50 Wispy Curly Hairstyles To Inspire You June 30, 2016

Curly hair can sometimes be rather tricky to handle. You don’t really know which part of the hair or how to pin down the mane. Although the twisty curls are pretty to wear, they can get difficult to maintain.

50 Curly Hairdos To Add Wispy Element:

The best way to maintain curly hair is to add the wispy element to it. Here are 50 wispy curly hairstyles to inspire you:

1. Faint Wispy Fringes with Medium Ombre Curls:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The wispy fringes are chic and elegant with the medium ombre curls.

2.  Platinum Blondes with Wispy Bangs:

Platinum Blondes with Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The platinum tousled blondes appear sexy with these subtle wispy fringes.

3. Crisp and Short Wispy Bangs:

Crisp and Short Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The hairdo is curly edged with very fine bangs and looks excellent with the rouge style.

4. Subtly Tousled Curly with Wispy Bangs:

Subtly Tousled Curly with Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The blonde subtly wavy hairdo has a shiny texture to it. The short wispy bangs add more to the whimsical style.

5. Dark Ombre Blunt Shoulder Length Bob with Wispy Layers:

Dark Ombre Blunt Shoulder Length Bob with Wispy Layers

Image: Getty

The dark ombre blunt shoulder length bob is enhanced by the short wispy layered bangs.

6. Medium Length Wispy Bangs:

Medium length Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

Soft wispy bangs with long curl tresses in the half up half down style.

7. White Trimmed Short Bob:

White Trimmed Short Bob

Image: Getty

Helen Mirren wears this extremely chic and classy hairdo combined with a wispy fringe.

8. Side Swept Wispy Waves:

Side Swept Wispy Waves

Image: Getty

The side swept wispy waves give a fairytale touch to the beautiful big curls.

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9. Burgundy Gloss:

Burgundy Gloss

Image: Getty

The burgundy shaded wispy fringes are glossy and shiny, exuding a sophisticated textured feel to the hairdo.

10. Platinum Straight Wispy:

Platinum Straight Wispy

Image: Getty

The tousled wavy-curls hairdo is dyed in platinum with iron straight trimmed wispy bangs.

11. Fine Wispy Fringe:

Fine Wispy Fringe

Image: Getty

The tousled layered curls have a very fine wispy fringe which gives subtle distinct details to the curls hairdo.

12. Blonde Thick Wisps:

Blonde Thick Wisps

Image: Getty

The blonde hairdo has a vintage touch to it with a subtle bouffant and thick side swept wispy bangs.

13. Long Fine Wispy Bangs:

Long Fine Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The style consists of brunette hairdo with rolled edges and long wispy bangs which fall below the eyes.

14. Side Swept Wispy Bangs:

Side Swept Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

Side swept highly tousled wavy-curls in blonde–beige shades with uneven edges. The hairstyle consists of long strands side swept wispy bangs.

15. Long Thin Wispy Bangs:

Long Thin Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

Extremely curly and tousled open hair with a middle part fringe, the hairdo has very fine wispy bangs give a unique character to the hairstyle.

16. Forehead Covered Wispy Bangs:

Forehead Covered Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The textured light brown ombre long wavy-curly tresses are pleasing to the eye. The bowed out wispy bangs make the hairdo stylish and attractive.

17. Ruffled Wispy Bangs:

Ruffled Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The tousled ruffled hairdo is matched by twirled ruffled twisted wispy bangs which seem to have a windy essence.

18. Black Ombre Bouffant Crisp Wispy Bangs:

Black Ombre Bouffant Crisp Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The black ombre hairdo has a subtle bouffant at the crown followed by curled edges at the bottom. The hairdo is sufficed with thin crispy wispy bangs.

19. Long Bowed out Wispy Bangs:

Long Bowed out Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The black dark caramel shaded hairdo has tousled curly textured hair with trimmed messy wispy bangs.

20. Blonde Wispy Fringe:

Blonde Wispy Fringe

Image: Getty

The hairdo has ombre highlights at the top section of the hair with tousled curls. The hairdo has very fine wispy fringes.

21. Fine Layered Wispy Bangs:

Fine Layered Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The short tousled bob has very fine bowed out wispy fringes. The curly messed up hairdo is spiced up by the straight short wispy bangs.

22. Black Thin Wispy Bangs:

Black Thin Wispy Bangs

Image: Getty

The messy subtly wavy hairdo has curly edges and is characterized by pixie wispy bangs.

23. Blonde Tousled Tight Curly Bob:

Blonde Tousled Tight Curly Bob

Image: Getty

The tight curly bob makes for a very elegant hairdo which can be further enhanced by wispy bangs.

24. Tousled Ombre Curly Bob:

Tousled Ombre Curly Bob

Image: Getty

Add a wispy twist to this tousled ombre tight curly bob by styling a few wispy fringes at the front.

25. Brown Side Parted Tight Curls:

Brown Side Parted Tight Curls

Image: Getty

The brown shoulder length tight curls hairdo is classy and chic. The wispy bangs can add the extra edge required in this simple hairdo.

26. Messy Curly Tangy Bob:

Messy Curly Tangy Bob

Image: Getty

The messy tousled orange-brown short bob hairdo can have a tangy twist to it, with a crisp wispy bang to add to the flavour.

