50 New Sexy Trendy Hairstyles July 1, 2016

Do you love to stay up-to-date about the latest fashion and hairstyle trends? But wait! Who said you that trendy can’t be sexy? Let us prove you wrong. From a high pony to a low bun, there are lots of variations in the latest hairstyle trends, which can help you raise the heat extensively.

50 Latest Sexy Hairstyles:

Explore the following 50 exclusive sexy hairstyles and be spoilt for choice:

1. Long Textured Curls with Soft Side Bang:

Long-Textured-Curls-with-Soft-Side-Bang Pinit

Curls are forever trendy. So, let us start our list with a long hairstyle featuring loose, slightly textured curls and a thick curved side-swept bang. Subtle highlights can enhance the look notably.

2. Deep Side-Parted Curls with Long Sleek Bang:

Deep-Side-Parted-Curls-with-Long-Sleek-Bang Pinit

Achieving this sexy, mysterious look is quite easy. Create a deep-side part and turn the ends of your long waves into soft, luscious curls. The sleek side bang should hide your one eye almost completely.

3. Glossy Layered Bob with Textured Curls:

Glossy-Layered-Bob-with-Textured-Curls Pinit

This short layered bob with a simple side part and perfectly textured curls is just enough to make you the trendsetter. Apply lots of serum or hair wax to get the fabulous shine and rock the look.

4. Gorgeous Bouffant with Neat Side-Swept Bang:

Gorgeous-Bouffant-with-Neat-Side-Swept-Bang Pinit

A bouffant, if worn properly, can give you a killer look. Just check out the image and you will understand what we mean. There is simply no other way to amp up your sex appeal than this stunning bouffant hairdo with a neatly arranged side-swept bang.

5. Smooth Center-Parted Waves with Clipped Sides:

Smooth-Center-Parted-Waves-with-Clipped-Sides Pinit

You can call it sexy or trendy. But to us, it is one of the cutest hairstyles you can ever opt for. Middle-part your long wavy hair and secure the front twisted sections to the sides with pretty hair clips. Simple!

6. Outward Layered Waves with Highlights and Lowlights:

Outward-Layered-Waves-with-Highlights-and-Lowlights Pinit

If you have long layered waves, create a center part and curl them up softly in the outward direction. In order to add definition to this hairstyle, choose two distinct shades of highlights and lowlights.

7. Wavy Textured Bob with Spiral Curls and Side Bang:

Wavy-Textured-Bob-with-Spiral-Curls-and-Side-Bang Pinit

Follow the trend while looking absolutely sexy with this short wavy sensational bob. Turn the ends of the waves into spiral curls and change the side bang into a dramatic sweep before adding texture.

8. Super Curly and Textured Updo:

Super-Curly-and-Textured-Updo Pinit

A head full of small, well-defined curls can make you look ultra-feminine. So, turn all your hair into soft ringlets, pull them back at your crown and create a large curly flower-like updo. Just wow!

9. Long Voluptous Curls with Textured Side Bang:

Long-Voluptous-Curls-with-Textured-Side-Bang Pinit

Redefine your femininity and look totally edgy with this amazing curly hairdo. Here, the long side-parted waves are turned into large delicate spiral curls, while the simple side sweep is curved and texturized in order to add a touch of elegance to the whole style.

10. High Twisted Bun with Embellishment:

High-Twisted-Bun-with-Embellishment Pinit

Do not suppress your love for sexy backless dresses, when you can sport this pretty twisted high bun anytime and look effortlessly elegant always. Those crystal hair pins will make your sculpted shoulders and toned back look even more beautiful.

11. Sexy and Relaxed Beachy Waves:

Sexy-and-Relaxed-Beachy-Waves Pinit

These super trendy beachy waves can give a significant boost to your sex appeal. Wave up your loose blonde or ombre hair, give it a relaxed beachy effect and then add lots of texture. You are all set to blow others’ mind.

12. Sleek High and Long Ponytail with Puff:

Sleek-High-and-Long-Ponytail-with-Puff Pinit

Sleek long ponytail can never go out of fashion. Make it a bit more attractive by following super sexy Paris Hilton. Add a smooth pouf right at the top-front section of your head and let rest of the hair swing over your back freely in the form of a high ponytail.

