Looking slim and fit is desirable but a skinny frame is not appealing at all. The grass is always greener on the other side! If you are fat, you want to be skinny and if you are thin, you want to put on some weight. Ironic, isn’t it?

Women with thin frame try to gain weight using different products which usually have unwanted side effects. Remember that your health is precious; you can’t compromise with anything. After all, you are most likely trying to put on weight only to be healthier. What’s the point of trying an unhealthy method to gain weight? Thus, the best and only option is to opt for natural methods.

In this post, we talk about certain effective diet tips and plans that can help you gain weight. Go ahead and read this post.

Home Remedies to Gain Healthy Weight:

We all have warped perceptions regarding the ‘ideal figure’. The view gets further distorted when we see the media referring to some skinny celebrities as ‘beautiful and gorgeous’. All want to have a figure like her. So the rat race to look beautiful starts by starving oneself. So the myth eating more makes us fat is reinforced. Little does one know that gaining weight can be done by eating in a planned way but not eating less?

Being underweight can be due to some undiagnosed disease which is yet to be investigated. It is best to do an annual checkup and listen to your body’s needs. It is also important to remain stress free, cheerful and sleep well if you don’t want to be called a ‘potato on the stick’ by your friends.

The symptoms of underweight are unexplained fatigue due to decline in stamina and a general malaise. You need to ask your doctor about healthy ways to increase stamina by having health drinks and nutritional supplements.

Quit smoking and having excess of alcohol and caffeinated drinks to allow proper physical development to take place to stay healthy and have weight and BMI within normal limits.

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Diet Tips For Weight Gain:

Weight gain can be strenuous and time-consuming. Eating a lot of food throughout the day will not add to your weight. Your aim is to put on weight in a healthy manner, not to add few unhealthy kilos to your otherwise skinny frame! Focus on eating food but at the right time and the right quantity rather than searching out for various weight gain diet plans. Let’s have a look at the diet chart for weight gain in detail:

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1. Include Calories In Your Diet:

You need to take in more than 250 calories daily to add roughly half a kilo to your current weight. Eat foods that are rich in calories like Pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits and nuts.  Avoid fast food or cereal bars.

Everything that we eat has some calorie content to it. So like we eat food with fewer calories to lose weight, we need to eat food that has more calories to gain weight. Add vegetables like French beans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, carrots, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, pumpkins and eggplants to your diet. They have higher calorie content among the vegetable sources. Add a healthy portion of red meat to your diet too. But keep in mind notto overdo it. The aim is not add weight not cholesterol! The same way you can make paneer and the restaurant style food a part of your diet too. Add that extra dollop of butter over your homemade paneer curry. Fry your aloos’ a little more than usual.

You can even add olive oils in generous quantities to your salads. Another way to add calories to your diet is by increasing the consumption of dairy products. Don’t cut back on the fat content in your milk. Do not ask for low fat curds at the store. Make sure you consume a full calorie dairy product. And make it a point to snap up those milk shakes every once in a while! When you’re picking up a sandwich from outside, don’t go easy on the sauces. Can there be a more delicious way to put on weight?

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2. Increase The Number Of Meals:

Have six meals in a day, three big meals and three small. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be heavy and calorie rich. A heavy dinner adds weight to your body as your metabolism is not as active when you sleep as compared to when you are awake.

For breakfast, go for a full bowl of cereal and add toasted bread with butter or a fruit. And if you’re not a big fan of butter then you can always skip to cheese or a yummy spread of peanut butter and jelly! For snacks, have nuts and dry fruits, fruits and boiled veggies with a dollop of cream or sandwiches with cheese. Any vegetable or fruit or actually anything healthy that has higher calorie content is welcome.  You can even add some more items to your dessert tray. And once in a while skip the healthy stuff for snacks and go all out crazy on cakes, pizzas, burgers and whatever else your heart fancies. It is okay to give into your taste buds every once in a while. Don’t be stingy on the number of times you eat! You can add items like the granola and corn bread to your snacks list too. Granola’s are made of nuts and oats and are very good for your health along with being fattening.


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