3 Simple Techniques to Get Wavy Long Hair June 27, 2016

Long wavy hair is never out of fashion and looks amazing on anyone and can be used for both sophisticated as well as casual looks.. Out of the different ways to get waves, make sure you opt for the right look.

1. No Heat and No Product:

If you want those waves without using chemicals and heat then this is the perfect method for you.

Steps to get waves the natural way!

Step 1:

Damp your hair with water or use a spray.

Step 2:

Put an elastic rubber band, ensuring that it is tight enough to stay on your hair for long.

Step 3:

Grab small portions of your hair, twist them and tug these in the rubber band as shown in the picture below.

Sleep overnight with the head band on and your soft curls are ready by morning.This is how to get long wavy hair.

2 Curling Wand:

A Curling iron can give you perfect waves.

Hannah’s wavy hairstyle in ‘pretty little liars’ is perfect, find out how she did it.

Step 1:

Clip 2/3rd portion of your hair.

Step 2:

Use a wide curling barrel iron to get the perfect curls. Large curls look natural and fall in place nicely.

Step 3:

Run your fingers through your hair when it’s hot to get loose waves.

This will give a celeb look.

3. Scrunching Your Hair:

Shakira always comes up with bold looks. This is one her many wavy hairstyles that is certainly bold too! Follow the steps to get the same look.

Step 1:

Apply a handful amount of mouse to your wet hair.

Step 2:

Squeeze your hair upwards, scrunch nicely and your natural waves are ready.

Step 3:

In the end, apply hair gel so that you have a long lasting look.

Wavy long hair can be achieved by any of the above three methods, try these and figure out which ones works best for you. Don’t forget to check out tips for long hair too.