3 Simple And Quick Hairstyles For All Occasions May 11, 2015

It happens so many times, you have a wedding/ party/ hot date to go to and your hair looks like a small animal crawled on to your head and died. You panic and rush to the salon, where they tease, roll, straighten and pull your hair into some monumental wonder that probably looks like this:

And you pay for it too not just in money but in time too. You need make time to run to a parlor and then wait for an appointment, get your hair fixed plus the time it takes to get to the venue after that…instead what if there are a few quick and easy hairstyles for occasions that you could try out?

So here are some simple and quick hairstyles for occasions that you can do at home without even breaking a sweat or rather pulling your hair out.

Simple and easy hairstyles for girls

1. Subtle Waves:

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Great for:

Casual outings/ dates.

A date or a day out with are just as important as any other occasion. Come in today’s world of running between home and the job, how often do you get to hang out and just be you? So why not want to look nice?

Here is one from the collection of quick and simple hairstyles you don’t need a stylist to get done.

  • Make hair damp by either spraying dry hair with water or by waiting for washed hair to dry a bit.
  • Pull your hair into a ponytail high on your head.
  • Twist the hair in your hands.
  • Wrap twisted hair onto the hair elastic.
  • Secure with a hair pin or stick the end under the rubber elastic.
  • Blow dry for a few minutes, take breaks; you don’t want to fry your hair!
  • Open out your hair and run in a curl holding mousse or serum with your fingers.
  • You have fabulous waves!

2. The Braided Bun:

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Great for:

Formal occasions.

Ah those formal occasions are an ever ending list. And people will never stop expecting you be appropriately dressed for it either. Skip the parlor and try this style out for the next time.

  • Brush back all your hair, if you wish to keep bangs or a fringe, it is up to you.
  • Tie a high or low tight ponytail according to where on your head you want the bun to sit.
  • Braid your ponytail.
  • Wrap the braid around the elastic.
  • Secure with pins.
  • Control stray hairs with a gel and wear a hair pin if you want to be extra fancy.

3. The Rocker Pouf:

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Great for:

Parties/ Concerts
When you are out have fun, you are out to have fun! And that is that. Here is a style that will make you look fab and keep your hair out of the way at the same time!

  • Take the top middle section of your hair, i.e. the hair that is between both temples.
  • Tease it with back combing but make sure the front still looks relatively smooth but has body and volume.
  • Clip it away from the rest of your hair.
  • Take the sides of your hair and turn them into a half ponytail.
  • Gather the teased section together with the sides into the pony.
  • Pin everything together.
  • Spray hairspray to set.
  • You can also make a full ponytail or just leave it as a half pony.

Now, your hair will look great no matter what the occasion!