21 Mind Blowing Indian Mehndi Designs To Inspire You

Mehndi forms an important part of Indian culture, where it is extensively used in decorating hands and feet during weddings and every other auspicious occasion you can think off!

But what exactly is mehndi or henna?

Henna basically is a tropical plant whose leaves are dried and grounded into a paste and then used as a natural dye. Apart from acting as a temporary tattoo for decorating hands and feet, it is used in hair coloring. It holds high priority in Eastern countries, and it now seems that the Western countries are also indulging. In India, women use mehndi for temporary tattooing with a lot of different designs.

So let’s check below some of the Indian mehndi designs


Indian Mehndi Designs 1

1. Here is a beautiful Indian mehandi design with intricate details and design, which is a bit uncommon. The patterns and motifs are a bit non traditional but nevertheless they are very unique and look lovely on the hands.

Indian Mehndi Designs 2

2. Now from a modern design, we move on to a very Indian Bridal mehndi designs for hands. Designs like these look very pretty on the hands and are suited for any occasion like wedding and are also considered apt for the bride too!!! With traditional motif, it covers the full arms making it very glamorous and beautiful.

Indian Mehndi Designs 3

3. Feet are also a great canvas for this natrual art, and this design is a perfect example. It is very apt for auspicious occasions. The design is very beautiful and has delicate details within it.

Indian Mehndi Designs 4

4. This is very traditional and at the same time is unique unlike traditional Indian mehendi design that covers the tips. In this pattern the tips are left open. The motifs are also different on both hands making it unique. This intricate Indian mehndi design fills up the hands, thus making it ideal for a bride to be.

Indian Mehndi Designs 5

5. This design is very traditional and fills up the hands, without making it look messy. It’s simple and appealing mehendi design makes it apt for anyone. Even a bride’s mother also can opt for this design easily.

Indian Mehndi Designs 6

6.  This Indian mehndi design looks different from the traditional mehndi designs, and is a fun option to try if you are bored of traditional motifs. It contains intricate designs, so it you do yourself too. And hand doesn’t seem messy and looks great with unique designs.

Indian Mehndi Designs 7

7. For those who want minimal mehndi designs on their hands, this is a great option. The floral motifs at the centre are drawn diagonally with designs on the individual fingers. The colorful stones are added to glam up the look.

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Indian Mehndi Designs 8

8. Are you bored of same old mehndi designs? If yes, then add some uniqueness to your mehndi with the use of different colour stones. These stones are available in different sizes and shapes, and will add colour and beauty to your designs. Here the big stones in the middle of the designs as well as the small stones all making this mehndi design unique.

Indian Mehndi Designs 9

9. For those who love mehndi on their feet, here’s an Indian mehndi design you can try on your feet. The design covers a good amount of feet space, making it ideal for weddings and special occasions. Make sure to wear a good shade of nail paint too.

 Indian Mehndi Designs 10

10. If you love mehndi on full hands with intricate designs and details, then this one is well suited to your taste. The designs are very beautiful and claim to fill up the whole hands. However, unlike traditional mehndi designs, the top of the fingers are left open for that unique touch.

Indian Mehndi Designs 11

11. This is one of those simple Indian Mehndi designs for hands which would suit a bride pretty well. The designs and the choice of red mehandi make the designs pop out very well, while the floral motifs and other designs on the fingers look modern.

Indian Mehndi Designs 12

12. This mehandi design for the feet looks very apt for a bride, as there are a lot of details and intricate designs. The whole feet is covered nicely with motifs and designs to make this mehndi design look beautiful. The front chequered pattern makes this look unique.

Indian Mehndi Designs 13

13. Mehndi designs can be extremely elaborate on the top of the hands too. Here is an example of it. This one has unique styles, with each finger showing different patterns.

Indian Mehndi Designs 14

14. Another design with colorful beads can be seen here. This one is apt for a modern bride or a function. The stones and modern designs make this style unique. Also the accessories enhance this look.

Indian Mehndi Designs 15

15. If you want to try out some designs on the feet, then try this one on the occasion of a wedding. It is a beautiful design and has a nice mixture of traditional and modern patterns.

Indian Mehndi Designs 16

16. A very simple mehndi design, this looks great on anyone and can be done for any type of occasion like weddings and festivals. There is also use of darker mehndi in this pattern to make the designs prominent and more beautiful.

Indian Mehndi Designs 17

17. For those looking for medium patterns and unique style, this one is apt. It includes the use of two types of mehndi like red and black mehndi. The black mehndi is used to do the borders while the red one is used to fill in. There is a uniqueness in the tips of the fingers too, with designs like oval and heart shapes done. The use of beads in different colors is also included.

Indian Mehndi Designs 18

18. This design is unique with its distinct patterns and the dominant pattern is repeated on all sides. The big circular pattern in the middle is also unique for application.

Indian Mehndi Designs 19

19. This one has medium intricate designs and the designs are filled with glitters using glitter tubes. Different colours are used like red and blue. Also colorful stones are used here.

Indian Mehndi Designs 20

20. This is a very simple looking yet intricately done design. The design in the middle of the palm has very microscopic details and is done very finely. There are delicately done patterns and are done such that they don’t look too messy or stuffy.

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Indian Mehndi Designs 21

21. This one is also a great option for those who want simple and colorful designs. It includes glitters as well as colorful beads to decorate the hands. It’s a simple yet gorgeous mehndi design for evening parties.

I hope you enjoy trying these Indian bridal mehndi designs for hands and feet. Don’t forget to share your pictures.

Images: Google, Pinterest

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