Following the latest hairstyle trends and looking perfectly edgy can be quite difficult, especially if you are planning for it for the first time. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for the bold, vivid hairstyles that are all in rage. All you need to do is carry the hairstyle with sufficient confidence and proper attitude. Now, let us give you some latest edgy hairstyle ideas and that too for all types of hair. Here we go:

A. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Very Short Hair:

The trend in the recent years is to sport very short hair. Here are some edgy hairstyles for very short hair:

1. Super Coily Buzz Cut Hair:


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A buzz cut is just the previous stage of bald hairstyle in which the head is almost shaved or the hair is trimmed extremely short. Here, the kinky coily hair has given added twist to it.

2. Textured Blonde Boy Cut:


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Your hairstyle can bring out the tomboyish personality in you. Go for this typical boy cut on your natural beige blonde hair and texturize the layers neatly in order to look truly smart.

3. Bright Yellow Textured Pixie:


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Edgy pixie hairstyles is one of the latest as well as the most popular styles for women with very short hair. Look cool, fresh and absolutely charming in this bright yellow pixie with perfectly textured layers.

4. Rolled Back Bob with Messy High Top:


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Whether it is a formal event or a casual hangout, this light reddish brown bob can always give you the right look. Roll all your hair back and tease the top section to mess it up, thereby creating a moderate height.

5. Volumized Hair with Shaved Sides:


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Side shaving is very much in fashion these days. To get this look, you just need to shave both sides of your head partially, roll back the highlighted golden blonde hair and puff it up to get volume at the top-front. Spritz hairspray to keep the pouf intact.

6. Rounded Silky Bob with Side Sweep:


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This sleek, cheek-length, light golden blonde bob can frame your face perfectly with its rounded shape. There should be a deep side part and the layered side-swept bang should cover the forehead for a youthful look.

7. Casual Blonde Bob with Messy Wavy Top:


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This light beige blonde bob is just another example of a trendy hairstyle for very short-haired girls. Keep the length of the top-front hair a bit longer, create waves on it and give it a messy finish.

8. Wavy Textured Bob with Outward Curls:


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This is a cute and adorable version of a regular wavy textured bob. Part it to one side and curl up the ends of the textured waves in an outward direction. Nice, isn’t it?

9. Boy Cut with Long Asymmetric Side Sweep:


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As you can see, it is a very simple side-parted boy cut hairstyle, which features a long slightly feathered side-swept bang with a choppy or asymmetric structure. Give it a try and look totally edgy.

10. Dark Rooted Bob with Feathered Front:


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Look fashionable beyond doubt from all aspects with this light golden blonde bob with ash brown roots. Side-part the hair and give it a rounded shape, while the ends of the front hair should be feathered.

B. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Having short hair is probably the only hairstyle with which you can experiment a lot. Here are some edgy hairstyles for short hair:

11. Curly Black Mohawk:


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When it comes to looking trendy with short hair, Mohawk is considered as a superb choice. Here is a jet black version of the typical Mohawk in which both sides are almost shaved and the middle hair is transformed into luscious curls.

12. Messy Highlighted Pixie with Graduated Bang:


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Here is a natural blonde pixie with ash blonde highlights for girls with short hair. The sharp graduated side-swept bang and the slightly tangled finish are two biggest traits of this amazing hairstyle.


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