“Ouch! My neck hurts so much”. We say this almost every day, don’t we? Life these days has become so hectic that almost all of us suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain. Sitting at the desk before a computer for hours, driving in traffic and wrong sitting posture are the common reasons for this prevalent neck pain. Not only office goers, even housewives experience such neck pain and tensions. The culprit in this case is television. Sitting for hours in front of idiot box with stiff neck tightens the neck muscles thus giving you pain.

We use so many ointments and even get neck massages done, but there is no result. The neck pain gets chronic and at times even painkillers fail to help! Your muscles get strained and you can’t even move your neck, it gets stiff and the pain becomes unbearable. No more guys. Just a few minutes of Yoga a day and you can bid your neck pain bye-bye forever.

Read on to know the yoga poses for neck pain!

Yoga For Neck Pain:

Pose No. 1:

  1. Sit on the ground with legs crossed. You may also sit cross-legged on a chair. Just keep your spine straight and relaxed.
  2. Rotate your head to the right, such that the chin comes over the right shoulder.
  3. Breathe for 5 times while keeping neck to your right. Feel the stretch on your neck.
  4. Repeat on your left side too holding upto 5 breaths.
  5. Once right and left side are done; now drop your neck back and hold for another 5 breaths. You’ll feel a good stretch on your throat this time.
  6. Now bring your chin down to your chest so that there is a stretch on your neck region.
  7. Moving your neck to all the four sides completes one cycle. Repeat this cycle for another  5-7 times.

Pose No. 2:

  1. Put both hands over your head and hold a belt with both hands. Take care to hold belt in such a way that your palms are facing away from one another.
  2. Stretch your arms as you are holding the belt.
  3. Now drop your chin to your chest so that you feel a good stretch in your neck.
  4. Count till 10 breaths, release the position and repeat again.

Pose No. 3:

  1. Either sit or stand with your spine straight.
  2. Stretch your neck to the right side such that your right ear is touching your right shoulder blade. You may also press on your left ear lightly to assist the stretch.
  3. Repeat with the opposite side too.
  4. Now look up dropping your head back as much as you can. Then look down on the floor.
  5. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat again.

Some other yoga asanas for neck pain relief are:

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4. Child Pose:

The child pose also known as Balasana stretches the spine that works on your neck and shoulder pain. Very easy to do, this is an effective yoga pose for neck pain.

  1. Kneel down on the ground. Position your knees in such a way that they are almost a foot apart.
  2. Now sit with your hips on the heels.
  3. Exhale and while doing so lower your torso to settle yourself between your thighs and knees.
  4. Pull your hands back and place it beside your legs with palms facing the ceiling.
  5. Now put your forehead on the ground and just relax while taking in deep breaths.
  6. Stay for about 5 minutes in this pose.

5. Dolphin Pose:

This pose is the same as downward facing dog pose with a little variation. Let’s learn how to do it.

  1. Sit with your knees on the ground.
  2. Position your hands in front of you to support yourself.
  3. Now pressing on your forearms and palms, slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling. Exhale when lifting up.
  4. You may keep your knees bent if you are not so comfortable stretching yourself fully.
  5. Rest your head softly on the ground.

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6. Cow And Cat Pose:

These two poses are done together in continuity.

  1. Sit on the floor with your knees.
  2. Bring both your hands in front of you supporting yourself on your palms facing the ground.
  3. Keep your back flat like a table top.
  4. Look towards the floor such that your neck is aligned to your spine.
  5. With a deep inhalation, lift your buttocks towards the ceiling and look up. Let your belly drop.
  6. Now again exhale and return back to the table top position.
  7. From here directly you can plunge into the cat pose.
  8. For this, lift your back towards the back towards the ceiling and pull your abdomen in.
  9. Tuck your head between your arms.

Both these poses massage your neck and spine gently.

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7. Easy Pose:

Easy pose called Sukhasana in yogic language is done to improve your posture keeping your neck and spine stable.

  1. Sit cross-legged on a mat.
  2. Keep your spine and head straight. Close your eyes and relax for a minute.

Even when you are working at office, don’t look at the computer screen at a stretch. Take 2-3 minutes break in between and close your eyes. Or move your shoulder blades up and down and rotate your neck from left to right and then up and down.  This way your neck muscles and tendons will receive slight massage. This is a simple yet effective yoga for neck pain.

Just practice these neck pain yoga asanas daily and your pain will be gone forever.

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