5 Things That Damage Your Skin June 23, 2016

Love the skin you’re in! It’s an old overused line but it can have so much meaning. Your skin your body’s largest organ. Yes, it is an organ! It protects you from external forces like infections and the sun’s harsh rays. It is your body’s shelter, so to speak but are you treating yours well? Sure your skin can take punishment but with it, it gets weaker.  We know prevention is the best cure, so here are 5 things that are detrimental to your skin, remember them and your skin will thank you for it!

Causes of Skin Damage

1. Smoking and drinking:

Well, this one was obvious wasn’t it? These two vices can ruin your skin faster than anything else on this list. Sure, you don’t have to cut out alcohol completely, but try not to binge drink. Drinking makes your skin dry and irritated and makes all the veins come up to the surface. Smoking makes you look sallow and old. And that is not a good look for anyone.

2. What you eat:

There are certain foods like oil, which are actually good for your skin in moderation but have gotten a bad rep! The real culprits are salt and processed foods. In today’s world these are hard to avoid but moderation is the key! Salt can make your skin swell with water retention and make it look puffy. Processed foods have high amounts of salt and preservatives. They dull your skin out and extract all the moisture from it.

3. Popping those zits:

Ugh, Pimple? No don’t pop it! Squeezing, and picking at pimples doesn’t cure them faster, it causes all that gross bacteria to go even deeper and further into your skin, causing more damage skin. Not to mention it will leave your skin inflamed and possibly cause scarring as well.

4. Certain Skin Treatments:

I realize that dermabrasion is a treatment, but is it really for you? Get as many expert opinions you can before trying out dermabrasion for damaged skin. It can leave you with darker skin with uneven pigmentation and if your are at the risk of getting keloids, definitely stay away! If you think taking Vitamin A is good for your skin, it is. But don’t overdo it! Acne is bad but Vitamin A accumulates into the liver overtime and can cause many problems. Topical application is a better solution.

5. Avoid Mirrors:

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Well, think about it. Mirrors are bad for you! The more you look at them, the worse you feel as all your skin’s flaws are magnified. Every blackhead, every pimple looks huge! This is my favorite tip, especially if you’re undergoing a skin treatment. We all expect overnight miracles, but medication takes its own time. You feel bad that it isn’t working and decide to take things into your own hand. All the various skin potions and creams come out, you start popping and picking and soon your skin looks worse than before! So, stop looking in the mirror for so long.

Be happy and love the skin you’re in!

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