Frizzy hair is a night mare to manage most of the time. The hair has to be conditioned and groomed properly before we style it. Wondering how to style wavy frizzy hair? The key to maintaining the frizzy wavy hair is to use good styling products to maintain it.

We list out 50 hairstyles for frizzy wavy hair which can change your style for any occasion:

1. Side Ponytail:


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The side ponytail blends the frizzy and messy hair wonderfully and provides a graceful appeal to the hairdo.

2. The Messy High Ponytail:


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The messy high ponytail exudes a happy and cheerful vibe. The style is elegant and chic.

3. Ombre Side Ponytail:


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The ombre side ponytail is dressed up in a ruffled chaotic avatar. The subtle bouffant gives it ample detail.

4. Poof Ponytail:


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The subtle poof at the front provides a stylish detail to the hairdo. The ponytail has a smooth finesse and the styling is done by using a good hair styling product.

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5. Messy Side Braid:


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The messy side braid is short and edgy. The messiness enhances the fish braid style hairdo.

6. Braided Bun:


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The messy headband braid is chic and elegant. The headband braid is done all around the head and merges into the small low bun. The bun and the braid have a wonderful symmetry.

7. Side Ponytail:


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The side ponytail has a smooth finesse. The smooth finesse can be gotten by using a good hairspray to keep off the frizz.

8. Messy Ponytail:


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Comb the hair roughly and tie it up in this messy ponytail. The hairdo comes out as edgy and chic dyed in ombre hues of caramel and dark brown and enhances by the red lipsticks.

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9. Twisted Intricate:


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The twisted intricate weave with this messy bun is stylish and edgy. The messiness gives a soft touch to the face.

10. Long Side Braid:


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The long tresses can be braided into long plaits. The braid provides an elegant and attractive appeal.

11. Messy Braid Bun:


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It seems as if the braids are embossed on the tresses. The bun has a messy-braid effect which looks unique and perky.

12. Puffy Braid:


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The puffy braid with the edgy side braid done and secured along with braid has a fresh and youthful vibe to it.

13. Side Thick Braid:


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The thick braid is edgy and sensual. The thick ombre hued appeal is stylish and pretty.

14. Side Short Lean Fish Braid:


Image: Getty

The side braid is edgy and with the fishy blend is even more chic. The messy effect is enhances by the fish braid style.

15. Braided Chignon:


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The side braided chignon has a messy essence to it which is enhanced by the full fringes at the front which cover the forehead. But the chignon is perky and easy on the style.

16. Wavy Long Platinum Hairdo:


Image: Getty

The messy ponytail combined with thick edgy layered bangs gives a voluminous and sensual appeal to the hairdo.

17. Golden Spiral Curls:


Image: Getty

The spiral curled edges of this hairdo give a messy and elegant appeal to the hairdo.

18. The High Ponytail:


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The ponytail is edgy and sleek. The hairdo is done by gathering the ponytail high on top with a hic and cool vibe. The texture of the hairdo is dry and frizzy. Comb the hair well and use the best products for frizzy wavy hair to get the mane in order.

19. The Sleek Side Ponytail:


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This ponytail is tied loosely and has a sleek effervesce to it. The style is informal yet smart. Wear the hairdo for a casual outing.

20. The Messy Half Up:


Image: Getty

The half up style is chic and edgy. The frizz and the curls are styled into an elegant blend which makes the hairdo appear modish and effortless.

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21. Messy Side Braid:


Image: Getty

The long side messy braid has a chunky character. Coupled with the deep red lipstick the hairdo appears sensual and classy.

22. Tousled Banged Braid:


Image: Getty

This messy side braid does not have a consistent thickness to it rather it is heavily bumped at the top followed by a lean style at the bottom. The loose bangs at the top give a voluminous detail to the braid making it appear thick and healthy.

23. Ponytail Braid:


Image: Getty

The ponytail braid is edgy and chic. The messy braid is elegantly dressed in tousled flyaway.

24. Messy Half Fusion:


Image: Getty

The messy half up fused with a bun provides for a chic and elegant appeal. The style is edgy and stylish.

