Simple lifestyle changes like incorporating fruits in your daily diet can give you glowing skin. Fruits help with Clear complexion; Skin rejuvenation, Natural hydration; Improvement of Skin texture and making the skin appear youthful and glowing. Fruits are safe with no side effects and are cost-effective at the same time. They are free from toxins and have a host of skin and health benefits.

Let us look at a few fruits to get fair and glowing skin.

1. Bananas:

bananas for glowing skin

Bananas, being rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E, act as an anti-ageing agent. Opt for a facial using a freshly mashed banana mixed with honey to get glowing skin. It is a rich source of fiber, minerals, magnesium and potassium; they help in proper blood circulation in our body and build immunity from within.They are a great substitute for unhealthy snacking in between meals.

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2. Lemons:

lemon benefits for glowing skin

It has high Vitamin C content and natural bleaching properties making it a good cleanser that lightens blemishes, acne scars, spots and skin tone. Start your day by drinking 1 glass of warm water mixed with a dash of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. This fights cellulite and clears your skin from within.

A mixture of lemon juice and honey reduces blemishes and acquire glowing skin.

3. Oranges:

glowing skin with orange

Oranges are rich source of Vitamin C, thereby improves skin texture. It removes blemishes and naturally slows down the process of ageing. Dry orange peels, crush them into powder form and store this in an airtight container. Use this as a natural scrub once or twice weekly for clear and glowing skin.

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4. Apples:

apples for glowing and healthy skin

Apples have high antioxidant action, preventing cell and tissue damage and works as an anti-ageing agent. It helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines keeping the bowels clean. Apply apple juice mixed with some honey on your face; let it dry and wash off. This is a very good hydrating face mask.

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5. Papaya:

papaya benefits for skin

A rich source of antioxidants and an enzyme called papain, papaya can banish skin impurities and remove dead skin cells when used on the skin.

Rub your face gently with the inside of the papaya for about a minute to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your skin.Blend papaya, add 2 tablespoons of either honey or yogurt and use this mixture as a mask. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes and follow up with a moisturizer to notice the difference.

You also can make some fruit packs at home to help your self better with fruits that are good for skin:

a. Mixed Fruit Face Pack for toning the skin:

This mix of all fruits requires pulp of all fruits available in the market. One spoon of each fruit pulp should be mixed thoroughly and massaged all over the face and neck.

b. Kiwi Fruit Pack for tan:

It includes Kiwi fruit puree and a spoon Yogurt. Mix these two thoroughly and massage it on your facial skin and wash it away after 20 minutes.

c. Strawberry Face Pack for dull and tanned skin:

Take some strawberry fruit pulp and mix it well with water. Massage it on the facial skin and wash it after some time.

d. Cucumber Fruit Face Pack for dry skin:

This skin cooling down ingredient has to be grated down. Apply its juice on the face and neck and let it dry. Wash it with some clean and cold water. Its remaining pulp can be used as a pack for the eyes once its refrigerated.

e. Papaya Fruit pack for glowing and rejuvenated skin:

Mash the fruit into pulp and massage it on the damp skin for nearly 20 minutes. Then was it away with clean water.
Other fruits that also help in skin care:

  1. Honey – Moisturizes and avoids acne
  2. Lemon juice – Fades the scars and avoid them
  3. Ground Oats – Best for scrubbing action
  4. Green tea extract – Rejuvanates skin
  5. Yogurt – Reduces skin tanning
  6. Orange water – Works same as the lemon juice

Important Points to Remember:

  • It is very important to understand that massaging the skin with the pulp before applying any face pack and mild scrubbing action before washing it off will help your skin absorb the fruit properties better, thus increasing blood flow.
  • Ensure that your skin is clean before application.
  • Make sure to moisturize the skin post wash.
  • Use these homemade fruit face masks regularly for an improvement in skin texture and tone.

Hope you found this article useful. Tap the potential of fruits and get glowing skin naturally.

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  • Zinnia

    lemon and papaya are definitely the best. Apple on the other hand contains antioxidants and skin needs that too. how about a mixed fruit facial 😀 nice idea right? sounds tasty and is definitely good for skin. Great article.!

    • Oindrila

      Thank you Zinnia for the inputs and for liking this 😀 Appreciate your comments :)

  • Divya Kerani

    It’s always better to take Vitamin A rich foods like papaw, carrot, green vegetables etc. which will increase resistance in human body. Lime, awla, oranges, guava, spinach, etc are Vitamin C rich foods which will help in collagen synthesis. This will help to keep your skin cells together. It also helps to have clear skin and a fresh complexion. To give enough proteins and vitamins to your skin, its better to have fresh foods and vegetables often.

    Nice Tips Oindrilla :)

    • Oindrila

      Thank you Divya for the inputs and for liking this 😀

  • heena

    hi my skin is dry and little dark and few days backed it tured black so doctor suggested me to use ban a tan and melacare cream so is it good to use that creams or not and suggest me

    • Oindrila

      Since your doctor has suggested you, surely he has your best interests in mind and has taken into consideration your skin type and concern before suggesting; hence go for it as per his advice and also try some natural homemade remedies to get rid of sun tan/pigmentation.

  • Senna

    lemon and papaya helps a alot for clean and clear skin .. I eat papay atleast once in a day

    • Oindrila

      That’s great Senna, thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

  • KalpanaMalhotra

    Papaya is a wonder fruit:) love it totally!

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    girl good for my beauty skin 😉

  • Deepa

    clean and clear morning face wash is best from fruit extract

  • aliya hussain

    i think only eating fruits is probably enough we should always take lots of fruits and less use of beauty products.

    • Ian Iruss

      you are so right. if we make fruit and veg,s as main course of our meal the results are phenomenal.

  • aleena ali

    what should i do for my skin holes plz suggest me

    • Oindrila

      Use a good toner. It will help close your pores. Also, rubbing an ice onto the skin helps.

  • shivangi

    i love fruits

  • jeremy

    hope it’s helpful !!!

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        I have a scar on my leg and it’s old how can I cure it, I’ve tried every cream but to no avail plz help.

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    But I get pimples whenever I use Lemon on my face :-(

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  • Anamika

    Hi. Thanks for the post. I had glowing and fair face and skin a year ago. But then the face started losing its charm and gradually became dark and dull. Can u please suggest me a home remedy for curing this.