your face – these are all you need to make your hair look as gorgeous as that of Anne in a party.

11. Drew Barrymore:


Image: Getty

This multitalented beauty has got a ravishing part look by teasing her hair sufficiently at the top and twisting it into a semi-flat bun at the back. Do not forget to give it proper hold by using hairspray.

12. Katy Perry:


Image: Getty

Katy has always surprised us with her great hairstyling sense. And this time, it is a twisted high bun with straight front fringes. Pair it with suitable dress and accessories and you are ready for the party!

13. Victoria Beckham:


Image: Getty

Styling short hair for a party can be easy and effortless. Get some inspiration from supermodel Victoria and go for this short stacked bob with side bangs and messy textured finish. Cool and smart!

14. Emma Watson:


Image: Getty

How to add some party effect to a simple twisted bun? Just position it at the crown of your head and adorn the hair underneath it with some crystal hair pins like Emma. A sexy way to wear a backless dress!

15. Demi Moore:


Image: Getty

If you have smooth, lustrous and super long hair like Demi, you truly don’t need to opt for fussy styles. Just create a center part and let your layered locks cascade your shoulders. Utterly elegant!

16. Eva Mendes:


Image: Getty

If worn properly, this turn-n-twist hairstyle of Eva can leave everyone awestruck in a party. However, ensure that you choose right attire to make the most of your effort.

17. Pamela Anderson:


Image: Getty

When it comes to slowing off the highlights and lowlights on your golden blonde hair, this Pamela Anderson-look will be the best. Flowy curls and side bangs are the secret of this stunning party look.

18. Amanda Bynes:


Image: Getty

Want to look like a princess in your next party? Adopt this double braided hairstyle flaunted by the American actress Amanda. Your loose waves should flow down your shoulders in this look.

19. Kate Winslet:


Image: Getty

You can look as refreshing as Kate in a party by turning your medium-length hair into a high ponytail. In order to add a twist to your pony, just curl up its ends a little and puff up the top.


  • Jyothi

    Wow all the hairstyles in the above-mentioned list are simply superb. Now I will never have to panic before a party as this list is very useful. Totally loved the sleek ponies and the buns! Good job