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29 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Acai Berries (Karvandha) For Skin, Hair, And Health

29 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Acai Berries (Karvandha) For Skin, Hair, And Health September 21, 2017

Acai berry is a small round fruit, brilliant reddish-purple in color. It is found only in the rain forests of the Amazon and belongs to the species of blueberry, cranberry, etc. Not only does it taste good but acai berry benefits are totally off the charts! It is only in the recent times that the World got to know of the acai berry, and it’s amazing nutritional content and hence the popularity of the fruit.

Acai Berry Benefits

In this article, you will discover the amazing benefits of acai berry.

1. Acai Berry For Weight Loss

One of the keys to rapid and healthy weight loss is the body’s ability to quickly eliminate waste. Acai can help you to flush out pounds of unwanted waste and body toxins leaving you thinner, cleaner and happier. Acai berry juice or just the fruit is best for boosting fat-burning metabolism. When you burn fat, you emulsify it thus creating wastes and toxins in the blood stream. Acai berry has fibers that can help in the process of losing weight.

2. Increases Your Overall Energy

Acai berry has an internal cleansing effect. This fruit can also help you to sleep better at night and to wake up more energetic and refreshed in the morning.

3. Promotes Healthier Skin

Everyone wants a more youthful-looking and elastic skin. Acai berry has vitamins A, C, and E, which can help in the regeneration of your skin. Its unique properties help your skin glow and look younger.

4. Improves Your Blood Flow

Acai berry contains anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant that promotes proper circulation of the blood. The improved circulation results in feeling better and healthier. It is due to poor blood circulation that many diseases related to blood clotting, premature balding, and heart problems occur.

5. Stronger Heart

Essential fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids are present in acai berry. Oleic acid can prevent hypertension and also gives your heart the vital nutrients that it needs to work properly and efficiently. In addition, it helps to decrease bad cholesterol, LDL and maintain healthy levels of good cholesterol, HDL.

6. Improves Mental Clarity

Acai berry contains Omega 3 that promotes better memory not just for the older generation but for all age groups. The nutrients found in the pureed berries allow the person to be more alert and makes concentrating easier.

7. Reduces “Bad” Cholesterol

The berry has two essential fatty acids: one is known as Omega-6 (linoleic acid), and the other is Omega-9 (Oleic acid). Frequent studies have shown that these fatty acids play a major role in lowering and maintaining of normal cholesterol levels.

8. Antioxidant

This fruit has the ability to protect and shield the body from the attack of deranged scavenger cells called “free radicals” which are produced as a result of polluted air that we breathe and the residual pesticides that we ingest from supermarket fruits and vegetables. Acai berry with its antioxidants helps detoxify the body of negative elements. Acai has been shown to have up to 33 times more antioxidant power than that of red wine and grapes.

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9. Fights Cancer

The antioxidants found in acai berry like anthocyanins block carcinogenesis at its molecular level which results in the death of the tumor cells and reduces the growth of cancer cells in defected organs. And thus, aids in fighting cancers.

10. Enhances Sexual Performance

For some, this may be the best benefit they can get from acai berry. When all of the above benefits are in effect, your sexual libido gets a jump start.

Acai berry health benefits are truly remarkable! Try it daily for three weeks, and see the results for yourself.

11. Good For Your Digestive System

When consumed regularly, this juice is known to help strengthen your digestive system. Traditionally, Acai berry juice concentrate has been used to offer relief to those who are suffering from diarrhea. It is also beneficial for those who have constipation and related issues as it has colon cleansing properties.

12. Better Blood Circulation

Acai berry juice is a good source of essential fatty acids that possess the power of lowering the levels of the bad cholesterol LDL. These also help improve the levels of the good cholesterol, HDL. All this, in turn, improves the circulation levels of blood. Poor blood circulation triggers various health issues, including premature balding, excessive hair fall, as well as cardiac issues. Thus, regular use of this juice can keep these issues at bay.

13. Good For Diabetics

The juice is very low in its glycemic index as well as lipid levels. This makes it a favorite drink among the diabetics.

14. Improves Sexual Health

When used along with Ginseng, Acai berry juice has proven to boost the libido.

15. Boost Immunity

Acai berry juice contains antioxidants such as anthocyanins in rich amounts. This prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the initial stages. Thus, this amazing drink triggers the death of malignant cells, preventing it from spreading. Regular use can even thwart off cancer.

