Braids are multipurpose! They keep the hair off your face and they look stylish no matter what the occasion. With runways featuring braids since last year, it has become a rage amongst youngsters to flaunt it. This ongoing trend is also likely to see some space in 2013 too!!!

Braids can be seen these days on a lot of people including, kids, teens, celebrities, bridesmaids, and believe it or not, even most of the grandmas flaunt stylish braids, thanks to their well taken care thick and long hair.

Braided hairstyles for long hair has been ruling since our grandmothers age, atleast to say so!!! They also hold a special corner in every girls heart, Especially because its quite simple to achieve and is not tedious as the other hairstyles. All you need to is apply some tricks and wohhoo… your done…!!!!

Best part about braiding hair is that you really don’t have to use other hair styling products including heat or chemical products to get your hair right. Your natural hair will just do fine..!!! If your looking for different hairstyles for long hair then braids give you the most diversity.

Be it curly, wavy or straight, you can flaunt it with braids. However, short hair styled individuals may find it difficult to fault those. But do not feel bad, because there are also are some funky and cute styles to style your short hair with braids.

So here is a list of the simplest and gorgeous braid hairstyles for long hair with steps on how to achieve them!

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Style 1: Side Braid

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is the best, easiest and most famous braided hairstyle for long hair.

How to:

  • Just comb the whole hair to the front left side.
  • Put a thin hair band to make a simple pony hairstyle.
  • Then divide the hair into three parts.
  • Now braid the parts up to the end of the hair.
  • Finally finish the braid with a thin rubber band.
  • That’s all, you are done with the side braid easily!!!!
  • This is the most common hairstyle around the world for long hair.

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Style 2: The Milkmaid Braid

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is one of the easiest braid hairstyles for long hair. Let’s see how to do this easily.

How to:

  • Separate your total hair into two equal parts.
  • Now braid the two parts separately and then tug them with small rubber bands.
  • Now set this braids like a headband on your head in opposite sides like left braid to right side and then right braid to left side.
  • Now set the ends with a few small hair clips at the back.
  • That’s it you are done!!!! :)

Style 3: Messy Side Braid

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is very interesting and creative braided hair style for long hair. This may look simple but takes some time to get its original shape. This hairstyle has two types of hair braids for long hair like simple messy hairstyle and knotted messy hairstyle.  Let’s see the simple method first:

How to:

  • Pull all your hair to one side and brush.
  • Now put the entire length in a simple loose braid.
  • Now on the crown of your hair, go for a deep part on the opposite side of the braid.
  • Curl the loose strands on either sides of the part and seal with a hair spray.
  • You can make the curls as messy as you want. It only looks better!

If you do the knot with braids when combining the parts, it looks little different and is called a knotted Messy braided Hair style.

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Style 4: Twist Around Side braid

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is very easy and beautiful Braided Hairstyles for long hair.  You will need some thin rubber bands according to your hair length. That’s it. And let me tell you that even though we call this a braid, there is absolutely no braiding involved in this style!

How to:

  • Comb your hair to the front and put a side pony tail.
  • Make a partition in the centre just above the elastic and pull the end through it.
  • Now you will get a ring like style braid.
  • Repeat this step until your hair length gets end.
  • After finishing this step expand the ring like rounds slightly and set by a hair spray.

That’s it Girl! You are done!!!

Apart from these, there are also some other easy braided hairstyles for long hair you can try. Like the fishtail braids, french style braids, unicorn braids, 4 sectioned braid, 5 sectioned braid and a lot more. You also can try braids in the messy updo formats as well.

There is no end to the way one can style their hair, especially if they are braided hairstyles for long hair. It is just the willingness and the imagination to get it right.

I hope you liked the article on hair braids for long hair. Please leave your comments below.

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