7 Perfect Bollywood Celebrity Nose Jobs Which Changed Fates August 3, 2017

A nosy affair!

The world of glitz and glamour appeals to everyone. For the spectators, it is nothing but a fairy tale in fairy land. Everything seems rosy and alluring. Every actress and actor seems near-perfect in every way. In reality, it is really difficult to make it big in this world of fascination and illusion. A lot of factors play a pivotal role. However, most of all, a beautiful face is a prerequisite. The competition here gets stiffer by the day. As a result, even successful Bollywood stars, with good talent and beauty, have the urge to look even more beautiful.

This necessitates an increase in cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries have proved to be a boon for the B-towners. Even the A-Listers of the industry have gone under the knife. Again, amongst various cosmetic surgeries, nose jobs are most common. A lot of these jobs have gone wrong many a times. But quite a few have actually turned out amazing. We decided to do a post on the best Bollywood celebrity nose jobs.

List of Best Bollywood Nose Jobs:

1. Aishwarya Rai:

aishwarya rai underwent multiple enhancements Pinit

The ex-miss world, the current Mrs. Abhishek Bachchan underwent multiple enhancements through her career. The most notable one sure is her nose. When you closely compare her current pictures to older ones, her nose looks much sharper now. It also looks much more in line with the rest of her features. Aish, as she is lovingly called, is also known to have gone in for cheek implants. This surgery too has enhanced her cheekbones along with a minor setting of the Jawline. This is one of the best examples of how a right surgery can transform and add to one’s beauty.

2. Kareena Kapoor:

Our sexy siren Bebo, now Mrs. Saif Ali Khan, slightly altered her nose to match it with her delicate features in the past. The change is prominent only on closer observations. We loved her anyways. But with the new nose, we do even more.

3. Minissha Lamba:

This pretty lady too underwent a nose job. Although her before and after pictures do not show a striking change, we liked her previous look better. How about you? Do you think her nose job is doing any good?

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4. Priyanka Chopra:

PeeCee or Piggy Chops (as she is popularly known) went under the knife to blunt out her sharp nose. Hers was one of the most prominent and evident nose jobs of the industry. All we can say is we only love her more now. The surgery has done more good to her looks and her fan following.

5. Shilpa Shetty:

Our very Indian winner of the famous UK reality show ‘Big Brother’ is known for her alluring waistline. She is also said to have undergone 2 nose jobs. These nose jobs haven’t just done wonders to her looks, but also to her career. Her career graph, post the surgery, has only been seen going up. So has her fan following.

6. Shruti Hassan:

Shruti Hassan, daughter of the superstars Kamal Hassan and Sarika, was naturally blessed with her parents’ good looks. The only feature she could complain of was her long nose. She too went under the knife. It is said that she had major breathing problems because of her long nose. Hence the surgery was unavoidable. Shruti, we are only happy to know this for two reasons. One, you can breathe well now, two, you take the breaths of your millions fans away. Love the beauty!

7. Sridevi:

Sridevi  is said to have started the nose job trend in the Bollywood film industry.  She never admitted, but the beautiful actress reportedly got her nose and lips corrected to get that perfect look. The pictures here evidently show you how her facial landscape has changed over the years.

Image Source: Idiva

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/ekantika/ Ekantika

    Definitely did them good. You can notice the differences very well.

  • james christopher

    I don’t think that aishwarya and kareena have done anything to their faces.. they look the way used to. It is just the ‘age’ factor & u can’t look the same all the time!

  • Gina-Lucia George

    Ladies!! This is so strange to me, because I think they looked so beautiful to begin with and shouldnt have messed with perfection! I admit I probably have a strange sort of bias…I live in the west and caucasian girls like me (well- half Lebanese but raised in a white family) would LOVE to have the lush features of an Indian woman! My friends and I (and my husband! Lol) just adore the bold but feminine, curvaceous, lush beauty of Indian women, so of course we much prefer many of the “before” pictures. Now im not against plastic surgery…its just one of the many ways people choose to beautify themselves, and if they themselves are happy with the results then good for them! I just find that In many cases, including American actresses like Angelina Jolie, i find them more attractive the way they were previously. I love the UNIQUE beauty of people, even if that uniqueness is owing to features that the entertainment media find “less than perfect”. Ok long story short, lol…I ADORE that lovely curving profile of the Indian womans nose! (The grass is always greener, right? XD)

  • Gina-Lucia George

    I should say though…in Shruti’s case I completely understand the need to do something about a breathing problem. My mother has a very hooked, typically lebanese nose, but much larger than the norm. She has a deviated septum and other breathing issues and always wanted to have rhinoplasty to help with that, and unfortunately has never had the financial means to do so :(

  • http://none Diya

    Sridevi’s nose job is a disaster, only second to Koena Mitra. beautiful nose damaged. Too much money and time makes people do these things

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/richag/ Richa

      I guess It’s not only time and money but the need of the profession they are in. I don’t see harm if ones opting for plastic surgery. It is just an advanced medical treatment to reshape the normal body structures to improve appearance.