13. Romantic Half Updo with Braid and Curls:

Romantic-Half-Updo-with-Braid-and-Curls Pinit

This messy romantic hairstyle is basically a perfect combination of a braided wavy updo, long spiral curls and loose hair strands embracing the face. Adorn it with some flowery accessories and steal the show.

14. Elegant Half Updo with Puffy Crown and Graduated Bangs:

Elegant-Half-Updo-with-Puffy-Crown-and-Graduated-Bangs Pinit

When it comes to looking seductive in a chic way, this hairstyle can be your right choice. It is a half hairdo featuring a volumized crown, a small flat bun and loose long tresses resting gracefully over the shoulders. The wide side-sweep with inverted layers has also jazzed up the look.

15. Very Loose Twisted Side Braid with Relaxed Side Bang:

Very-Loose-Twisted-Side-Braid-with-Relaxed-Side-Bang Pinit

Recreating this classy look is quite simple. All you need to do is pull all your waves at one of your shoulders and turn them into a twisted side braid by keeping the hair extremely lose up to the nape of the neck. Don’t overlook that long thin bang swinging carelessly over the shoulder.

16. Soft Luscious Curls with Layers and Braided Headband:

Soft-Luscious-Curls-with-Layers-and-Braided-Headband Pinit

If you are a blonde with long wavy or curly hair, here is your way to look utterly sensual in the most stylish manner. Tease up those soft luscious curls in order to add volume and embellish them with a thick, neatly braided headband. Here you go, princess!

17. Long Airy Waves with Beautiful Side Sweep:

Long-Airy-Waves-with-Beautiful-Side-Sweep Pinit

Give this signature style of Taylor Swift a try for looking elegant and sensuous at the same time. Create a side part and let your long airy waves cascade your shoulders. Also, give your side sweep a distinctive effect by curving it up a little bit.

18. Voluminous Dual-Toned Curls on Layered Bob:

Voluminous-Dual-Toned-Curls-on-Layered-Bob Pinit

If you have a short layered bob, consider this voluminous curly hairdo to appear strikingly beautiful. Choose two shades of blonde to get your hair colored and create small precise inward curls all over your head. You are done.

19. Loose Side Curls with Puffy Top:

Loose-Side-Curls-with-Puffy-Top Pinit

Looking impressive and adding to your oomph factor need you only to style up your hair in the proper manner. Make a pouf at the top and pin it back to keep the shape intact. Then, place rest of your hair on one shoulder and curl up the end beautifully.

20. Huge and Classy Flower-Like Twisted Updo:

Huge-and-Classy-Flower-Like-Twisted-Updo Pinit

This high flowery updo is the ideal choice for a glamorous party look. Smoothen up all your hair, divide it into several thin sections and finally twist them up tidily to create a huge up do at the top of the head. Edgy and elegant – all we can say!

21. Magnificent Beehive with Thick Even Fringes:

Magnificent-Beehive-with-Thick-Even-Fringes Pinit

There is absolutely no wonder why we have included this fringed beehive hairdo in this list. This incredibly beautiful hairstyle with long tresses piled high above the head through backcombing has been very much appealing till date. Here, the uniform fringes have added a zing to the look.

22. Gigantic Half Braid and Half Bun Updo:

Gigantic-Half-Braid-and-Half-Bun-Updo Pinit

This huge half-n-half hairstyle features an exclusive updo with a thick braided upper half and a comparatively flatter bun in the lower half. Do not forget to smoothen up the top section of the head in order to give it a sophisticated polished look.

23. Sleek and Super High Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

Sleek-and-Super-High-Ponytail-with-Hair-Wrap Pinit

If you have long tresses, this unique ponytail will make you appear super sensational in the trendiest way. Pull all your hair back at the crown, create a thick high pony with it and then, wrap its base with a large section of hair.

24. Tight Multi-Braided Bun with Slightly Puffy Top:

Tight-Multi-Braided-Bun-with-Slightly-Puffy-Top Pinit

No matter how it has been created, a bun can always make you look hot and happening. In this particular hairstyle, you have to create multiple braids all over your head with the middle one featuring a puffy upper section. Then, turn all those braids into a tight low bun and look gorgeous.

