Bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that never go out of fashion. It is extremely versatile and can be perked up in a number of ways. However, bun looks the best on long beautiful hair and we can modify it as we wish depending upon the event, outfit and makeup.

Here, we have compiled a list of 50 Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair:

1. Simple Twisted Topknot Bun:


Look like a super smart chic by twisting your long hair up into a topknot. This hair bun for long hair is neat, easy and extremely comfortable.

2. Easy and Convenient Ballet Bun:


Just like a topknot, a ballet bun can also be an easy, comfy and convenient choice for you. Pull all your hair back at your crown and turn it into a sleek, tight bun.

3. Low Flat Twisted Bun:


Here comes one of the easiest bun styles for long hair! Pair your beautiful off-shoulder dress with a low twisted bun. Give it a flat shape and prevent flyaways by applying a good serum.

4. Messy Highlighted Angular Bun:


An angular bun can be created by folding the hair in layers one over another. You can add some zing to the look by choosing subtle highlights, slight puff and a decent tangled finish.

5. Messy Low Side Bun With Nice Waves:


Here is a low side chignon bun that goes great with almost all sorts of outfits. Creating textured waves and dramatic side-sweeps will balance off the entire look flawlessly.

6. Easy High Donut Bun:


A donut bun is not only easy to wear, but it also looks quite charming and cute. Check out the casual high donut shown in this picture and you will understand why we love it so much.

7. Super High Folded Bun With Short Fringes:


This is another high bun positioned at the top of the crown and made by folding the hair multiple times in different layers. The short front fringes can be a foil for the height of the bun.

8. Smooth Bouffant Bun With Subtle Side Sweep:


A smooth and neatly-created bouffant bun is all you need to look glorious in every damn party. Make sure that it comes with sexy and shiny side sweeps.

9. High Twisted Bun With Puff and Free Wavy Ends:


Combine the elegance of a large high twisted bun with the femininity of loose wavy strands and spice up your overall look significantly. A nice headband can also be used for accessorizing the hair.

10. Messy High Bun With Puffy Top and Fringes:


Here comes a messy bun with long hair, achieving this gorgeous yet sweet bun hairstyle is absolutely easy and fun. Section off the front fringes from rest of the hair and turn it into a high messy twisted bun after volumizing the top randomly.

11. Low Side Angular Loop Bun:


Just fold and tuck a ponytail in the elastic band and you are ready with your innovative loop bun. Here, it is placed at one side of the nape of the neck and adorned with classy hair bows.

12. Elegant Twisted Bun With Crystal Clips:


If you always wonder how to make your casual twisted bun look like a stunning hairdo, here is your solution. Wear it on mousse-applied hair and embellish it with gleaming crystal pins. Oh-so-gorgeous!

13. Highly Twisted Low Bun:


Ditch your fussy time-consuming hairdos with this simple twisted bun hairstyle. All you need to do is twist up your hair from both sides and secure it at the back of the head with bobby pins.

14. Smart Bun With Pretty Pompadour:


Get a small pretty pompadour and team it with a smart semi-high bun. It works wonderful on smooth textured hair and an organized look will enhance the style almost ten times.

15. Messy Low Side Bun With Dramatic Side Sweep:


This graceful side low bun is enough to up your oomph quotient and give you a sensational look. Give it a messy textured finish and let that dramatic side sweep swing over your eye stylishly.

16. Volumized Flowery Bun With Long Side Bangs:


Puff up your top hair and create a big flowery bun right at your crown. Now, tuck the long side bangs behind your ears and enjoy the glamorous look.

17. Tight Low Bun With Smooth Center-Parted Top:


Be it a formal event or a casual party, this sophisticated bun hairstyle can be rocked everywhere. Apply serum to make the top hair smooth and flat, part it to the middle and make a solid low bun firmly.

18. Messy Low Rolled Up Bun With Mini Bouffant:


Ever tried the combo of a bouffant and rolled up hair? Get inspired by this look and secure the rolled up hair right beneath the chic mini bouffant. The messy side sweeps will perk up the style even more.

19. Low Side Bun With Puffy Top and Messy Waves:

Messy is the next elegant. At least, the picture says so. Create a low side bun on your side-parted wavy locks after texturizing as well as volumizing it. Finally, give it a decent tangled flair.

20. Small Semi-High Bun With Twisted Wrap:


This small semi-high bun looks amazing on pretty silky-smooth hair. You can make it even cuter by wrapping it with twisted hair and bedecking it with a hair brooch.

21. Neat Polished Beehive Bun With Headband:


A beehive bun is your perfect way to look just like the epitome of elegance without putting much effort in styling. Teasing is the key to this outstanding hairdo and a nice headband can add a zing to it.

22. Polished High Bun With Braided Wrap:


This is a classic high bun with a thick braided wraparound. Whether you are a blonde or a brunette, this awesome hairstyle will emphasize your personality like never before.


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