Dealing with oily skin is not an easy task, especially when it increases the risk of white heads, black heads, pimples and spots. Right from balancing the oils to enhancing fairness, this skin type needs special care.

However, with the innumerable creams promising instant fairness, only few of them succeed in the end. Especially with our Indian skin tone, which is slightly darker, the markets have a wide range of products to cater our needs, but it all comes down to making the right pick, the pick where there is no risk of aggravating pimples and adverse reactions to the skin.

Note: You cannot go completely lighter than your skin tone, but you can definitely reduce the impact of sun on your skin by going 1 or 2 shades lighter. There are so many brands offering fairness creams, but to help you pick a suitable product, here is a list of best and widely used brands.

Before that, let’s find out how safe is fairness cream in India for oily skin:

  • Always check the ingredients of the fairness cream if it contains liquorice to ensure that its safe to use.
  • Excessive amount of fairness creams causes hyper pigmentation or dark spots.
  • Always check the ingredients on the jar rather than going on the appearance of the container.
  • If you do not understand the ingredients then consult your dermatologist.

Best Fairness Creams For Oily Skin:

So lets check below some of the best fairness cream for women in India for oily skin.

1. Himalaya Herbal Fairness Cream:

himalaya cairness cream

Himalaya offers a decent deal on its products; a 50g tube is priced at an affordable Rs. 50, which claims to give fairness in just 4 weeks. The unique natural formula is absorbed into the skin easily and its combination of ayurvedic proprietary medicine without any bleaching agents and no harmful chemicals helps prevent dark discoloration of skin. Himalaya Fairness Cream instantly gives a matte effect while brightening the skin. The skin feels stretchy if used on dry skin texture. Fades away dark spots and evens out the skin up to an extent and the cream has a slightly powdery consistency.

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2. Fair And Lovely Fairness Cream:

Apply this cream at least 2 times a day on a clean face. This fairness cream for oily skin in India is suitable for all skin types and can be applied during all seasons. And, for all those who are very careful about ingredients, you will be happy to note that it contains no alcoholic substances. It has a beautiful fragrance, is light and you feel so soft after using it.

fair and lovely fairness cream

3. Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness Cream:

This fairness cream is available in 20ml and 40ml tubes and gives the skin shine free fairness. It utilizes oil trapping technology coupled with the lightening efficacy of natural lemon essence to offer a shine free fairness. It ensures that the skin remains shine free for approximately 8 hours and can be used through all seasons. Regular use will help lighten the skin while reducing acne marks. This Garnier cream has mousse like texture and it feels light on the face. The skin dries to a matte finish but does it keep you matte for 8 hours? Absolutely no! it stays for 5 hours maximum.

garnier for skin

4. Clean And Clear Fairness Cream:

clean and clear face cream

Clean and Clear Fairness Cream an oil free cream that won’t clog pores; while working to offer you pinkish fairness that lasts 3 times longer. Its breakthrough formula with cherry extract and multivitamins instantly lightens, brightens the skin and protects from UV rays that cause darkening. Its unique pure RICE oil control system immensely helps in controlling oil. I usually use this cream before applying any makeup to stop the oiliness formation on the face.

5. Ponds White Beauty Fairness Cream:

ponds beauty fairnes cream

This cream claims to have pro-vitamin B3 + multiple UV protection. The product demands “finally”, a lightning moisturizer that goes well beyond just whitening your skin. With this product you’ll see your skin transformed to a radiant pinkish white glow. This cream does not blend easily into the skin and the brightening stays for not more than 2-3 hours. The cream leaves a patchy effect on the face which is troublesome. This cream is more recommended for using on hands than on the face.

These five brands for fairness and oil control are popularly used and stick to the end of their deal i.e. fairness for oily skin.

These are the few best fairness creams in India

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  • Divya Kerani

    Hey sadia, as you mentioned, as excessive use of fairness creams causes dark spots and hyper pigmentation? I have a few queries about this.
    What’s the best way to use fairness creams? Do we have to mix it with any moisturizers when applying it? Also in what way can we control pigmentation and dark spots that are caused by fairness? Let me know, thanks:)

  • Anna lekshmi

    hi, i am using ponds white beauty its very suitable for my skin .when we are comparing with fair and lovely,ponds white beauty is so great.

  • evelyn

    Am in Ghana how do I got your product

  • Nehal

    Can i mix these creams togather??? is this safe to mix all creams??

  • akanksha

    what about lacto calamine

  • Deepa

    I am using Clean and clear fairness cream it is really good for oily skin .

  • Prasenjit


    I am 22 years old male,my skin is not oily,I have normal
    skin and I stay in my room in most of the day time,so less exposure to
    Sunlight..Can u suggest me the best fairness cream for men and for
    non-oily skin?(I use Himalaya Face wash and sometimes Nivea Facewash
    looking for some fairness cream)

  • natraj

    hi, Im male 25 year old, my skin is oily face and normal fare can you suggest me how to control oily face and which cream is to useful for me

  • Raven

    Hey Sadia, I have a combination skin, my face gets crazy oily in the T-zone. i did used Garnier Skin Naturals I do not expect this product to turn me into snow white or something. I have some blemishes on my face but it would take its time to fade and I can’t say for sure if this cream is helping with that since I’ve used it for like seven days only. but I have been wearing it under my makeup religiously and it works great for me… do try guys!!