8 Good Skin Care Habits! June 27, 2016

Do you want softer skin that will also age more slow? Well of course you do! You look at a picture of your grandma when she was 50 or 60 and you think wow she looks so young. And then you take a look at your own picture at 30 and you look old! Times have changed. The stress, pollution and daily life rigors do it to your skin.

Read on to find out my Top 8 Effective Skin Care Habits! These skin care tips for girls are the most easiest to follow with real good results.

Good Skin Care Habits

Extend your Sleeping Hours:

You should extend your sleep to about 9 hours a day! Sleep is free medicine for your skin and it reduces tension and makes sure your skin looks fresh throughout the day! Do not underestimate the effects of stress and fatigue on your skin!

I love fruits! When you cut a fruit, massage juice of 1-2 pieces from it on your face and eat the rest. This way you will stay fit on the inside as well as your skin will look fabulous on the outside. You can do this with any fruit of your choice!

Smoking leads to destruction of Vitamin C in your body and leads to dryness and itching. Smoking is not the solution to relieve you of your stress. If you do not smoke then you already have better skin than others!

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When you sleep with makeup at night, it clogs your pores leading to lack of oxygen which makes your skin age faster. So no matter how tired you are, always remember to wash your face with a good cleanser to remove makeup from your skin. This way you will look even more beautiful the next morning too! This is definitely one of the best skin care habits to have.


Water cleans your system of wastes and also hydrates your skin and freshens your body. The more water you drink, the better your skin feels.

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No picking at your skin:

Do not pick. Pimples are bacterial infections and popping, pricking, or squeezing them may lead to scars and even to more pimples. Believe me, I have experienced this myself. If you feel that, you have a pimple, apply topical medicine on it and if you are getting too many pimples, then go to the dermatologist.

No drinking Alcohol- Alcohol reduces the water content of your body, dehydrates it and makes your skin look awful in the long run. In addition, alcohol damages blood vessels and that is an even worse thing.

Remember if you are ignoring your sunscreen then you are making your skin age faster. UV rays from the sun damages your skin. So whenever you feel that the sun is getting too harsh, apply your sunscreen. Apply sunscreen with good SPF at least for 2-3 times a day. This way your skin will stay protected and happy :)

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Adopt these skin care habits and you will definitely look younger than you do at the moment!

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      Yup :) Do follow all the steps regularly :)

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