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16. Better Vision

This juice is known to offer relief from visual fatigue, thus keeping away eye disorders. Regular intake of Acai berry juice along with Goji Berry is known to safeguard the eyes from various issues affecting those.

17. Energy

The juice contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, and phosphorous, along with essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 and antioxidants. This makes it a great source of energy. Thus, it is an ideal drink for those who want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated immediately.

18. Sleep

Acai berry juice has the potential to improve the circulation of blood. Enjoy a good night’s sleep with a glass of this juice just before you hit the bed.

Acai Berry Skin Benefits

From Dr. Oz to Oprah, everyone is singing laurels of how this tiny fruit transformed their skin.

19. Extract Used In Anti-Aging Creams

Some manufacturers also claim to use extracts of the berry in their anti-aging creams.

20. Leaves Skin Fresh & Unblemished

Rich in antioxidants, the acai berries make your skin look younger, fresher and unblemished.

21. Controls Acne

It can help in controlling acne – the bane of every teen’s life! It owes this healing capability to its anti-inflammatory properties.

22. Surplus Vitamins Improve Skin Quality

Besides antioxidants, these berries are also full of vitamins, which add to your overall skin quality.

23. Facial Mask Lightens The Scars

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or scars, ditch the chemical skin care products and try a mask of acai berries and avocados. If you can lay your hands on fresh berries, simply crush them and enjoy a facial mask indulgence!

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24. Keep The Skin Hydrated

Facial skin is prone to wear and tear due to excessive exposure to sun, chemicals, and pollutants. The antioxidants present in Acai juice help in repairing the affected skin cells. Along with keeping the damage-triggering free radicals away, it helps in retaining the moisture lost by the skin. That is one of the key reasons why this juice is very much in demand in the cosmetics market.

25. Soft Lips

Regular application of Acai berry juice is known to keep the lips hydrated. The juice has extremely moisturizing properties. It is also a good source of antioxidants. Together, these help heal the cracks and give you soft, luscious lips.

Acai Berry Hair Benefits

26. Strengthens Hair From Roots

It’s your hair’s inner strength that shows itself on the outside. Berries do exactly that; strengthen every strand of your hair right from its roots!

27. Helps In Hair Growth

The protein content of acai berry (higher than in eggs) and the omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids as well as the vitamins such as A, C, E and B vitamins in the Acai berry are required for hair growth and health.

28. Promotes Scalp Health

Acai berries also contain folic acid and zinc. If you have suffered from hair loss at some point in life, you would know that zinc helps in making hair roots stronger and promotes good scalp health.

29. Controls Hair Fall

High levels of calcium are associated with hair loss; the magnesium in these berries regulates the calcium levels in your body, thus helping to control hair fall too.

So, now you are clear about what is acai berry, and amazing acai berry benefits. Now, loo into how to use it and storage tips.

How To Use Acai Berry?

Acai berries can be eaten raw or turned into any of the following recipes:

  • Shake it: Blend it with milk to make a nice shake or smoothie.
  • Cream: It also comes all bottled up, ready to apply on your skin.
  • Supplements: Tablets and capsules can be simply popped in.
  • Juice: Berry crushed into a juice and chilled, add sugar or honey if you want it sweet.

Choosing What’s Best For You

A small quantity of the berry, in any of the above forms, is recommended, as it boosts your body’s metabolism, flushes out toxins in your body, and reveals younger and smoother looking skin! Results may take time. Acai berry supplements of various brands are easily available in the pharmacies. Be sure to check for any side effects, though generally these supplements are harmless.

How To Store The Wonder Berry

If you prefer to consume the berries in its natural form- simply refrigerate and consume in a week’s time. Storing the pills, juices and supplements is easy. Their shelf life is long (up to a year), as long as they are stored in a cool, dry place. The contents of the juice box, however, must be used within a stipulated time. If you are using Acai berry powder, it is already freeze dried. Hence, it has a rather long shelf life.


Apart from acai berry benefits, it is also essential that you follow proper precautions. As is true for every other supplement and diet wonder, the user must be aware that there are rare chances of a reaction to the fruit or the over-the-counter forms of the berry. Many complain of mild side effects like heartburn or gas, which settles with time.

Hope you liked our post on acai berry benefits. Don’t expect the berry to cure all of life’s ills, use it well and judiciously. Make it a part of your daily diet and skin/hair care routine, and reap the benefits!

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