Ponytails are a chic way of keeping the style trimmed and pretty. This hairdo is the most sought after as it enhances the personality and gives a fresher younger feel to the wearer. The younger women too prefer it as it is easy to style and simple to maintain. This hairdo is versatile can be worn anywhere with any type of hair. If you have lesser hair or thinner hair; wearing a ponytail can transform your personality. We list out 50 most sought after popular ponytails hairdos for you to try out.

1. Shiny Brown Wavy Ponytail:

Shiny Brown Wavy Ponytail

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The shiny brown ponytail has glossy essence to it. The short ponytail is edgy and has a wavy flair to it. The ponytail is dyed with golden brownish hues and has a graceful vibe to it.

2. Ombre Short Ponytail:

Ombre Short Ponytail

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The short ponytail is dyed in golden blackish hues and is done with a subtle messy vibe. The thin bangs at the front give the ponytail the required edge.

3. Platinum Long Ponytail:

Platinum Long Ponytail

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The platinum ponytail is edgy and chic. The style is done by flaunting the long tail on the side which displays the long straight tresses. The ponytail is pretty and elegant.

4. Black Short Ponytail:

Black Short Ponytail

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The ponytail is worn on a higher note which makes it edgy and bouncy. The hairdo provides a cheerful and elegant vibe.

5. Golden Ponytail:

Golden Ponytail

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The golden ponytail is done with a knotty edge and tied with a tousled essence. The style has edgy ombre character.

6. Short High Up Curls:

Short High Up Curls

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The short ponytail consists of curly hair tied up into a high ponytail. The style is cute and pretty.

7. Edgy Ponytail:

Edgy Ponytail

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The edgy ponytail is done by gathering long wavy hair into a medium based ponytail. The ponytail has tight and tidy essence to it.

8. Sleek Ombre Ponytail:

Sleek Ombre Ponytail

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The low based ponytail with an ombre hued zeal. The ponytail has a sleek and edgy essence to it. The trimmed even edges give a stylish and sober impression.

9. Side Ponytail:

Side Ponytail

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The side ponytail is done with a side sweep fashion. The ponytail is flaunted on the side to enhance the sleek lower part.

10. Mid Parted Ponytail:

Mid Parted Ponytail

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The ponytail is styled with a mid part which adds the extra edge to the hairdo. The style is done with an edgy sleek bang which contours the face on one side.

11. Messy Tail:

Messy Tail

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The messy tail is tied with a stylish and edgy feel. The ponytail is hued black and has a ruffled flair to it.

12. Wavy Ponytail:

Wavy pontail

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The wavy hairdo consists of wavy edged ponytail. The black medium tailed pony is rolled at the edges for a tender and soft touch.

13. Wavy Side Ponytail:

Wavy Side Ponytail

Image: Getty

The dark brown side ponytail is edgy and chic. The elegant side hairdo has soft and wavy flair to it. The hairdo is styled with a side part.

14. Golden Puff Ponytail:

Golden Puff Ponytail

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The golden puffed ponytail is elegant and gives a classy appeal to the hairdo. The style is edgy and smart.

15. Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek Ponytail

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The sleek and long ponytail is edgy and tied on a higher note to give that oomph factor to the style. The ponytail is tied with a neat and sleek finesse.

16. Side Banged Ponytail:

Side Banged Ponytail

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The hairdo consists of ponytail with a sleek elegance. The side bangs are parted in the front which provides an elegant and tender appeal to the face.

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  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/manjarisingh/ Manjari Singh

    Nice hair styles

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      Thank you manjari.. :)

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    I prefer the high pony..chic,comfortable and easy

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      yeaahhh gargi.. :)

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    very nice hair style :) wanna tutorials for them :)

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  • Mrinalini

    Very nice post on 8 popular ponytail hairstyles for girls…. My personal favourites here are pony with braids, the low ponytail and the last one is the fishtail braid….these hairstyles are super trendy and so cute…i wil definitely try them out…thank you…