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6 Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40

6 Long Hairstyles For Women Over 40 November 2, 2017

Women in their 40s usually think to play safe when it comes to changing their hairstyles. Well you are wrong because there is no age limit to look beautiful and to experiment with your tresses. For all you ladies who have long locks, this article is just perfect for you. Here are few elegant long hairstyles for women over 40. Check them out!

Best Long hairstyles for women over 40s:

1. Long Locks with waves:

This look is perfect for women over 40 as it’s sophisticated yet fun. The long locks with waves at the end add a lot of texture to the hair.The soft waves in the end adds bounce to the hair. This long hairstyle for women over 40 is perfect for a meeting when you team it up with a suit or an evening gown as this look is very sleek and fun. So for all you ladies who are blessed with long locks go for this hairstyle.

2. Black colored long locks:

If you have a complexion like her and have long locks, then this one is for you. This hairstyle is simply blow dried smoothly with soft wavy curls in the front giving a very romantic feel to the look. The black hair color makes her look young and the hair looks very healthy. This look easily sheds at least 10 years from her and makes her look youthful.

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3. Long locks with bangs:

This hairstyle will grab anybody’s attention and that’s what you need in the 40s to make people believe that age is just a number and there is no age to look stunning. This hairstyle is very classy; the layers add volume to the hair and the bangs gives a nice structure to the face. Notice the hair color, this further enhances the look and makes the layers look clearly with highlights on them.

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4. Long locks with tight curls:

This hairstyle is all about the bounce. It has a middle parting and the tight curls start just below her ear adding a lot of volume to the hairstyle. It’s a perfect volume booster hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to style because all you need is a curler. Section your hair in small portions, then curl your hair with a small barrel curling iron and repeat this step for all the sections of the hair! That’s it! This Lovely curly choice of long hairstyles over 40 is all yours!

5. Long layered curly hair:

This hairstyle clearly screams fun. It is perfect for women who have naturally curly hair. Not much effort is needed to achieve this look. The hair is layered around the sides and back to balance the volume of the hair. It’s perfect for women with long faces. Just damp your hair and use a mousse and a serum to hold it. Then slightly scrunch your hair, within minutes you will be all done.

6. Long locks with layers:

She has the most amazing hairstyle which compliments her looks so much. The hair is cut in long layers starting from her ear. This hairstyle is perfect for women who want to keep their hair length long and add volume to the hair. It’s further accentuated by highlights. The hair is kept simple by adding a few curls here and there and let the long layers of the hair do all the talking.

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