25. Thick Ponytail Braid:


Image: Getty

The ponytail braid is chic and elegant with a messy and tousled appeal. The front thick bangs enhance the hairdo giving it a bit of thickness.

26. Messy Braided Bun:


Image: Getty

The lean braid provides an edgy detail to the hairdo. The messy bun has a chic and elegant element to which is enhanced by the neat messiness.

27. The Messy Side Ponytail:


Image: Getty

The side ponytail is enhanced by the edgy side swept bangs which almost cover the eyes. The edgy twirl gives a different character to the ponytail.

28. Messy Half Done Chignon:


Image: Getty

The messy half done chignon is exudes elegance and sophisticated charm. The undone chignon evolves into a graceful ‘do’ by itself.

29. Messy Sleek Ponytail:


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The sleek ponytail with a messy top gives a funky and perky style. The hairdo is perfect for a concert outing.

30. Medium Ponytail:


Image: Getty

The messy ponytail is chic and edgy. The ponytail is tied loosely with a casual and informal fervor.

31. Mini Side Braids:


Image: Getty

The braid is chic and edgy. The mini braid contours the wavy frizzy hair. The mini braids are decorated with mini butterfly pins which enhance the hairdo.

32. Bottom Bun Braid:


Image: Getty

The braided bun has this unique braid merging into the bun from the bottom. The style is essentially pretty and elegant.

33. Messy Wavy Braid:


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The messy loose wavy braid is chic and elegant. The wavy bangs provide for the volume detail to the hairdo. The style is edgy and copious.

34. Long Messy Brown Braid:


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This lean and long braid is dressed in messy tousles and is unsecured. The vibe it gives is casual and edgy.

35. Ombre Headband Braid:


Image: Getty

The ombre headband braid is chic and edgy. The messy front bangs give a hippie effect to the hairdo. The style is perky.

36. The Thin Braid:


Image: Getty

The thin braid is chic and edgy. The thin braid with the uneven edgy top is perky and funky.

37. Tousled Braid:


Image: Getty

The tousled braid is edgy and chic. The half done braid with the curly loose tops can be a good option for extremely frizzy wavy tresses.

38. Interweaved Crown Braid:


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The braid here seems to be deeply intertwined with each other and is dressed neatly with the messy bangs.

39. Chunky Short Side Braid:


Image: Getty

The messy side braid is chic and elegant. The stylish hairdo with layered front bangs contouring the face and perky finesse.

40. Chunky Ombre Braid:


Image: Getty

The ombre light brown-black chunky braid with extremely loose essence is stylish and edgy. The hairdo gives an elegant and casual appeal.

41. Braided In:


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The short side braid is done with edgy twists which start near the forehead. The style is chic and elegant. The plaits are inconsistent and left unsecured.

42. Braided Loose Tresses:


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The plaits are done on the top which exquisitely graduate into loose open tresses. The ombre hued tresses are up for a messy display.

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43. Golden Lean Braid:


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The lean golden braid with unevenly combed top is an exquisite example of messiness in sync with elegance. The style is impressive.

44. Side Braid With Medium Tresses:


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The open wavy tresses are dressed in side braids on both sides. The wavy tresses are dyed in golden ombre color.

45. Messy Frizzy Plaits:


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The messy frizzy plaits are dressed in chaotic and sober flyways. The style is chic and elegant.

46. Lean Mini Braid:


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Do the plaits from the front and take it back and secure it. Make sure it’s a lean mini braid and has a wavy essence to it.

47. Side Braids in Wavy Elegance:


Image: Getty

The hairdo requires a mid part and then a braid is to be done from beside the part and secured with a rubber band. The style is edgy and pretty. The tousles deliver a pretty and cute picture.

48. Tender Loose:


Image: Getty

The blonde loose braid is exquisitely chunky and pretty. The hairdo is full of tender and elegant appeal.

49. Braid Ribboned:


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The messy bangs enhance this understated ribbon weaved into braid. The style is elegant and chic.

50. Elegant Half Up:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The half up style with curly rolled edges provides for a tender and soft appeal. The hairdo is vivaciously elegant.

We have listed out 50 best hairstyles for wavy frizzy hair. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us by commenting below. We value reader feedback.

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