Every face shape has a cut suited for their hair, right? Every hairdresser will tell you that! But then there are some styles that, when tweaked around a bit can suit any face shape and here they are. So yes, here are a few suitable hairstyles for different face shapes that we all need to know about!

Recommended Hairstyles For Every Face Shape:

Style 1: Playful Bangs

long hair with bangs styles for women

Bangs came back in the late 2000s with well, a bang! Side swept bangs suit almost every face shape. They take the emphasis away from the tapered chin of heart shapes, soften a square face and add dimension to a round face. Long faces are the only type of face shape that should stick to blunt bangs above the brows, to add width to the face.

Style 2: The Boho Layers

layered hairstyles for women with bangs

Layers suit everyone! It just depends how they are cut, really. If you have a round face you want your layers to start around the chin to make your face look longer. For long faces, start the layers higher, for example, around the cheekbones. A razored, textured cut is best for you! Square faced beauties, you need to keep the look wispy and start layers a bit below the cheeks to make your strong jaw look softer.

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Style 3: The Sensible Medium Cut

medium haircuts for women with thick hair

A medium cut is the hairstyle that sits right on your shoulders, not too long, not too short and suits everyone. Medium hair with layers looks exceptionally good in a casual or office setting. Flipped out, the medium cut helps a long face look wider. Soft curls with a side swept fringe break the square quality of the face. Worn straight, it can elongate a round face. Razor cut edges can also soften features.

Style 4: The Stylish Bob

bob style haircuts for thick hair

If you want to go shorter but still be in your comfort zone, a bob is the cut for you. The bob can be molded into whatever you want. Add an asymmetrical fringe to break a long face, a deep sided parting to cover up a big forehead or add dimension to a square face. Longer faces can curl the back and sides of their hair to get a look fitting for them.

Style 5: The Daring Pixie

short pixie hairstyles for thick hair

Now, this cut isn’t for the faint hearted, such short hair needs to be pulled off with attitude and the right way to do that is to have it cut by the shape of your face. Round faces need a little height on the pixie cut, so try to have tall layered cut that makes the face look longer. Long faces can pull off this cut with side swept short bangs, oval faces can pull off this style no matter how they choose too! Lucky! Heart shaped faces need side swept bangs which are long to keep the balance of angles on the face. Square shaped faces just need to make their pixies look soft rather than spiky and they’ll look great!

When you can’t decide what hair will look good on your face, be it round, long, square or oval, you can fall back on these five hairstyles by face shape to make sure no matter what the shape of your face, you will look great! These are the perfect hairstyles for all face shapes!

Few Hairstyles to Suit your Face Shape:

Short, long, wavy, straight, curls- there are so many, but it is always so very difficult to choose the right one! And you end up with something which doesn’t look all that great. Here are a few choices and suggestions on how to cut your hair to suit your face shape. So let’s have a look at the different haircuts for all face shapes.

Haircuts to Suit Round Faces:

hairstyles for round faces

Not all haircuts suit this shape. Take care not to make it too short! Don’t go for short bobs as they’ll make your face look even more round. Consider a shoulder length cut or a little longer. Straight or soft curls will look great for round faces!

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Haircuts to Suit Oval Faces:

long straight hairstyles Lucky for you if you have an oval face! Flaunt any hair cut and you’ll look perfect. Short, long, wavy, straight- try it all out! Don’t hesitate. Your face shape is in such proportions that most styles and cuts look like a dream on it.

Haircuts to Suit Square Faces:

pixie haircut katie holmes This is a square face shape where the jawline is the most prominent feature. Keep your hair long, straight or with curls. If you want to keep it short, try a bob cut, layered or with soft curls. Don’t go for a straight blunt bob as it will only draw attention to your jawline! If you’re bold, then dare the pixie cut. That is one hairstyle that isn’t limited by the face shape and proportion. It is something everyone can have.

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Haircuts to Suit Heart Shaped Faces:

victoria beckham hairstyle Long hair with wavy long layers is your style girl! However, if you prefer short, try the chin-length bob with layers or an angular bob (longer in front and shorter at the back) sported by Victoria Beckham.

Haircuts to Suit Diamond Faces:

anne hathaway love and other drugs Now this is another lucky group of people! They can flaunt almost any haircut. Chin-length bob cut, long or medium length with side bangs are some options you could try. Try soft and rounded haircuts to reduce the angularity.

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Haircuts to Suit Long Faces:

sarah jessica parker Your priority would be to make your face appear shorter and more rounded. Avoid keeping your hair too long and flat as it will only drag your face down. Go for short cuts! However, if you love long mane, soft curls will work best.Team them with some bangs or fringes and you will look like a star!

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Look gorgeous!

I hope this article on different hairstyles for every face shape helps you at maximum level to achieve desired looks.

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    Really cool hairstyles.. i wish i could try them.. i really liked style no 2 3 and 4.. Good work.. :)

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