30 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup August 17, 2016

While watching Bollywood stars on the silver screen, how many times have you wished you could look as pretty as them? The ethereal beauty of many of the leading ladies of Bollywood has often left us in awe. But have you ever wondered how they would look once their makeup is stripped off? Let’s take a look at some of the famous Bollywood stars and actresses without makeup. While some of the Bollywood celebrities appear quite pretty even without makeup, some look very ordinary.

Bollywood Actresses without Makeup Photos

Here we have listed some of the most famous Bollywood heroines without makeup pictures.

1. Kareena Kapoor without Makeup:

Here’s our very hot celebrity without makeup! Bebo!

And here we see the magical touch of makeup!

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2. Priyanka Chopra Images without Makeup:

In this picture of Piggy Chops, she is seen with minimal makeup.

And in this one, we see her as the gorgeous diva she always appears to be! Quite an amazing transformation!

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3. Karisma Kapoor without Makeup:

This is what a beautiful heroine image without makeup should be like! Lolo looks pretty in both the images – without and with makeup. What do you think?

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4. Celina Jaitley without Makeup:

Are you wondering whether both images are of the same person? We certainly never want to see this actress without makeup!

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5. Tanushree Dutta without Makeup:

Here’s Tanushree Dutta, a fairly well known name in the movie business. She is another example – and a not a very charming one at that – of a Bollywood actress without makeup! She really needs the help of makeup – what do you think?

6. Katrina Kaif without Makeup:

Here is an image of Katrina kaif without makeup.

And here is Katrina Kaif with makeup photo.

We must admit that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood. With or without makeup, she is simply gorgeous!

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7. Sushmita Sen without Makeup:

Here’s how the ex-Miss Universe looks with and without makeup.

The image certainly speaks for itself!

8. Aishwarya Rai without Makeup:

Here we see her with minimal makeup on.

And here’s how she looks with makeup on. No doubt she is a natural beauty!

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9. Kajol without Makeup:

Take a look at the hazel-eyed actress without and with makeup. While she is certainly good looking, she certainly isn’t as flawless as we think her to be. Do you like her in both the looks?

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10. Vidya Balan without Makeup:

The National Award-winning actress who broke stereotypes of what a Bollywood heroine should look like! Here’s how she looks with minimal makeup.

And here’s how she looks with makeup on.

She isn’t hard on the eyes without makeup but we definitely like her more with makeup on. What do you think?

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11. Urmila Matondkar without Makeup:

Quite unbelievable when we see the two looks! The sultry diva that stole hearts is certainly missing when the makeup comes off.

12. Rani Mukerji without Makeup:

I am a die-hard fan but I would still like to see her with makeup on! Her tired girl next door look certainly isn’t too appealing.

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13. Esha Deol without Makeup:

Here are Esha’s two looks, without and with makeup. She seems to look quite like the girl-next-door without makeup on. Pretty in both looks though – with and without makeup.

14. Deepika Padukone without Makeup:

Here she is seen with minimal makeup.

[See – Deepika Padukone in Saree Looking So Cute ]

And here we see her transformation into the diva we have always known her to be!

Beautiful either ways!

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15. Bipasha Basu Photos without Makeup:

Here’s the Bollywood bombshell with and without makeup!

We don’t like her much without makeup. What do u think?

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16. Juhi Chawla without Makeup:

A little makeup cannot cause harm for sure. While she doesn’t look too bad, the glamour certainly doesn’t come to her naturally.

17. Preity Zinta Photos without Makeup:

Cute and bubbly is not what she looks like in the image without the makeup! This diva needs the touch of makeup to bring out her inner glam queen.

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18. Isha Koppikar without Makeup:

Pretty? Most certainly! Seductive? Not without makeup for sure!

19. Lara Dutta without Makeup:

This model-turned-actress definitely needs the magical touch of makeup!

20. Amrita Arora without Makeup:

She certainly has good features – but doesn’t she look plain without any makeup on?

21. Amisha Patel without Makeup:

Yeah, plain is the word for her too. Makeup certainly highlights her best features!

