30 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

While watching Bollywood stars on the silver screen, how many times have you wished you could look as pretty as them? The ethereal beauty of many of the leading ladies of Bollywood has often left us in awe. But have you ever thought of knowing how they would look once their makeup is stripped off? Here’s a look at some of the famous Bollywood stars and actresses without makeup. While some of the Bollywood celebrities without makeup appear quite pretty, some look very ordinary.

Bollywood Actress without Makeup

1. Kareena Kapoor:

Here’s our very hot celebrity without makeup! Bebo!

kareena kapoor with out makeup

And here we see the magical touch of makeup!

kareena kapoor with makeup

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2. Priyanka Chopra:

In the first two images of Piggy Chops, she is seen with minimal makeup.

priyanka choprar with out makeup 1

And in this image, we see her as the gorgeous diva she always appears to be! Quite an amazing transformation!

priyanka choprar with makeup

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3. Karisma Kapoor:

karisma kapoor

This is what a heroine without makeup should be like! Lolo looks pretty in both the images, without and with makeup. What do you say?

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4. Celina Jaitley:

celina jaitley

Are you still thinking if both images are of the same person? This one actress without makeup that we certainly never want to see!

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5. Tanushree Dutta:

Here’s Tanushree Dutta, a fairly well known name in the movies business. She is another example and a not a very charming one at that of an bollywood actress without makeup! She really needs the help of makeup before scorching the screen, what do you think?

tanushree dutta

6. Katrina Kaif:

Image of Katrina without makeup:

katrina without makeup

Image with makeup:

image with makeup

We must admit that she is one of the most beautiful actresses with or without makeup, she is gorgeous either ways.

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7. Sushmita Sen:

Here’s how the ex-Miss Universe appears with and without the touch of makeup

sushmita sen

The image certainly speaks for itself!

8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

Here we see her with minimal makeup on.

aishwarya rai bachchan

And here’s the look with makeup. No doubt she is a natural beauty!

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aishwarya with makeup

9. Kajol:

Take a look at the hazel-eyed actress without and with makeup. While her natural good looks are obvious, she certainly isn’t as flawless as we think her to be on screen. Do you love her in both the looks?


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10. Vidya Balan:

The National Award-winning actress who broke stereotypes of what a Bollywood heroine should be like! Here are the looks of her in both without and with makeup.

vidya balan

vidya balan with makeup She isn’t hard on the eyes without makeup but we definitely like her more with makeup. What do you think?

11. Urmila Matondkar:

Quite unbelievable when we see the two looks! The sultry diva that stole hearts is certainly missing when the makeup comes off.

urmila matondkar

12. Rani Mukerji:

I am a die-hard fan but I would still like to see her with makeup on! Her tired girl next door look certainly isn’t too appealing.

rani mukerji

13. Esha Deol:

Here are Esha’s two looks, without and with makeup. She seems to be quite the girl-next-door without makeup on. Pretty in both looks.

esha deol

14. Deepika Padukone:

Here she is seen with minimal makeup.

deepika padukone with out makeup

And here we see her transformation into the diva we have always known her to be!

deepika padukone with makeup

Beautiful either ways!

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15. Bipasha Basu:

Here’s the Bollywood bombshell with and without makeup!

bipasha basu with makup

bipasha basu with out makup

We don’t like her much without makeup. What do u say?

16. Juhi Chawla:

A little makeup cannot cause harm for sure. While she doesn’t look too bad, the glamour certainly doesn’t come to her naturally.

17. Preeti Zinta:

Cute and bubbly is not what she looks like in this image without the makeup! This diva needs the touch of makeup to bring out the glam queen.

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18. Isha Gopikar:

Pretty most certainly. Seductive, not without makeup for sure!

19. Lara Dutta:

This model turned actress definitely needs the magical touch of makeup!

20. Amrita Arora:

She certainly has good features but doesn’t she look plain without any makeup on?

21. Amisha Patel:

Yeah plain is the word for her too. Makeup certainly brings out the best on her!

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22. Dia Mirza:

Makeup or no makeup, her lovely smile and sweet face seem to glow either ways!

23. Madhuri Dixit:

She definitely has a beautiful face but her age is beginning to show, don’t you think?

24. Rekha:

Oh the only thinking tarnishing this gorgeous face is the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. In her younger days, makeup or no makeup, she most definitely would have been stunning!

25. Kim Sharma:

Lovely skin, almost flawless don’t you think? She is certainly good looking even without makeup. All she needs it for is make the feature of her choice stand out!

26. Mugdha Godse:

Here is one of the heroines without makeup that we most definitely do not like.

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27. Rakhi Sawant:

All that botox certainly seems to have done some good for her. Even without makeup she  doesn’t look too bad.

28. Sonam kapoor:

You don’t even recognize her do you?

sonam kapoor without makeup

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29. Anushka Sharma:

She looks almost the same! Take a guess! which one does she have makeup on and in which one she doesn’t!

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30. Malaika Arora Khan:

Now she is definitely a hot mom! She looks graceful and sophisticated in her look without makeup. And when she wants to bring the sexy out, she whips out her makeup kit!

After seeing these heroines without makeup, we realize how magical the touch of makeup can be in transforming someone from the girl-next-door to a diva. Certainly Bollywood celebs take the help of some of the best makeup artists to appear so beautiful onscreen. Then again, some are naturally beautiful. But it is true that all of them are supremely talented which is why they are what they are today!

Hope you enjoyed this article on the original look of Bollywood actresses without makeup. Please note that this is in good humor and not meant to demean any of your favorite celebs. Many of them are my favorites too. So whats your verdict one these celebrities without makeup. Do let me know in your comments below.

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