13 Tips To Figure Out The Best Body Lotion and Cream That Suits You August 3, 2016

Does your skin breakout quite often due to oily skin? Or does your skin have frequent cracks and rashes due to over dryness? Do you use the right body lotion or the right moisturizing cream for your face? If you are facing any or all of these troubles, then it it time to think again!

Using a body lotion and cream on your skin is probably one of the best ways to keep it healthy. Especially since they help moisturize, nourish, hydrate and revitalize the skin. But one type might or might not suit the other skin types. Hence picking up of the right body lotion and choosing a body cream is necessary, especially in terms of the skin texture, tone and type.

Consider these points while choosing a body lotion or cream for you

1. Understand your skin type, whether it is normal skin, oily or dry type. There is a simple way to tell. Use a tissue on your skin about 3 or 4 hours after your shower. If you see oils on it then you have oily skin  but if your dry seems dull and a little cracked, then you have dry skin.  If you are unsure, make sure you seek help from specialists or dermatologists.

2. Avoid buying moisturizers and creams that contain dyes, as they are harmful chemicals that possibly could damage the skin. So ingredients in such creams can also allergies and bad reactions in some people. It is best to conduct a patch test before use.

3. Herbal products are always a good option because they don’t have any side effects. They do take longer to show the results but the results are definitely guarenteed!

4. If you have a problem of stretch marks or cellulite, then go for a product that features cocoa or Shea butter as is main ingredient.

5. If your skin is sun burnt, opt for products that contain Aloe Vera.

6. Body lotions and body creams are not the same. While body creams are richer in their ingredients to keep your skin hydrated, lotions go well with dry skin especially during winters.

7. Fragrance like of rose, sandal etc. would help hydrate your skin while offering you pleasant fragrance.

8. Night creams hydrate your skin and make it soft while you are asleep.

9. Make sure you read all about the ingredients before buying.

10. Before investing in a new product, go for a promotional or small pack to know if it suits your skin.

11. Do not fall prey to advertisements and celebrity endorsements.

12. Avoid products that are of low quality and of unknown brands as they have more chances of having parabens and other harmful chemicals that possibly could damage the skin.

13. In terms of sunscreen purchasing, make sure that the SPF is recommended as per your skin tone and type.

The market is full of options and it is up to you to choose the right product after a through consultation with the dermatologist.

Right care and guidance will help you achieve better skin health.

So Good Luck!!! With beauty shopping…!!!