Style and elegance augment with age. Women who are fifty or above, would love to recreate the look of the divas from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! You would definitely want to recreate some ravishing hairdos. Attitude matters; if your heart is young, you are forever young, irrespective of age. You can still look hot at the age of 50.

Take a look at the celebrity hairstyles for women over 50 which you can try out:

1. Blunt Bob:


This posh, shiny black blunt bob makes you look completely regal. The deep red make her stunning and pretty.

2. Edgy Blonde Layered Bob:


The medium length bob is cut in edgy layers. The luscious thick hair and the trimmed layers are funky. The over 50 women can wear the style if she still has her youthful vigour.

3. Backcombed Wavy Flair:


The backcombed hairdo is perfect for an evening outing. Wear this hairdo with a dash of bright colour and you are done!

4. Pinned Up Vintage Blonde Curls:


A typical vintage style of the decades gone by, wear this style to be the perfect diva at 50! Use hairpins or slides near the forehead to secure this open hairstyle. The neat curls shape the tresses beautifully.

5. Loose Side Braid:


Who says you cannot wear a loose ponytail at 50 and look chic? Well, Demi Moore does and looks stunning! Tame the long mane by casually braiding it and keeping it on one side. Flaunt the stylish braid with all the confidence you have.

6. Long and Shiny Black:


The sleek long hair has always been the style for high fashion. Try this simple hairdo with a sexy outfit which complement your figure and hairdo. Keep the make-up natural.

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7. Medium Wavy Edged Hairdo:


Long hair with subtle curls is stylish and gorgeous. Whether you wear it with a sari or simple denims, the style will just steal the show for you.

8. Wavy Tousled Hairdo:


Try out this tousled wavy style. The hairstyle is stunning when worn with an off shoulder attire. The tousled curled edges make you look younger by the years.

9. Spiky Pixie:


Yes, you can wear a pixie at 50! Angela Bassett wears it with young and feminine energy. The style is funky and chic at the same time. A complete rock star!

10. Black High Bouffant:


A chic high bouffant updo is always the best bet for a party! Wow, everyone with the thick gorgeous hairdo.

11. Half Up with a Twist:


The half up half down style never goes out of fashion. Loosely braid a few strands and make a small knot and leave the rest of the hair open. Highlighted streaks would give an even sexier impression!

12. Tucked Away Glitter:


The just below the shoulder trimmed sleek hair looks so edgy and stylish! To get the modish coif, tuck away the hair behind the ear and put a glittering hair accessory! Accessories can never go wrong. Just make sure you dont over adorn yourself.

13. Messy Wavy Ponytail:


The tousled wavy ponytail is just right for a formal outing. Make sure you do a side part and tie up the pony. The ponytail is medium based and is further enhanced by a side swept bang.

14. Full fringed Sleek Hairdo:


The hair just below the shoulder with highlighted streaks can be further styled by adding a trimmed fringe. The fringe nearly touches the eyes and makes the hairdo very elegant and pretty.

15. Loose Ombre Chignon:


A rolled in chignon with a subtle messy effect makes a powerful high fashion statement. A chignon is close bun relative and makes women across the age look gorgeous.

16. Messy Low Base Hairdo:


The ombre low base hairdo is sophisticated and classy. The messy hairdo exudes grace and gives a very urbane impression.

17. Crisp Blunt Bob:


The hairdo has very finely layered bangs in the front teamed with shoulder length straight bob. The style again is formal and classy. The style is excellent for those business meetings.

18. Thick Wavy Hairdo:


This wavy side swept hairdo is characterized by a thick wavy bang. The bang hides one eye and gives a whimsical style to it. The style is right for a date dinner!

19. Tousled Waves with a Side Part:


The wavy tousled hairdo with a side part is chic and elegant. Try to wear big earrings with this hairdo. The style would be stunning and stylish.

20. Braided High Ponytail:


Make a braid and wrap it around the ponytail. The look would be as if you have fixed the hairdo with a braid! The style is chic gives so much detail to the hairdo.

21. Headband Curls:


Accessorize the medium length hairdo with this modish feather embedded hair band. You certainly would look attractive and modish with this style.

22. Wet and Curly:


This wet sassy hairdo is the best bet for a fun-filled night out! Comb your hair back and style it backwards with the help of a hair styling product. Team the hairdo with deeply rimmed kohl eyes and nude or dark lips!

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23. Straight and Ombre:


The ombre hairdo with a deep middle part and flashy earrings is stylish and sexy. The sleek shoulder length bob is incredibly chic.

24. Tight Curls Updo:


The hairstyle is unusual and high on the attraction scale. The sexy updo with elegant curls makes the style and the person who wears it simply stunning.

25. Puffed and Sleek:


This puffy hairdo is sleek and neat. The blown up puff spices up an otherwise bland style.

