7 Make Up Tips From Japan July 13, 2015

Japanese women are very beautiful with their flawless skin, silky smooth hair and petite bodies. They have amazing dressing sense and elegant style to carry themselves well. They are so perfect that it keeps us wondering what could be the beauty secrets of Japanese woman.

These beauties have finally revealed to us some amazing know how on their makeup routine and beauty tips. So here I am, sharing with you the best makeup tips for Japanese women. You can always incorporate the ones that you need, right?

Japanese Makeup Tips

1. Base Makeup is very important:

Like I always say, a good canvas makes a good picture. A flawless finish foundation, a compact and a loose powder is all you need to get it right. A primer, a concealer and a highlighter adds to your beauty. Yellow tones tend to look more natural on Japanese skin tones.

2. Foundation:

They say a foundation needn’t be applied on the whole face. When you are already applying a primer and a concealer, use the foundation on the parts where it is really required. This helps you to retain a more natural look.
A primer works like a charm to hide the pores. A good primer adds in good texture on your face and helps to hold your makeup better for longer time durations.

3. Concealer:

This should be applied very lightly. A concealer is formulated to hide darker imperfections. So this application ensures that you don’t overdo it and end up with patchy skin. A concealer can be applied before or after foundation depending on your makeup routine.

4. Setting with loose powder:

This gives you flawless finish and helps you stay oil free for hours. Japanese women have naturally good skin, so a light air like finish should fix you up.

5. Highlighting:

This is an important aspect of makeup that is usually ignored because it’s a common notion that highlighting is a tough job. No, it’s not. You can master it with a little practice. Highlighting helps to give an awesome definition to your face and emphasizes your best features. Apply it to your cheeks, around eye area, bridge of your nose, apples, corners of mouth etc., depending on where you want to get a good effect. A good highlighter also acts like a concealer by hiding away the imperfections under it.

6. Curlers and Mascaras:

These are your best friends for highlighting your eyes and crucial part of the technique applied to makeup from japan. Proper usage of lengthening and volumising mascara will really highlight up your eyes and make them look bright. Use a curler to give your lashes a more natural look. Do not over apply though; clumping of lashes makes them look smaller.

7. Eyeliner isn’t a must:

Though it seems like a necessity, it really isn’t. Use an eye liner only when you want to define your eyes. Due to the smaller eyes, When it comes to Japanese make up, these women usually stick to natural looks which involve lip gloss, mascara and loads of blush to bring in the required color. Play up your eyes with eye shadows if required.
Be comfortable with who you are and see those admiring glances shoot up! Now, shoot a comment and let me know your suggestions.