5 Celebrities Featuring Weave Hairstyles February 1, 2017

There was a misconception that only African American women use weaves to make their curly hair look straight and long!!! But today a lot of people are seen using weaves as a way to get straight and long hair. But do you know what Weaves actually are?

Weaving is a complex process where false hair is clipped or weaved together with the original hair to make it look real, adding bounce and volume to the naturally thin hair. Weaves can be used for many purposes including making the hair look longer, adding volume simply or as a combination with wigs.

Weaves are a well used option to add bounce and volume to hair by various celebrities. This gives them the additional length and volume which allows them to adopt varied hairstyles a lot more easily. It also tends to reduce the curls in the hair as when it is woven in with the hair, then additional weight loosens out the curls giving your hair a more wavy and long look.

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Top 5 Celebrity Weave Hairstyles:

1. Paris Hilton:

Brand ambassador of a hair extension company, Paris is known to wear weaves to accentuate her blonde locks beautifully. Usually she wears platinum and light weaves to make her look more beautiful.


Image: Getty

Here’s Paris carrying a long hair weave, which gives her a girl-next door look.


Image: Getty

In the image above, Paris is seen in a different weave altogether. This one is poker straight hair, which has been added length to her hair.

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2. Beyonce Knowles:

Beyonce is a prominent singer, songwriter, actor and also a dancer. Her love for weave hairstyles is quite well known!

Beyonce Knowles1

Image: Getty

This hairstyle features dark colored hair weaves with soft curls and lots of volume.

Beyonce Knowles

Image: Getty

Here’s the best celebrity weave style of Beyonce in blonde color. The length is kept medium and soft waves are added for a fuller look.

3. Tamar Braxton:

American singer and celebrity Tamar Braxton came into limelight with her R&B group Braxton’s that released many hit singles. Here we see her accentuating her hairstyle with weaves.

Tamar Braxton

Image: Getty

The weaves here add volume and bounce to her hair.

Tamar Braxton

Image: Getty

Here’s another look. In this look, she used weaves in straight texture with dark shades and streaks. Doesn’t the straight weave look just as marvellous?

4. Wendy Raquel Robinson:

American actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, known for her role in Steve Harvey show has sported weaves on multiple occasions.

Wendy Raquel Robinson

Image: Getty

Here we see Wendy in a weave with soft curls and bangs. The side swept bangs look great and this whole weave makes her look full and healthy.

Wendy Raquel Robinson

Image: Getty

Here we see Wendy in a short curly weaves. This short hairstyle has loose curls and is dual colored to accentuate her skin tone.

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5. Britney Spears:

American pop star and prominent entertainer Britney Spears has been seen using weaves to accentuate her naturally limp and thin hair. Check out her mermaid weaves.

Britney Spears

Image: Getty

Here her mermaid weaves have loose curls which make her look beautiful. This look gives her face a fuller appearance.

Which is your favourite?

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