25. Thick Long and Super High Fishtail Braid:

Thick-Long-and-Super-High-Fishtail-Braid Pinit

Fishtail braid is a timeless and ageless hairstyle that can make you look wonderful every inch. Here, a high long ponytail is turned into a thick fishtail braid with a nice elastic band at the base and a small hair wrap at the end.

26. Retro Textured Updo with Side Curls and Twists:

Retro-Textured-Updo-with-Side-Curls-and-Twists Pinit

Here comes one of the best short sexy hairstyles for women with curly hair! Though it seems to be a retro hairstyle, you can actually look very much trendy and classy in it. Add texture to your medium-length wavy hair and twist it up softly starting from one side. Keep tucking the twisted curls in as you go behind the head and embellish the whole style with nice hair brooches.

27. Tight French Braid with Puff and Spiral End:

Tight-French-Braid-with-Puff-and-Spiral-End Pinit

This dark brown hair with ash brown lowlights and silver streaks itself is enough to grab attention of people. However, you can braid it up in the French style and secure its end at the base of your neck to create a spiral shape. Glam up the entire look even more with a puffy top!

28. Loose Side Braid with Free End and Flower Headband:

Loose-Side-Braid-with-Free-End-and-Flower-Headband Pinit

Loose side braids are all in vogue these days. Let us spice it up with a beautiful flower headband. Also, skip the elastic band and let the end of your braid rest freely over your shoulders.

29. High Textured Ponytail with Wavy Flared Bottom:

High-Textured-Ponytail-with-Wavy-Flared-Bottom Pinit

Add a twist to your high sleek ponytail just by giving its bottom a flared effect. Create outward curls at the end of the layered pony and texturize the top section of your hair for a modish makeover. Absolutely stunning!

30. Stunning French Twist with Volumized Top:

Stunning-French-Twist-with-Volumized-Top Pinit

Do I really need to say anything about this outstanding hairstyle? A French twist is always in fashion and the volumized top has added a new dimension to it. Go and give it a try.

31. Highly Textured Curls and Side-Sweep:

Highly-Textured-Curls-and-Side-Sweep Pinit

Intense texture is the key to this remarkable hairstyle. Produce a wavy side sweep and large curls in your medium-length hair and add lots of texture to them in order to get a perfect shape. An utterly sexy look, no!

32. Slicked Back Bob with Texture and Volume:

Slicked-Back-Bob-with-Texture-and-Volume Pinit

If you are a true fashion-freak with a short bob hair, this would be the ideal style for you. Tease the front section to add volume and slick it back nicely. Finally, texturize the entire hair to keep it in place all through the day.

33. Simple Twisted Semi-High Bun:

Simple-Twisted-Semi-High-Bun Pinit

Pull your hair at the back of your head and twist it up into a beautiful semi-high bun. Make sure that you have smoothened up the top hair and kept it firm to give the bun a tight look.

34. Smooth Side Fishtail Braid with Loose Pouf:

Smooth-Side-Fishtail-Braid-with-Loose-Pouf Pinit

You have already seen how a high fishtail braid can increase your glam quotient. Now, move it to one side of your head and position it at the nape of your neck. The loose pouf at the top has complemented the look the right way.

35. Double-Braided Hairdo with Messy Waves:

Double-Braided-Hairdo-with-Messy-Waves Pinit

Now, here is a simple yet beautiful hairdo that can give you a true edgy look and you can discover a sexier you almost instantly. Create a center part, braid up the front hair separately and secure them at the back. Now, let your slightly messy waves flow down your shoulders.

36. Long Straight Layered Hair with Highlights:

Long-Straight-Layered-Hair-with-Highlights Pinit

Start with brushing your long straight layered locks properly. Make a center part and keep the hair loose. For added style, highlight your tresses with a slightly lighter shade.

37. Sleek Low Pony with Puffy Crown and Side Bangs:

Sleek-Low-Pony-with-Puffy-Crown-and-Side-Bangs Pinit

Here is another highly feminine hairstyle that you will simply love to wear. Volumize the crown area and turn the lower section of your hair into a sleek low ponytail. Middle-part the top-front section and let the side bangs embrace your face pleasingly.

