“Grey hair” is one of the most dreaded night mares for all women, especially those who have crossed the 30 mark! This problem is universal and wide spread among the masses. It is one of the most prominent signs of ageing and premature ageing. Grey hair occurs when our hair is devoid of the pigment called “melanin”. It is usually associated with age, it can also occur in young adults. The other factors responsible for the occurrence of grey hair are genetic predisposition, natural chemical changes and exposure to environmental pollution.

We often resort to various methods to cover up our grey hair. In this article, I will talk about home remedies for grey hair. Take a look at them.

How To Cover Gray Hair Naturally at Home?

1. Dye your hair:

This is the number gray hair remedies. There are numerous dyes available in the market which you can use to cover up the grey hair. You can select from the various shades available like black, dark brown, brown, burgundy etc. But always choose the hair colour which does not contain ammonia in it, as ammonia is an industrial bleaching agent and will severely harm your hair in the long run.

However, when you color there are two aspects you must always keep in mind which are how the color looks for your skin tone and the trend for that season.

2. Amla and henna pack:

This is perhaps the most effective and natural hair dye to cover up the grey hair when we speak of gray hair home remedies.

How to:

  • Make a hair pack with fresh paste of henna and add 3 tsps of amla powder into it.
  • You can also add 1 tsps of coffee powder into the hair pack.
  • Mix all of them with a little amount of water to get a paste consistency.
  • Apply it on hair and keep until it dries.
  • Then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Amla and henna not provides the colour, it also nourishes the hair making it soft and shiny.

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3. Black tea remedy:

Grey hair can be covered up nicely with by the use of black tea remedy. This is a wonderful combatant  in the list of home remedies for premature gray hair.

How to:

  • Boil 2 tsps of tea leaves without adding any sugar or milk.
  • Take the tea water and let it cool at the room temperature.
  • Then apply it all over your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water. Do not use shampoo while rinsing your hair.

4. Sage water treatment:

Sage leaves (salvis or sefakuss in Hindi), is one of the most effective of ayurvedic remedies for grey hair. It restores the natural colour of the hair and prevents the growth of grey hair.

How to:

  • Just add a small bunch of sage leaves in water and boil it for some time.
  • Cool this liquid and spray it all over your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair after 2 hours.

This treatment will show visible results in a few weeks.

5.  Coconut and lemon remedy:

It is an effective home treatment to be used twice a week.

How to:

This remedy will make your hair shiny and black and make all grey hair disappear.

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6. Curry leaves remedy:

Another one of the perfect remedies for gray hair at young age. Curry leaves are quite effective too. Boil the leaves in coconut oil and strain. Let the oil cool down. Massage onto hair before wash.

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7. Ribbed Gourd remedy:

This is an extremely effective remedy to restore pigmentation in gray hair. Dry the pieces of vegetables. Let these vegetables soak in coconut oil for 3 days. Then boil the mixture till a black residue is left. Massage this oil onto your scalp. Rinse out.

8. Vitamin rich food:

A healthy diet always reflects in one’s skin and hair. So include vitamin B and E in your diet every day. These vitamins prevent pre mature greying of hair. Also include walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts in your daily diet. Reduce the intake of sodium in your diet, as it only has bad effects on your health, it also triggers the growth of grey hair. Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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9. Having lots of water:

If the endocrine system in our body is malfunctioning, lot of toxins get deposited in your body. These toxins lead to various health hazards including pre mature ageing. In order to keep our system clean and flush out the toxins from our body, drink a lot of water. Drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily will ensure proper functioning of our endocrine system and thus prevent the signs of ageing.

Follow these simple and effective tips and have a balanced diet always.
Till then take care.
Keep it stylish!!

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  • Banni

    Hey… good work.i toh only put henna on my hair.. but i mix beetroot in that.. it gives more reddish color.. its nice..that way.. no orangish shades.. il also try putting your natural ingredients to my diet.. :)

  • Kirti

    good article..very well explained. my scalp has grey coverage too.. but i only use garnier color 4.. slight brown one.. and i regularly apply oil.. touchwood i donot have other issues like hairfall..

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/Ankita_Biswas/ Ankita Biswas

    Thank you kirti.. :)

  • Sara – My Merry Messy Life

    I’m curious if anyone has actually seen results with these methods. I would like to try the coconut oil and lemon version, but you write that it turns your hair black? I thought it just stimulate melanin production?

  • KalpanaMalhotra

    Nice post:) I have heard a lot about the curry leaves remedy and tried it a couple of times but i haven’t noticed any difference with it:( How long do we have to use this method for the results to show up??

  • Penny Nelson

    I have been dying my hair for years with Henna. Pure Henna and adding water will not adequately release the dye. It will only release with a ph of appx 7.5 so you need to add Lemon juice to the mix to get good dye release. If you are interested in using henna go to a site that is dedicated to Henna dying. Note you cannot effectively strip Henna dye from your hair & you cannot use other dye methods over the top of it. So educate yourself before you take the leap. I love it. I went prematurely white from the ears forward. Because of the variances in my hair colour it looks like I spend a fortune on foils to get the effect. But smothering your head in something that smells like dirt and resembles goose poo for 12 hours (no 2 hours will not dye grey hair this is a natural process) is not for everyone…

  • Paul Wong

    this is a rubbish website, with all the advertisments bars turn on, i could not read the ifnromation, also, could not get ride of all the ads bar !!!!

  • Kevin

    how much henna paste is to be used with the amla powder and if you wanted to add some coconut oil how much would you suggest

  • T

    for the sage treatment, how much water do you use?? how often do you repeat the procedure??

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

      Hi, for sage treatment, if u take a small bunch of sage..add this to a cup of water. You can take this treatment every time you shampoo your hair that is twice or thrice in a week.

  • Asha Bharech

    Very good & clear tips….thanks

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Hi Shivam, premature greying of hair may occur due to various factors such as genetic, lack of nutritious diet etc. You can try covering your grey hair with the application of hair packs such as amla and henna pack or try other hair remedies as mentioned above in the article. Include vitamin B and E rich food items in your diet. It is advisable for you to consult a dermatologist to assess your scalp and prescribe appropriate medicines.