Style and elegance augment with age. Women who are fifty or above, would love to recreate the look of the divas from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! You would definitely want to recreate some ravishing hairdos. Attitude matters; if your heart is young, you are forever young, irrespective of age. You can still look hot at the age of 50.

Take a look at the celebrity hairstyles for women over 50 which you can try out:

1. Blunt Bob:


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This posh, shiny black blunt bob makes you look completely regal. The deep red make her stunning and pretty.

2. Edgy Blonde Layered Bob:


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The medium length bob is cut in edgy layers. The luscious thick hair and the trimmed layers are funky. The over 50 women can wear the style if she still has her youthful vigour.

3. Backcombed Wavy Flair:


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The backcombed hairdo is perfect for an evening outing. Wear this hairdo with a dash of bright colour and you are done!

4. Pinned Up Vintage Blonde Curls:


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A typical vintage style of the decades gone by, wear this style to be the perfect diva at 50! Use hairpins or slides near the forehead to secure this open hairstyle. The neat curls shape the tresses beautifully.

5. Loose Side Braid:


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Who says you cannot wear a loose ponytail at 50 and look chic? Well, Demi Moore does and looks stunning! Tame the long mane by casually braiding it and keeping it on one side. Flaunt the stylish braid with all the confidence you have.

6. Long and Shiny Black:


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The sleek long hair has always been the style for high fashion. Try this simple hairdo with a sexy outfit which complement your figure and hairdo. Keep the make-up natural.

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7. Medium Wavy Edged Hairdo:


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Long hair with subtle curls is stylish and gorgeous. Whether you wear it with a sari or simple denims, the style will just steal the show for you.

8. Wavy Tousled Hairdo:


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Try out this tousled wavy style. The hairstyle is stunning when worn with an off shoulder attire. The tousled curled edges make you look younger by the years.

9. Spiky Pixie:


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Yes, you can wear a pixie at 50! Angela Bassett wears it with young and feminine energy. The style is funky and chic at the same time. A complete rock star!

10. Black High Bouffant:


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A chic high bouffant updo is always the best bet for a party! Wow, everyone with the thick gorgeous hairdo.

11. Half Up with a Twist:


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The half up half down style never goes out of fashion. Loosely braid a few strands and make a small knot and leave the rest of the hair open. Highlighted streaks would give an even sexier impression!

12. Tucked Away Glitter:


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The just below the shoulder trimmed sleek hair looks so edgy and stylish! To get the modish coif, tuck away the hair behind the ear and put a glittering hair accessory! Accessories can never go wrong. Just make sure you dont over adorn yourself.

13. Messy Wavy Ponytail:


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The tousled wavy ponytail is just right for a formal outing. Make sure you do a side part and tie up the pony. The ponytail is medium based and is further enhanced by a side swept bang.

14. Full fringed Sleek Hairdo:


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The hair just below the shoulder with highlighted streaks can be further styled by adding a trimmed fringe. The fringe nearly touches the eyes and makes the hairdo very elegant and pretty.

15. Loose Ombre Chignon:


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A rolled in chignon with a subtle messy effect makes a powerful high fashion statement. A chignon is close bun relative and makes women across the age look gorgeous.