6 Simple Office Hairstyles for Women

A hair style can change the entire look of a girl. But for a working woman, it’s hard to find time to try various hair styles. Early in the morning, we hardly have time to get ready and leave for our work. So here are few easy yet classy looking hairstyles for working woman. Whether you have a wavy long hair or a straight short hair, you can still get the best out of it easily by choosing the right hairstyle.

Office hairstyles

1. Simple hair style mostly loved by Indian women:

Try to leave your hair by clipping the front small hair section backwards. This one is used by most working women to avoid any hair falling on the face. You can still show your layers and curls without your bangs getting in your way or your hair going crazy by the middle of the afternoon.

office hairstyles for indian women

2. Free Layers:

Leave your hair freely. We love to show our layers and curls right? So why not at the office? If you have medium hair, then this hair style is the best for you. Straight and wavy hair may almost look like this.

simple office hairstyles Via pinterest

What if you have curls? Leave your loose curls the same way.

office hairstyles for curly hair

Via pinterest

3. Pony:

Most of the women prefer to have a tied up pony at their work so that the hair doesn’t disturb them in any way. If you also think that loose hair can interrupt your work, then try this pony hair style as a office hairstyle for girls.  Wear it in the usual way. Tie all the hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.

ponytail hairstyles for work Via pinterest

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If you love fringes, go for this. Leave the fringes sideways and tie the hair behind.

office hairstyles for medium hair Via pinterest

How about a side pony hairstyle for office? This curly side pony looks awesome, isn’t it? You can tie all the hair or leave the fringes sideways. This looks messy but gorgeous for sure giving the impression of a fun yet sensible person.

curly hairstyles for office Via pinterest

4. Braids:

Preferred by less but the most comfortable is this braid hair style. Try a side hair braid leaving your fringes. This style however is gaining popularity again among the younger crowd that is looking for new ways to flaunt their hair!

braids for the office Via pinterest

5. Buns:

You can try wearing a Bun to the office as well but in a stylish way. Try this using hair clips and no other hair style can beat this.

bun hairstyles for office Via pinterest

6. Bob Cut:

So are you the kind of girl who has no time for her hair? If you are comfortable, this hair style is the easiest to maintain yet classy. Go for the bob cut. This is a fairly bold look eve though it has been around for long. Short is not just a convenient choice but it is also a declaration of your personality. So keep that in mind as you make this choice!

bob cut hairstyle for women Via pinterest

Depending on the type of hair you have, and your facial shape choose the one that best suits your personality.

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    Hello! First of all, thanks for sharing the simple yet wonderful hairstyles for office. They are very easy to carry and doesn’t take much time to do. Keep sharing such stuff. :)

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      Thanks a lot Neha. :)

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    All hairstyles are simple, elegant, stylish and easy to use. I love the first hair style. Looks very trendy.

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    thanx for sharing these wonderful hairstyles . i really like it and i am using these hairstyles in my also routine life . i like pony hairstyle . plz share some more hairstyles of pony . thank.