25 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Looks

Wedding is an occasion where every one wants to look their best. But then, it’s the Bride’s day where she would want everyone paying attention to her; and for but obvious reasons she has to prepare herself very carefully. And beautiful Indian bridal makeup looks are certainly among the prettiest you will ever see!

So to help you out, we have put together some of the most beautiful Indian bridal makeup  looks. As India is a vast country and every state has different cultures and rituals, I have tried to include all possible looks. Please let me know in the comments below if I have missed out any.

Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup:

1. Bengali bridal looks with Bindi:

Traditional bengali Indian bride! With her big bright bindi and elaborate eye makeup. Doesn’t it look simply stunning?

bengali bridal makeup looks

2. Bengali bridal looks with gold Jewelry:

You can also be that Bengali bride with unique designs of gold jewelry, who just does simple lip and eye makeup to compliment the overall look.

bengali bridal look

3. Bengali bridal looks with Kundan jewelry:

As a Bengali bride, you can sport some Kundan jewellery and match it with some gorgeous eye makeup.

Bengali bridal look jewellery

4. Bridal look with Sequined dress:

Beautiful bride with uncommon white sequined dress makes an amazing fashion statement. It describes rich fashion taste to look best on the D-Day. Fashionable mangtika and necklace makes the look simply gorgeous. However, an over dose of jewelry is a big no no!!!

bridal look with sequined dresses

5. Silver beaded pink bridal dress:

When we speak of beautiful Indian brides, the punjabi bride is too far behind in the list. Punjabi brides are known to carry on this look with great ease. Magenta and silver beaded dress with beautiful peach tone face make up and smokey eye makeup is a total turn on for anybody. Loose hair with white flowers gives a feminine touch to the look.

silver beaded pink bridal dresses

6. Traditional red and gold bridal dress:

In most Indian weddings, brides are seen wearing a red saree with unique collection of beautifully designed jewelry. This is the most traditional Indian bridal look ever.

red and gold bridal dresses

7. Punjabi bridal look:

Punjabi brides are known to be very colorful with loud makeup and heavy costumes and jewelry. Isn’t it traditional and gorgeous?

punjabi bridal look

8. Jeweled bridal look:

The image below shows the bride wearing stunning semi precious and diamond jewelry. Over whelming look it is for the bride to be!
Jeweled bridal look Jeweled bridal Jeweled

9. Traditional Punjabi green bridal dress:

Punjabi bride with green choli and green eye makeup with matching jewelry is a total hit, when combined with the right ultra sleek makeup on the very fair skin tone.
Traditional Punjabi green bridal

10. Blue eye bridal look:

Blue eye makeup with matching blue stone jewelry is a total Wow look for a lavish engagement.
Blue eye bridal look

11. Golden and green bridal look:

Charming green golden combination jewellery with cream colored lahenga also is a turn on for a bride to be. This pastel and soft to look at combination is the best alternative if you do not wish to wear darker colors.

Golden and green bridal look

12. Stone studded bridal look:

Bright makeup, jewelry and dress up, when done in the right colors can be perfect for your reception party. Purple and silver combination looks great too.
Stone studded bridal look

13. Classic green bridal look:

Young fashionable bride with green eye makeup and jewelry with some large nose ring can make your personality look bold.

Classic green bridal look

14. Classic red bridal look:

Bride with red lahenga and excusive jewelry looks ravishing. You could also flaunt loose curls to balance the overall look.
Classic red bridal look

15. Kundan bridal look:

Jodha Akbar look for a bridal makeup is a graceful option. Heavy jewelry looks beautiful with simple face make up!
Kundan bridal look

16. Traditional Himachal Bride:

You can also sport this huge mang tika on your forehead if you following the traditional Himachal style. Keep the makeup simple.
Traditional Himachal Bride

17. Kashmiri Blue and Red bridal Dress:

You can also flaunt this Kashmiri bridal dress style for your wedding. The antique gold jewelry makes an amazing style statement with moderately done makeup.

