Funk is in! There is no bar on the age when you can add that spark to your looks. You can create that funk using some smart color styles and a little snipping around! Some of these are done only at professional salons, and some you can try out at home. But at the end of the day they are all about announcing to the world that you are no longer staid predictable. You have made fun a part of your daily life!

Funky hairstyles for girls says it all! It is for the fun loving brat in you!

Here are a few Tips that you should keep in mind if you are opting for funky hairstyles for medium length hair.

The face cut:  Make sure the accents and the ends highlight your face to get you the attention you need.

Texture of hair: If your hair is too thin, too frizzy, too heavy or too unmanageable, it may be a better idea to get your hair treated first.

Lifestyle: Choose a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle, you can start by having a mildly funky cut and see how it suits your face, and if you like what you see, maybe you can take it a few snips further. 

Funky hairstyles for medium hair

Style 1: Funky Fringe Side Cut

Funky Fringe Side Cut

You can combine your straight hair with a funky fringe cut in the sides. For asymmetrical lengths, go for shorter cropped bangs at the crown of the head. This the most trending of funky hairstyles for medium hair.

Style 2: Layered Hairstyle 

layered funky hairstyles

A layered hairstyle with outward cut and a side fringe will add bounce and volume, as well as add a funky touch.

Style 3: Color play

funky colored hairstyles

Use different elements of colour to interplay the funk in your hairdo. 

Style 4: Short Crown crop

short crown hairstyle

Go for a sudden crop of short hair at the crown, and keep the rest of the length alive, but with layers. This is one of the funky hairstyles for shoulder length hair that will grab all the attention around you!

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Style 5: Uneven Layers and Fringes

funky fringe hairstyles

This look is filled with the unevenness layers and fringes – yet the whole look falls into place. If your want to make funky and yet not go in face mad with your hairstyle then this is just the way to go!

Style 6: Side Layers

side layered hairstyles

Keep the layers on, the fringe thick, go sideways and long to get that mysterious, sexy and funky look. 

Style 7: Long Fringes

funky fringes for long hair

Keeping your fringes longer and the back of your head short go well in global circles where you are bound to get attention.

Style 8: Layered Step Cut

step cut hairstyles for girls

Getting an overall layered step cut with a funky cut around the crown and some fun fringes will add bounce and volume to an otherwise dull and flat hairstyle. 

Style 9: Long Side Fringes

side fringes for long hair

A funky way to use that medium length hair to hide a large forehead is to go for a long fringe on the side. 


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  • Pusheti

    Very nice article.. i really loved the Color Play, Uneven Layers and Fringes and Side Layered Cuts.. I have been past two cuts sporting Layered Step Cut and i really really love it. it makes me look cool.. without having do to anymore.

    • Debolina Raja Gupta

      Pusheti…yes, colour play and layering is always fun to add spunk…

  • Khushi

    super cool haircuts!! i wish i could get them too.. i really liked all.. excpt a few.. they are too bold to carry.. n wont suit my personality.. over and all.. cool cuts.. which can be given a shot.. ;)

    • Debolina Raja Gupta

      Khushi…..yups, but why just wish? get them! nothing’s too bold to carry out, just be confident!

  • Mansi

    Wow is all that comes to my mind.. really amazing hairstyles.. would definitely want to try these hairstyles.. good going debolina.. really amazing article.. thnks for updating us on such great hairstyles.

    • Debolina Raja Gupta

      Mansi…thnx babes..funky awesome, ain’t they? me love too ;-) do try out…iv already done some!

  • emansi

    really itz wow!! amazing haircuts..i will definitely gonna try these hairstyles..<3<3