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27. Very Short Rounded Curly Bob:

Very Short Rounded Curly Bob

Image: Getty

This messy short bob with white tight curls is pretty and beautiful. Asymmetrical wispy bangs can augment on this sophisticated and chic do.

28. Playful Medium Lengths Curly Hairdo:

Playful Medium Lengths Curly Hairdo

Image: Getty

The blonde medium length curls look frivolous and chic. Appending the crisp wispy bangs to this hairstyle will up the look of this hairdo.

29. Black Braided Curls:

Black Braided Curls

Image: Getty

The black braid like curls exudes elegance and regal essence. Trimmed wispy bangs can make the hairdo incredibly stylish!

30. Long Wavy Curly Hairdo:

Long Wavy Curly Hairdo

Image: Getty

The subtly wavy and curly tousled hairstyle can have wispy twist to its simple version just by adding a straight wispy fringe to it.

31. Curly Frizzy Updo:

Curly Frizzy Updo

Image: Getty

This tousled frizzy curly updo would look even more chic with a twist of wisps attached to the hairdo.

32. Platinum Curly-Wavy Bob:

Platinum Curly-Wavy Bob

Image: Getty

The platinum blonde voluminous bob is curly and wavy. A fine wispy fringe would glamorize the hairdo.

33. Tousled Curly Blonde Bob:

Tousled Curly Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

Kirsten Prout wears an extremely tousled curly-wavy tousled overgrown bob. The style can have a chic twist with a wispy fringe.

34. Voluminous Frizzy Medium Bob:

Voluminous Frizzy Medium Bob

Image: Getty

The very frizzy and curly voluminous medium length hairdo is chic and classy. A dash of wisps can change the look for better.

35. Obedient Curly Medium Bob:

Obedient Curly Medium Bob

Image: Getty

This wavy curly edged thick shoulder length bob is stylish and classy. The wispy touch can still make the coif even better.

36. Wet Sexy Curls:

Wet Sexy Curls

Image: Getty

The wet curly style is sexy and pleasing to the eye, with light rouge lips and sparkling eyes. The style can be further accentuated with long wisps.

37. Highlighted Curly Bob with Uneven Edges:

Highlighted Curly Bob with Uneven Edges

Image: Getty

The highlighted curly hairstyle with long one strand wispy bang gives a quirky twist to the curly hairdo.

38. Very Short Long Sides Bob:

Very Short Long Sides Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy curl bob with long sides can have a perky add on; a wispy fringe which gives a pungent effect to the hairdo.

39. Ombre Spiral Edged Curls:

Ombre Spiral Edged Curls

Image: Getty

The long wavy-spiral curly edged hairdo is elegant and sexy complemented with fine wispy bangs.

40. Tousled Hairdo:

Tousled Hairdo

Image: Getty

The very messy and tousled hairdo can have the long wispy bangs to spice up the hairstyle.

41. Curly Tousled Brown Bob:

Curly Tousled Brown Bob

Image: Getty

The ‘out of the bed’ style gives a very casual appeal to the hairdo. The simple sombre hairdo can have a cheerful twist with long wispy fringes.

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42. Curly Edged Brown Bob:

Curly Edged Brown Bob

Image: Getty

The noodles like curly waves look as if they are elegantly spun into each other. The brunette hairdo is beautiful and sexy and can have a wispy naughty twist to the hairdo.

43. Chestnut Brown Curly Bob:

Chestnut Brown Curly Bob

Image: Getty

The playful chestnut brown curls and deep set eyes are such a killer combination for a sexy style. A trimmed fringe can accentuate the whole style immensely.

44. Black Tight Textured Curls:

Black Tight Textured Curls

Image: Getty

The side parted tight curly medium length bob has an extremely frizzy character; the style can be further spiced up with trimmed wispy bangs.

45. Messy Curly Highlighted Bob:

Messy Curly Highlighted Bob

Image: Getty

The messy and tousled hairdo and get funkier with a few wispy strands! The style will get a more fun look with the trendy wisps.

46. Shimmer Highlighted Curls:

Shimmer Highlighted Curls

Image: Getty

The highlighted shimmery curly tousled waves are just right for the ironed out wispy bangs covering the forehead.

47. Wavy Tousled Blonde Bob:

Wavy Tousled Blonde Bob

Image: Getty

The wavy curly medium length blonde bob can have fine fringes to contour the forehead. The hairdo gets wispy makeover!

48. Brownish Burgundy Finely Chopped Bob:

Brownish Burgundy Finely Chopped Bob

Image: Getty

The curly brownish-burgundy wavy bob has trimmed bangs on the top with a few wisps to give the hairdo a distinct fervour.

49. Blonde Curly Updo:

Blonde Curly Updo

Image: Getty

The curly updo would still have an even more graceful feel if wispy bangs were added to the hairdo.

50. Black Half Up Half Down:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This curly half up-half down style would look incredibly cool if it was styled with wispy bangs.

So we have listed out 50 wispy curly hairstyles which you can try out. Please let us know if you would like to suggest more variations. We appreciate user feedback; let us know your view about the articles. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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