8 Amazing Beauty Recipes Of Apple Cider Vinegar January 31, 2017

The benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are numerous and varied. Have you ever tried using this wonder solution as a part of your beauty regime? If not, it is time you did!

ACV works wonders for your skin as well as for your hair. ACV is like a one stop solution for all your beauty problems. It is helpful to treat pimples, get rid of acne, eliminate dandruff or attain shiny nails. Read this article to know about the easiest and the best beauty recipes using apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Recipes:

Here are 8 amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes for you to include in your beauty regime:

1. ACV Toner:

Mix ACV and cucumber juice in 1:1 proportion. This toner is excellent when used on clean skin and is helpful in shrinking large skin pores.

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2. ACV Face Mask:

Mix a teaspoon of ACV with two teaspoons of honey. Use it on cleansed skin and wait for twenty minutes. Wash off with plain water. Do it three times a week to attain soft and smooth skin.

3. ACV Astringent:

Mix a cup of ACV with a cup of cold water. If possible, keep it in a bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Use this solution several times a day for your skin with the help of cotton wool. It acts as an excellent astringent and is also helpful in removing age spots.

4. ACV Shampoo:

Mix baking soda and ACV to serve as an alternative to your shampoo. The mixture is known to cleanse your hair and scalp. The best part is, the shampoo substitute is free from the harmful effects of chemicals. You may add a few drops of lavender essential oil to make the mixture smell nice.

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5. ACV Dandruff Remedy:

Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to ACV and mix well. Apply it directly to your scalp. Leave it on for about one hour and shampoo. You would do well to use some ACV-tea tree oil mixture for diluting the shampoo. Do this twice a week to treat dandruff.

6. ACV Hair Rinse:

If you have oily hair and scalp, ACV would suit you best. Add ACV to a mug of water in the ratio 1:2. That means, take 1/3 part of ACV and 2/3 parts of water in a mug. Use it as a final rinse to get rid of excessive oily hair and scalp. In fact, if done after shampooing, it will control the production of sebum and your hair will remain silky and non-greasy for longer hours. However, if you are blessed with normal hair, mix ACV and water in 1:4 ratio. This hair rinse is beneficial for treating dandruff as well.

7. ACV Hair Strengthening Tonic:

Prepare an infusion of herbs like nettle, burdock root and goosegrass in ACV and use it on your scalp and hair to nourish the hair and make it strong. At the same time, it acts as a natural protection to fungal infection, dandruff and itchy scalp.

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8. ACV Foot Soak:

Add a cup of ACV to a tub of warm water. Soak your tired feet for twenty minutes and relax. The foot soak helps to do away with feet odour and the tired feeling that your feet experiences at times. Now you know why you should keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar handy because it can be used to treat so many beauty problems and conditions. Next time you go shopping, make sure to add some ACV to your list! Why spend your hard earned money on beauty products when ACV can do the trick! Go for it!

These were some of the best homemade apple cider vinegar recipes. So have you ever used ACV as a part of your beauty regime? Don’t forget to share your views and ideas with us!

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