Kashmiri Blue and Red bridal Dress 18. Traditional Kerala Bride:

You can also choose this look for your wedding if you are a bride to be from Kerala. The gold antique jewelry reflects the traditional Kerala style with golden bordered white saree.
traditional kerala bride

19. Indian Catholic Bride:

You can dress up this gorgeous way too. Simple white dress, with a veil and hair pulled back into a great stylish and simple chignon. Simple makeup and jewelry add glam.

Indian Catholic Bride 20. Muslim Bride with Traditional Jewelry:

How can we speak of the brides of India and not mention the muslim bride? The antique gold jewelry with simple makeup makes the bride look elegant.
Muslim Bride with Traditional Jewelry

21. South Indian Bride:

South Indian Brides are known to wear simple Kanjeevaram saris, which are then mixed with traditional gold jewelry and a lot of accessories including flowers on hair.
South Indian Bride

22. Modern Indian Bride:

It’s a total wow!!! Check the below image for some ideas.
Modern Indian Bride

23. Rajasthan Bride in Pallu style sari and traditional gold jewelry:

Rajasthan is a place where culture and values play a lot of role. You would find brides covering their face with veils in front of their elders. Their bridal dresses feature heavy work on the veils, which are mixed and matched with traditional jewelry.
Rajasthan Bride in Pallu style sari and traditional gold jewelry

24. Simple Ismaili Bride:

The Ismaili community under the Muslim section is known to carry weddings in a simple manner. The brides are seen wearing simple gorgeous sarees, while covering their head. They are known to wear minimal jewelry mixed with decently done makeup.
Simple Ismaili Bride

25. Bride from Maharashtra:

Brides from Maharashtra are known to usually wear green or yellow saris for their weddings. They also wear traditional gold jewelry with simple makeup.

Bride from Maharashtra


Here is a guide on Indian Bridal Makeup looks and the ways on how you can achieve this. Make sure you follow these basic steps for best results.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips For Brides:

1. Moderation is the key:

wedding makeup tips The main idea of perfect bridal makeup look is to accentuate the best features at the same time keep the overall look simple yet gorgeous. As it is, Indian Brides are loaded with jewelry and heavy dresses, hence it is best to keep the makeup neutral.

2. Explain your needs to the makeup artist:

makeup tips for wedding party If you are hiring a makeup artist, make sure you explain what you need clearly! Explaining things in advance will help you get the look you want. Come on, a bride has the right to make all the demands! If the makeup artist is new then, it is always recommended to get a trial session before your wedding day.

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3. A trial photo session with the makeup:

makeup tips for wedding day A trial photo session with the final makeup is always recommended. The reason is, some foundations and powders tend to look brighter or lighter in pictures as they reflect light in a different way. Hence taking pictures with flash prior to the wedding can give you an exact idea of how the final bridal makeup looks on camera. It is better to be prepared in advance, over the last minute bad picture jitters.

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4. Select the perfect shade of foundation: 

foundation for wedding makeup Most brides in India tend to go wrong with the foundations. Hence, make sure to blend the foundation on your neck region to check, and also check whether it matches your skin perfectly or not. Always remember to apply foundation on your neck too or else your face will look different from the rest of your body.

5. Get skin treatments done in advance:

skin care tips for bridal makeup Brides must always get their beauty treatments, such as facials and waxing done well in advance before the wedding day. At times these treatments irritate your skin and leads to outbreaks and makeup can very well aggravate these issues.

And I am sure; no one would like to get such unwanted visitors to ruin their special day. The same thing holds true for eyebrows as well. Get them plucked and shaped one or two days before your D Day. If you wait to pluck them on the same day, they may look red and swollen, and also could give you rashes, making you feel itchy, before make up application. This might totally spoil all your overall effort to look good.

6. Wear Contact lenses before makeup:

contact lenses make up If you are a person who wears contacts, make sure to wear them before makeup application. Because there are favorable chances of your eyes watering. This can possibly ruin the effort you took to apply the right makeup.

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7. Ward of stress Hormones:

water benefits for skin Last but not the least you need to relax and shun off all the stress. I know it’s difficult to practice but stress can spoil your skin making it look worse.

Hope these tips for a bride on her wedding help! Do leave us a comment!

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