Young women who are employed often are faced with a problem of having a proper hairstyle which is easy yet chic to wear. They want to wear hairdos which enhance their personality and make them appear smart even in their daily office routine.

Here are 50 simple office hairstyles for women. Check them out:

1. Round Brown Bob:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The round edgy bob is a perfect hairstyle for office wear. The style is graceful and elegant.

2. Sleek Side Swept:


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Wear the hairdo short with side swept fringes. It’s Simple and classy.

3. Black Fringed Bob:


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The trimmed fringes with the black bob are chic and edgy. The style is pretty neat and elegant.

4. Side Swept Bob:


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The hairdo features the bob with a side swept fringe tucked behind the ear. The style is formal and elegant.

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5. Tousled Bob:


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This short bob features a tousled essence with an edgy fringe contouring the forehead. The style is chic and edgy.

6. Blonde Wavy:


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The blonde wavy hairdo is one of the easiest office hair styles for women. The style is apt if you love wavy twists. The hairdo looks edgy with a wavy poof at the front.

7. Sleek Pulled Back:


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The sleek hairdo is styled on medium length hair and is done with a neat side part. The messy hairdo is styled with an elegant twist.

8. Thick Brunette Short Bob:


Image: Getty

The bob has thick layers which display a copious essence with a windy feel to it. The style is worn short and provides elegance.

9. Short Curly Edged Bob:


Image: Getty

The bob with tousled curly edges has a spiral shaped curls which provide a tender and soft touch to the hairdo. The style is edgy and pretty.

10. Blunt Bob With Fringes:


Image: Getty

The bob is marked by long fringes which add a subtle soft touch to the otherwise crispy and edgy hairdo.

11. Golden Edgy Blunt Bob:


Image: Getty

The side sleek bob with the edgy blonde finesse is full of precision and gives a smart style to the wearer. The inward shaped edges give the bob a different shape.

12. Geeky Bob:


Image: Getty

The wavy twirl at the front gives this geeky bob a perky touch. The style is smart and funky with a formal fervor.

13. Round Light Brown Bob:


Image: Getty

The edgy bob with layered fringes is chic and elegant with layered fringes which extend up to the ears. This layered round bob looks elegant and attractive.

14. Funky Ombre Bob:


Image: Getty

The side swept bob is chic and edgy with the ombre shades. The edgy bob is cool with a formal vibe. It’s slightly ruffled and dressed with a side part. It’s a funky formal style.

15. Sleek Golden Short Bob:


Image: Getty

The edgy hairdo is styled with soft round fringe which gives a tender definition to this trimmed hairdo.

16. Slender Shine:


Image: Getty

The sleek hairdo features the ruffled side part in golden blonde hues. The bob has a semi sleek texture.

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    Hello! First of all, thanks for sharing the simple yet wonderful hairstyles for office. They are very easy to carry and doesn’t take much time to do. Keep sharing such stuff. :)

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