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22. Dia Mirza without Makeup:

Makeup or no makeup, her lovely smile and sweet face take our breath away!

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23. Madhuri Dixit without Makeup:

She definitely has a beautiful face but her age is beginning to show, don’t you think?

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24. Rekha without Makeup:

Oh! The only things tarnishing this gorgeous face are the fine lines and the wrinkles around her eyes. In her younger days, makeup or no makeup, she was simply stunning!

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25. Kim Sharma without Makeup:

Lovely skin – almost flawless, don’t you think? She is certainly good looking even without makeup. All she needs it for is to make the feature of her choice stand out!

26. Mugdha Godse without Makeup:

Here is one of the heroines we most definitely do not like without makeup.

27. Rakhi Sawant without Makeup:

All that botox certainly seems to have done some good for her. Even without makeup, she doesn’t look too bad.

28. Sonam Kapoor without Makeup:

You don’t even recognize her, do you?

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29. Anushka Sharma without Makeup:

She looks almost the same – with or without makeup! Who needs makeup when you have skin like that? Absolutely gorgeous!

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30. Malaika Arora Khan without Makeup:

Now, she is definitely a hot mom! She looks graceful and sophisticated in her minimal makeup look. And when she wants to bring the sexy out, she whips out her makeup kit!

After seeing these bollywood heroines without makeup, we realize how magical the touch of makeup can be in transforming someone from the girl-next-door to a diva. Certainly, Bollywood celebs take the help of some of the best makeup artists to appear so beautiful onscreen. Then again, some are naturally beautiful. But it is true that all of them are supremely talented which is why they are what they are today!

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful article on bollywood celebrities without makeup. Please note that this is in good humor and not meant to demean any of your favorite celebs. Many of them are my favorites as well! So what’s your verdict? Which celebrity looks the best without makeup? Do leave a comment below.

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          Yes dear this one :) Many thanks sweetie :D

          • sumaiya

            amazing photos with make up and without make up

          • Arshad Hafeez

            I think Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra And Anushka Sharma are looking beautiful and they have natural beauty …….

          • Yasir Ali

            I think not 100% Diya Mirza its soo beautifull. I Like Diya Mirza. i am fan on Diya Mirza, I am Pakistani, My Cell Number +923453073780 Thanks

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    Omg! celina looks terrible without make up here.

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      lagta hai sab bhudi aurat hai

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/lakshanya/ Lakshanya

    Oh my god…..they all look so perfect on screen that they move us to think that most of us are ugly ducklings! But most of them look so much like the rest of us without any makeup. No wonder they never step out in front of the public without it! Thanks oindrila…this certainly shows me that i am not too far away from being glam queen if i want to!

  • sukanyaseth

    God, Anushka looks charming even without makeup. And Mughda looks so drab.

  • Aavani

    Omg! everyone look so terrible without makeup except deepika, she looks adorable even without makeup:)

    • maria

      deepika is the best

  • pratibha

    mughda and rekhas pictures are fabricated for sure……..rekha will never show up in public like this………

    • oindy

      I did not add those pictures in the article, they were added by the editing team! But yes, rekha did show up in public like this!

  • MooN

    even without make up they still look good :)

    kareena and katrena , anoshka too

    they look great :)

  • oindy

    Some of it is done by me and some by the team. Unfortunately the topic was assigned to me, what can be done! Sorry you find it rude!

  • nits

    Most of them do have make up. May be not the dramatic on screen make up. But they do ve founfation, light lipstick, kajal etc…
    Also i think you are somewhat biased towards fair skined celebs compared to dusky beauties. I think bips looks great with minmal make up.

  • Roger Richard

    Mugdha Godse ?????????

  • Janki

    Ok you guys totally picked the worst pictures of them when they’re without makeup… Like ok Juhi and Preeti have their eyes closed, which doesn’t clearly portray them without makeup. And then again, in your commentary of Amisha Patel and Amrita Arora, you stated that they look “plain” without makeup. Way to state the obvious! Everyone looks “plain” without makeup!

  • Sweet

    Omg.They all are draculas oii,I’m really scared.O God please protect me.