26. Pinned Up Hairdo:


The tied up style up has a puffy finish. With the elegant wavy curls, the style is perfect for a children’s party!

27. Elegant Curly Half Up Half Down:


Kelly Preston achieves this curly and pretty style effortlessly. The casually tied up loose half up hairdo is elegant and sophisticated. The loose front bangs give a softer appeal to the personality.

28. Curly Bob:


This tousled messily; overgrown bob is chic and effortless. The curls are simply combed back to give a fresh and new appeal.

29. Ombre Tousled Medium Waves:


The wavy tousled blonde hairdo has a casual and very soft feel to it. The shaded streaks and wavy, messy effect awesomely fits for a gala occasion.

30. Braided Tousled Bob:


This style has a braided essence to it which is dressed up for a sleeker affair.

31. Tousled Layered Bang Bob:


The long bob with layered bangs with the fine tousled effect is perfect for the morning breakfast! The style is simple to wear and easy on maintenance.

32. Wavy Banged Ombre Edged Bob:


Try this thick chic bob with a wavy edged side swept bang. The side part and a small side part give more detail to the hairdo. It makes the hair appear thick and radiant.

33. Quirky Banged Bob:


This quirky hairdo is exemplary. If you can carry the hairdo off then nothing like it. The bangs spring from the frontal part of the head. The curly bangs seem similar to a mini pony on the top. The unusual bangs blend with the rest of the tousled highlighted short bob.

34. Medium Wavy Layers:


The style looks resplendent with the hair clip. It’s a wavy hairstyle with a simple side part, and wavy side swept bang that is secured at one end with this cute hair clip. The long side-swept bangs are styled in layers.

35. Shoulder Length Bob with Soft Fringes:


This hairstyle resembles the simple college girl style. With soft fringes at the front and long fine layers, this style is sleek and casual. It’s classy and modish.

36. Ombre Layered Blunt Bob:


A layered ombre blunt bob, it has a windy flair to it. The layered fringes give an elegant finesse to the coif.

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37. Sleek Puffy Hairdo:


This straight and sleek hairstyle has the sexy puff. The style is easy to wear, secure the puff with pins and let the rest of the hair remain open. This is one of the easiest celebrity hairstyles for women over 50 to try out.

38. Tousled Bob with Whimsical Bangs:


This is one of the best celebrity short hairstyles for women over 50 to try out. The inwardly curled bangs with super thick layered bangs give a very whimsical effect. The layers have a messy feel to it which makes the style young and fresh.

39. Sleek and Shine Ponytail:


The sleek and shiny pony is very classy and pleasing to the eye. The style is simple and uncluttered.

40. Low Based Tight Bun:


A low based tight and tidy bun is set for a smart and incredibly chic hairdo. Wear the style with a low back neck dress and you are ready to go.

41. Top Knot Bun:


The top knot bun with one shoulder apparel will make you stand out in the crowd. The combed back bun is dressed up tidy and smart.

42. Sleek Hairdo with Trimmed Edges:


A plain hairdo with trimmed even edges just below the shoulders is done with a side part. The hair is tucked behind the ears for that very sleek and neat feel. The style is crisp and elegant.

43. Beehive Updo:


Wear this beehive updo and get the retro touch to your style. The hairdo is voluminous and very well dressed. Keep the look natural and the make-up minimal. The hairdo will give a lasting impression.

44. Sleek Side Swept Hair:


Wear the sleek hairdo with your hair side swept to one side. The gorgeous uneven subtly wavy edges give the plain style a different edge.

45. Bouffant French Bun:


The French bun with a bouffant can make the hair appear voluminous and gleaming. The style exudes elegance and is very high end. Accessorise the style with flowers or just leave it plain and simple.

46. Classic & Chic Bob:


A classic and chic bob hairstyle, this version helps to bring out the persona, the charm and elegance very well.

47. Short Bob with Wavy Bang:


This short bob with a short wavy bang is extremely chic and sophisticated. The style is simple and shows authority and power.

48. Short Bob with Wavy Flair:


A very short bob, with a backcombed bang, the style makes you look geeky and intellectual! Team this style with specks and you are bound to give a powerful impression

49. Wavy Trimmed Pixie:


Annette Bening sports this wavy trimmed pixie with a blunt spiky style. The pixie is not too short or very long, just cut in the medium tone. The style is elegant and has shine.

50. Classic Short Ponytail:


The combed back high pony is dressed up for a neat style. The ponytail is not the usual long length; it’s a smaller version of the longer tail. The hairdo is uncomplicated and effortless.

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So did you like these short celebrity hairstyles over 50? These are some of the best over 50 celebrity hairstyles. If you want to add more to the list, please let us know. We deeply value reader feedback. Please drop your comments below.

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