38. Straight Layers with Curvy Ends Rolled Back to One Side:

Straight-Layers-with-Curvy-Ends-Rolled-Back-to-One-Side Pinit

Comb your silky-smooth layered hair and curl up its ends slightly. Now, roll back the upper section gently to one side and gather all the hair at one of your shoulders. Isn’t it super stylish?

39. Messy Low Side Bun with Long Side Sweep:

Messy-Low-Side-Bun-with-Long-Side-Sweep Pinit

Let us show you how to look effortlessly gorgeous just by choosing the right hairstyle. Here, a messy low side bun is created by side-parting the hair and allowing the long side sweep to swing over one side of the forehead gracefully.

40. Twisted and Textured Low Bun Hairdo:

Twisted-and-Textured-Low-Bun-Hairdo Pinit

Adopt this low bun hairstyle and get ready to kill with your look. All you need to do is give the top section a messy flair, curl up one side intensely and create a bun at the nape of the neck, At last, add lots of texture to the whole hair.

41. Loose Side Ponytail with Bang on Textured Layers:

Loose-Side-Ponytail-with-Bang-on-Textured-Layers Pinit

A side ponytail is not only cool, but it can also give you a sultry look if worn properly. Texturize your long layered locks and turn it into a loose side ponytail. Wrap the elastic band with a thin section of hair and let the bang swing over your cheekbone at the other side.

42. Smart Pixie with Curled and Textured Locks:

Smart-Pixie-with-Curled-and-Textured-Locks Pinit

Well, a pixie cut is not all about looking hip and smart but is also one of the sexy short hairstyles to try out. Just take a look at this picture and you will understand what we mean. From the intensely textured layers to the amazing shade of color, everything has worked just perfect to make it a damn sexy choice.

43.  Loose Straight Layers with Pinned Back Front:

Loose-Straight-Layers-with-Pinned-Back-Front Pinit

This hairstyle is especially suitable for long smooth layered hair. Take a certain section of hair from the top and brush it back and pin at the crown area. The rest of the hair should be left loose. Simple and beautiful!

44. Smooth Outward Feathered Layers with Curly Bangs:

Smooth-Outward-Feathered-Layers-with-Curly-Bangs Pinit

A feather cut goes excellent with intense layers and here, the medium-length layered locks are made to look extremely sexy with the ends feathered in an outward direction. The curled up side sweep has made the look even more dazzling.

45. Ultra-Feminine Messy Wavy Hairdo with Coily Bangs:

Ultra-Feminine-Messy-Wavy-Hairdo-with-Coily-Bangs Pinit

This messy wavy half hairdo is sure to win the heart of your loved one with its ultra-feminine vibe. The super coily bangs have taken the entire hairstyle to a complete new level.

46. Stacked and Inverted Short Bob:

Stacked-and-Inverted-Short-Bob Pinit

This is a stacked bob with an inverted shape (featuring reverse layers), which can amp your sex appeal up considerably with a cool and casual style. So, can you nail the look?

47. Fringed High Pony with Flared Curved Bottom:

Fringed-High-Pony-with-Flared-Curved-Bottom Pinit

This high ponytail with rounded front fringes is simply awesome for a trendy glamorous look. The style has been pepped up even more by giving the end part of the pony a flared and outward curly effect.

48. Large and Semi-High Twisted Bun:

Large-and-Semi-High-Twisted-Bun Pinit

Pull all your polished hair at the back of your head and come up with a huge semi-high bun by dividing it into a number of sections as well as twisting them up one by one. Stylish and magnificent!

49. Highly Voluminous Waves with Hair Headband:

Highly-Voluminous-Waves-with-Hair-Headband Pinit

Create extreme volume by teasing up all your hair starting right from the crown and also, curl up the ends of your locks softly. Now, add a finishing touch to your hairstyle by wearing a simple hair headband. Quite innovative, isn’t it?

50. Large and High Donut Bun:

Large-and-High-Donut-Bun Pinit

Donut bun can always make you look hot and sexy. Here, a large and high donut hairdo has intensified the whole look and enhanced the beauty almost ten times.

Try out these sexy hairstyles for short hair to look trendy this year? Why do you think it will suit you the most? Do let us know by commenting below.

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