  • QueenB

    not a good study .. u used pixeleted snaps for Madhuri n Rekha .. Juhi n Preeti’s snap quality isn’t good either ..in both of Anushka’s snap she has her make up on n.. same goes for Deepika .. Sonam looks pretty even without makeup .. at least in ds snap .. n u put the most tired snap of Bebo though she managed to look good n Vidya is a pleasure to eyes even without make up..

  • ppl

    Anushka Sharma looks the best in both…Also Katrina,Malaika,Aish,Deepika looks better..

  • Kitty

    This lot is NOTHING! If you want UGLY without airbrushing to Fug and make up .. Look no further than SUPER FAMOUS Shweta bachchan! Hurl!

  • Fake

    And now for the male actors without make up….same story….

  • Priya

    And guys without makeup?

    • v

      I agree. We are so ready to pounce on a female and shame her for not looking like an airbrushed goddess at all times of the day. Show me how many men wear makeup. Since we’re going for the constant air brush effect….why only women? Why the double standard?

  • cupquakes

    thank god for who ever invented MAKEUP! cuz I think celebrities wouldn’t even exist without it… without the fake lashes and the contouring, and the over linnings and the layers and layers of foundation, how the hell would they get their confidence!! THEY’LL WILL BURN OUR EYES!!!!!!

    • V

      I’m sorry that they look like normal human beings.

  • Jade

    I’m sorry, but most of the “without make-up” images are truly not! They almost all have make-up on! The title should have been: ” High quality/Photoshopped pictures and just plain picture taken with a crappy camera”. That would have been more accurate! Common, we aren’t that stupid!

  • v

    This is actually a disgusting article. All women are beautiful in their own way. Even the adds on the side of the article were repulsive ‘Buy skin brightening cremes here’. I’m not Indian, but it is terrible that this part of the culture is trying so hard to portray a more ‘westernized’ look. How about you be yourselves. Dark is just as beautiful as light. Hazel is just as beautiful as dark brown. This mental slavery you have bounded yourself to needs to stop.

  • Aidah

    There is a certain kind of make up that looks good with a certain kind of clothes. These actresses are public figure and they have to dress up in a certain way. We all end up painting our faces when we dress up for weddings and such occasions. And its a fact that anyone with dark circles and dark lips have to put an extra effort to conceal their flaws – the reason could be anything whether its your work round the clock or its your health not very perfect. we all go through the same conflict. and may be its not the picture perfect faces but what you see in real is drastically different of what you see in pictures – sometimes faces with flaws look more appealing in person as we as human see things more as overall package than micro scoping minute details in person.

    • atikah adila


  • arianna

    I think they all look best without any makeup. Just confident women who are secure in their self-worth. Make-up and beauty products can be fun and certainly can add to an actress or celebrity character portrayal….but the way this article is written…not so much…..

  • poonam

    the heroins are looking witch even we look better than this nothing to say

    • Stacy Reece

      your looking like a bitch.(BTW thats worst than a fuckin bitch). No one person knows your damn name and your definitely not famous, so think twice before being judgmental. You little whore. ps: im pretty sure youre not regina george. Only she has the right to be mean.

  • MJ

    This is a stupid article. So what???? Yeah, they look different with makeup on. SHOCK!

  • no.iam.not.a.gay.teenage.boy.

    I <3 u. #inspired

  • Kate

    See, the thing is, they are almost all wearing make-up in all the photos. There are only a few in that article where they are truly wearing no make-up. They have just put on minimal coverage and haven’t been photoshopped and airbrushed for a press photo. You can tell as well by the sometimes vast difference in skin colour/tone between the two photos.

  • a.s.mahaa shri.

    like but not like

  • komal nida

    all the bitches do makeup to be fucked up by males;-(

  • annoyed

    disappointing to see a woman wrote this about her own gender.

  • shiad ali

    i saw movies and tv shows free online in hd at ( tvbash49 com) … what your opinion ?

  • g. scarlett

    They all look great, with or without makeup. They’re just beautiful women!

