When it comes to style and fashion trends, it has been evolving immensely… And good news is that it is not just for the youth but for aging women too!!!

For all those who think women over 40 years cannot flaunt their style… well, this is a wrong notion -as long as you pick the right style that is. And, it is a fact that we learn a lot from the celebs that we idealise, thus, here is a list of 5 handpicked celebrities hairstyles who certainly don’t go wrong with their hairstyles, ever!

Celebrity Hairstyles For Women Over 40

1. Jennifer Aniston:

An actress, producer, director, and much more, Jennifer Aniston is now 43 and still looks fabulous with her cool hairstyles. She likes to keep it simple yet stunning. Check out some of her hot hairstyles from the paparazzi catch.

a. Big Flowy Waves

Flowy Waves hairstyle

b. The inward Choppy Bangs

inward Choppy Bangs hairstyle

c. Short Waves

Short Waves hairstyle

d. A sweet Bob

sweet Bob hairstyle

e. Long and simple

Long simple hairstyle

She hold the position of the queen in our list of latest celebrity hairstyles for women over 40!

2. Halle Berry:

She is over 40 and is still too hot to handle, and is still going young with her funky hairstyles. Mostly known for her short cropped hair look, she makes you re-think about simple bob hairstyles. Here are some of her hot hairstyles that can give you some cool ideas.

a. Outward Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob hairstyle

b. Short cropped layered pixie

cropped layered pixie hairsyle

c. Spiked Bob

Spiked Bob hairstyle

d. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob hairstyle

e. And you thought she doesn’t sport long curls?

long curls hairstyle

3. Nicole Kidman:

She is 45 and still going strong with her acting career. Over the years, she has been reckoned as an extremely sophisticated and stylish woman and she doesn’t quite go wrong with her hairstyles either. Always known to sport cool hairstyles at the Red Carpet and other Award Ceremonies, check out some of her handpicked hot hair looks.

a. The Low Side Messy Bun

Low Side Messy Bun hairstyle

b. The Bangs, the Bun and the Pony

Bun Pony hairstyle

c. Curly Girly

Curly Girly hairstyle

d. Long and Wavy

Long and Wavy hairstyle

e. Messy Braids are Fun Braids

Fun Braids hairstyle

4. Cameron Diaz:

She is just 40 and going glamorous with her experimental hairstyles. She is always known for her wavy and long loose hairs, but throughout 2012, she sported cool and funky bob hairstyles. She did go through a bad hair disaster late 2012, and was highly criticised but a little mending showed a shift from a bad haircut to a hot new look. Check out her hairstyles.

a. A side swept simple banged hairstyle

simple banged hairstyle

b. A messy hairstyle which cannot go unnoticed

messy hairstyle

c. Bun look she sported at the 64th Annual Golden Globe awards

Annual Golden

d. Sweet Bob Look

Sweet Bob Look

e. Twisted Waves: That created a huge controversy.

Twisted Waves hairstyle

5. Catherine Zeta Jones:

She is 43, still a smash hit on the fashion bazaar, especially with her outstanding hairstyles. Wife of Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones has been spotted wearing a number of rocking hairstyles at most award functions and red carpet. Check out some of her trendy and stylish hair duos.

a. Top parted Bouffant with loose long hair at the back

Top parted Bouffant

b. Feathered big curls

Feathered big curls hairstyle

c. Front side swept bangs. Simple yet hot

side swept bangs

d. Messy Waves

Messy Waves hairstyle

e. Top Tied Messy Bun Look

Messy Bun Look

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