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The New Year is here, and all the lovely girls out there must be getting nervous about what to wear for the Prom, better known as Farewell parties in India. Deciding a dress is a very crucial step. But wearing the correct hairstyle, make-up and accessories also go a long way in your over-all look. Let’s take a look at the best, and the latest hairstyles for Prom or farewell for medium length hair.

Prom Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair:

1. Loose Waves:

Loose Waves

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This hairstyle suits almost all face cuts, and is very apt for young girls. It adds oomph and style to the overall look. Get your hair curled, and then gently run your fingers through your hair to get those soft, feminine waves in your hair. You can wear it with any kind of outfit. Of all the prom hairstyles for medium hair, this is certainly the most popular!

2. Messy Side Bun:

Messy Side Bun

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A very ‘hot’ trend these days, messy side buns look awesome on young girls. Draw all your hair to one side, opposite to the side of your hair parting, and make a loose, messy bun around the level of the ear. You can achieve this look by either curling your hair or making a loose braid before making a bun. That would ensure the style stays in place for a long time. This certainly takes the win in the list of prom hairstyles for medium length hair updos.

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3. Half-Up-Half-Down Curls:

Half-Up-Half-Down Curls

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A very popular hairstyle these days, the look is very simple to create. This is a winner in the collection of elegant prom hairstyles for medium length hair. First create a puff around the crown, taking all hairs between the two ears, and secure with bobby pins. For the remaining hair, separate them in sections, and curl them to create loose ringlets/ curls. Add a small accessory to one side, spray on some spray, and done. If you have front bangs, set them too by straightening with a flat iron. This style will also add a few inches to your height, so girls with shorter height can easily sport it.

4. Simple and Straight:

Simple and Straight

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If you’re wearing a heavy dress, it is advised that you keep your hair relatively simple. Apply hair heat protectant to your hair evenly, and straighten the hair with a ceramic flat iron (it will keep your hair protected). Divide the hair into sections, and straighten one section at a time. When you have finished ironing all the hair, apply a hair serum or shine spray to your hair. That will help keep all the fly-aways at bay.

If you think the style is too simple and very everyday types, grab a small section from around the fore-head, gently twist it, and secure on one side using a jeweled bobby pin.

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