  • mrsmakeup

    I like this article, it shows our daughters that even celebs need a little help and it shows them not to strive to look like them because the end of the day they dont look like what they appear. That is the power of air brushing and a team of beauty experts from head to toe.

  • melanie sarah

    aiswarya is the best…Dia Mirza is also preety.i think aiswarya,Dia mirza,Bipasha Basu,Depika Padukone,Rani mukerji looks beautiful with and without makeup.but i think Isha gopikar looks better without make up………..

  • melanie sarah

    i dont agree with Poonam

  • atikah adila

    kareena kapoor comelah

  • atikah adila

    awak suka siapa

    • zia

      thats true i agree with you

  • atikah adila

    hai aidah boleh kita berkenalan…………..

  • zia

    to be frankly you all look like old age peoples

  • Sakshi

    Thats not how Deepika looks with minimal makeup. Even though I love her. I must admit she looks horrible without makeup.

  • atikah adila

    top 25 most beautiful girls

  • atikah adila

    mirza sunguh cantik ……….

  • sutanyA

    really horrible! thanks to make up and our perversion

  • Yashmi

    Can’t believe it!!! Aishwarya is looking damn gorgeous even without makeup. I have never seen her off the makeup, but after seeing these pictures i fell in love with her all over again. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • iLLyrian

    i believe is not true .. i said is all girls on photos is almost beautiful :D:D

    im from fyr macedonia my bloody is albanian origin pelasgian .. and i have friends from pakistan indian i love :) my friends so much ..

  • Tushy

    I am jealous of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone

    • emi


  • Bananita

    I just wanted to say that skin tone has nothing to do with beauty (reading the descriptions seems like they favor lighter skin), and of course they look prettier with the makeup, everybody does!! That’s is why we wear it. I personally find these ladies gorgeous with or without makeup, since I don’t know their personalities.

  • Amit Guha

    Oh! really. What you done mam is great. Some heroines look beautiful with makeup and their fans die for them, but you have shown without makeup most of them are most ordinary. But, you have kept the most beautiful actress out of the list is Jaya Prada. She in her earlier years, were very beautiful. She used to get some roles less significant than other heroines, due manipulation of some south heroines. But, she used to look unique even when she cried. So, kindly try to include her in next blog. Thanx a lot.

  • chandan

    Really you did a good job by making it clear to the young generation that real life hero’s are different and we should care those real actors and actresses.


    all look nice……..some look even better without makeup like Ash and Kareena and Preity

  • adez

    are these actresses bleaching?? or is it just the bollywood industry hating dark skin so they make them look white in pictures…if you look at image 26 …THATS SUCH A DARKskinned woman..how come shes so white in the makeup picture?

  • Truth

    First of all lets differentiate between no-makeup and nude-makeup (minimal), and with-makeup and airbrushed pics. Most of the pics posted are of actresses with nude-makeup or natural makeup vs their airbrushed images. That makes a huge difference.

  • sanja

    Nice Gipsy girls

  • Harsha

    It’s so sad to see that some people want to ‘burn their eyes’ after looking at these pictures. Is it really so bad to see these women look like normal people for a change? All of them even look prettier than the average woman with or without makeup. And some of these are really mean ‘this is one actress without makeup we never want to see’ Really? The moment the real woman peeks through the cover you never want to see her?
    ‘This is what a heroine without makeup should be like!’ Honestly, a real heroine could look like a fucking potato and it wouldn’t matter.

    Please get over these unrealistic airbrushed standards of beauty and go look in a mirror, not that it should matter, but chances are you look worse than any of these women.
    This article really is crap and promotes the idea that women look good only with makeup and that is such bullshit.

  • neema

    This post is absolute nonsense…. to start with half the pictures that claim they are pictures “without makeup” are certainly not without makeup. e.g Kareena kapoor is blatantly wearing foundation in both images and I can see aishwariya’s blusher from a mile away in the no make up picture. So in a nutshell this is not a fair comparison to start with.

    Moving on secondly more than half these women are looking just as pretty without the three layers of caked makeup on their faces. By suggesting makeup is the way forward for them this post is suggesting that normal women should refrain from stepping outside the house without make up and looking normal because it does not fit with the unrealistic standards of beauty hollywood and bollywood is setting for present generations.

    • Monica

      Well said ! ALL are beautiful with or without makeup.

  • Anjali

    Wow this is a horrible and spiteful post.

    Like everyone’s said before me, firstly the comparison is unfair. Forget that you have taken some random caught unawares mid-sentence, right after a long day in the sun/gym picture for one actress and another fresh from the bath actually *with* make-up for another? How do you have the audacity to actually make a post that compares people, pitting their natural beauty against cosmetic looks?

    What do you mean by things like “certainly never want to see her without make-up”, and “most definitely do not like”? Look at you, elitist pig, sitting behind your computer screen and passing judgement at perfectly nice people who are just pursuing their dreams. It’s a horrible, horrible thing to do, and it’s people like you who spread seeds of venomous hatred and judgement that causes others to stop believing in the good of humanity.

    Just because someone chooses to be in the public eye as an actress, musician or any eminent personality, doesn’t mean they’re handing you the right to judge and criticize their every move. And if they say even one negative thing about anything or anyone, even if it’s completely justified, you make a big deal out of it and throw huge hissy fits.

    If you don’t want to see them without make-up, who’s asking you to dig out pictures of them from their personal lives, Just don’t fucking look.

  • Ranvijay

    Such a bakwaas post. You should be banned from writing any more articles.

  • Ranvijay

    anyways they all look much better ‘without makeup’ compared to your pic with makeup. Jealous much sweetheart?

  • kkp1066

    Seems like wearing and removing such heavy eye makeup has taken a toll on the delicate skin around the eyes of many of the women.

  • Cleopatra

    Sonam kapoor is amazing

  • CanadaIndian

    make-up is full of cancer causing poisens and those getting rich off the sales of it are not even woman.

  • Priya

    they all look beautiful with or without make-up!!!

  • leila habib

    all looks beautiful without makeup. some even better. funny enough its the picture with the darkest skin their is seen as the bad looking and then they are beautiful when they look white on the edited image and the ones that are white in both are the ones beautiful in both of the pictures after you.

  • jassy

    not the most attractive ethnic group of women, all that ugly hyperpigmentation

  • Anonymous

    Please ask your editors to look at the content more carefully before it goes live. Her name is Isha Koppikar, and not Gopikar…

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      Heyaa! The author has mentioned Koppikar only and not Gopikar. ;) ;)

  • http://www.bubblews.com/account/posts/6774 Deepa Venkitesh

    thanks, shows that a lot of work goes behind their faces, at least for most of them

  • numman

    lot of diffrence with or without make up

  • binnu

    Wearing foundation, eyeliner and lipstick does not count as having no makeup on! For many of these images, it’s professional vs diy makeup, and not makeup vs no makeup.

  • fairy

    Most of the women are wearing make up even in the ‘before make up’ pics.. and ur comments are plain rude and degradatory.. “here’s a face we do not wanna see w/o make up”, really?
    Go get a life.

  • https://www.facebook.com/RadzMadz Radhika Madhavan

    All these women look beautiful even without make-up. What’s your point? Reinforcing the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Then, good job.

  • Gurudatt

    Madhubala & Katrina are divine both look good without makeup

  • jas

    Every coin has two sides…but it will still a coin.no matters…..

  • Anonymous

    I thing im best

  • Jessica

    “We certainly never wanna see her without makeup again!” So many disgusting remarks about ladies without makeup in this article. Nobody NEEDS makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I like makeup well enough at times…but it shouldn’t be mandatory in our society. No wonder so many females have low self image, because of people like the author of this article! Bashing the looks of others to try to feel better about yourself is just downright shameful..

  • Raj. Rocker

    Most of this No Make up Pictures are either shot during bad light or at bad timing, its clearly visible, And lets accept we do look ugly sometime in a day, like when we get up in morning, like when we come out from hot summer.

  • Jack

    Many of the woman in your “no makeup” shots are clearly wearing makeup.

  • Hasinah

    All of them looks horrible without make up