Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit known for its miraculous health and beauty benefits all over the world. It is also known as butter fruit or alligator pear. Native to Mexico, Guam and Central America, this green, fleshy fruit has been in cultivation since time immemorial. This fruit is naturally loaded with myriad essential nutrients and thus is traditionally used for treating several health and skincare problems, besides being consumed as a food.

Avocados are among the healthiest natural ingredients on the planet and are also considered a complete diet for babies. They contain over 25 vital nutrients including vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K) and minerals such as copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

Moreover, they also contain essential proteins, fibers and beneficial phytochemicals like glutathione, lutein and beta-sitosterol. However, medical experts advise to go easy on eating avocado as it also contains lots of calories and, therefore, it’s excessive use may prove highly detrimental for weight-conscious people.

Avocado Benefits:

Through this post, we’ll try to make you conversant with the benefits of avocado fruit, juice and oil. Enjoy the read …

Skin Benefits Of Avocado:

Butter fruit juice leaves your skin soft and supple, when applied on the skin. It also helps in soothing the skin effectively. The fruit protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, it is an excellent sunscreen lotion. It contains many vitamins such as Vitamin C, A and E, which are essential for the skin. It hydrates all the skin types. The amazing healthy components present in this fruit make it a great choice in skin care. Some of the benefits of butter fruit for skin are:

1. Reduces Marks And Wrinkles:

Avocado works well for wrinkles and age spots. When applied with cocoa butter, it helps in lightening scars and spots and gives you a radiant skin tone.

2. Cure For Bright ’s Disease And Psoriasis:

The fruit is useful in curing Bright’s disease. The oil extracted from this fruit is highly beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis. It gradually removes the scales on the skin. It also helps in the treatment for periodontal disease.

3. Hydrates And Lightens The Skin Tone:

The fruit effectively hydrates dry skin and reduces fine lines on the skin. It also offers instant radiance to the skin. This fruit is used in various cosmetic products, such as moisturizers and cleansers. It also controls the itchiness caused by dry skin to a great extent.

4. Reduces And Prevents Wrinkles:

This fruit protects the skin from toxins that cause premature ageing on the skin. It also helps in reducing the age spots on the skin, when applied directly on the skin.

5. Best Sunscreen:

Replace your regular sunscreen lotions with this fruit. It helps in protecting your skin from the UVA and UVB harmful rays of the sun. It is also a remedy for removing sun burns and eczema from the skin. It protects the skin from future damage.

6. Antioxidants For Healthy Skin:

Butter fruit contains antioxidants that help in protecting your skin from damage. It improves your skin’s complexion and density. Medical and skincare experts especially recommend the consumption of avocado juice to those struggling with dull, lack luster skin. It is also a great natural remedy to relieve dry skin.

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7. Clears Skin:

They also remove dead skin cells effectively from the skin. It deeply penetrates into the skin to restore the nutrients. It also helps in increasing the blood circulation in the skin, which is essential for the skin. The glutamine amino acid present in avocados cleanses your skin and offers it enough protection against harsh environmental factors.

8. Prevents Breakouts:

The regular intake of avocados effectively controls acne or breakouts in the skin. It, therefore, keeps the skin supple and glowing.

9. Fats And Vitamins:

Butter fruit is one of the best fruits for a healthy skin. It protects the skin from the bad effects of pollution. It also supplies fats to the skin, which keep the skin healthy. It helps in maintaining water in the skin, which helps in making the skin radiant and glowing.

10. Nourishes Skin:

Avocado oil is easily absorbable and, thus, penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it well-cleansed, nourished and baby-soft. This helps accelerate the new cell generation and also helps promote the circulation in the body and the skin.

Initially, it was the Egyptians who used this fruit to regulate the hair growth and prevent hair loss. We can get rich vitamins and minerals through the use of the raw fruit or avocado oil. The oil gets easily absorbed in the hair, so it is  best suited for dry hair. This fruit makes the hair shiny and beautiful. It works effectively when it is used as a hair mask. It not only nourishes but also strengthens the hair. The hair benefits of butter fruit include the following:

11. Good Conditioner:

Butter fruit works as an effective conditioner for dry hair. It is creamy and heavy. Massaging your hair with the butter fruit paste results in soft and healthy looking hair. It effectively conditions damaged and dry hair. It also controls frizz hair to a great extent.

12. Protects Hair:

The avocado butter also protects the hair from heat and other chemicals.

13. Rescue For Split Ends:

The butter fruit oil can work well on dry and brittle hair, which, in turn, helps in controlling the split ends.

14. Shiny Hair:

This fruit contains fats, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for beautiful and shiny hair.

15. Regulates Hair Growth:

This fruit is known for stimulating hair growth and controlling hair loss. Hair loss occurs when your hair is severely dry and damaged. This fruit is a good remedy for hair loss. As a moisturizer, it improves the hair’s condition to a great extent.

16. Moisturizer For Scalp:

A dry scalp often causes itching and other hair problems. The avocado or butter fruit oil goes deep into the epidermis layer and  helps in keeping the scalp moisturized. The oil stimulates your hair follicles, thereby improving the blood circulation in the scalp. The oil detangles the hair without leaving it greasy.

17. Softening Mask:

Butter fruit and egg yolk would work to make your hair soft and nourished naturally.

18. Vitamin B and E:

Deficiency of vitamins might result in hair loss and other hair-related problems. The Vitamin B and E in this fruit help in strengthening and protecting the hair strands. It also repairs scalp damage, which is the major cause of hair loss.

19. Rejuvenates Scalp:

If we speak particularly of the avocado benefits for hair, avocado oil helps in rejuvenating and moisturizing the scalp. One can use avocado oil for hair in more than one way as it is an exceptional treatment for revitalizing dry, damaged, lifeless hair. It deep conditions your locks and scalp and hence leaves them looking lustrous and full of life. Moreover, being a rich source of proteins, amino acids and vitamins, avocado oil also helps in promoting the growth of healthier tresses.

Health Benefits Of Avocado:

Avocados are considered the healthiest fruit among all the fruits. They contain more fat but, at the same time, they are also packed with many nutrients. They also contain several vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. This fruit helps the body absorb the nutrients present in other foods easily. The fruit contains phosphorus, Vitamin A, calcium, iron, Vitamin B6, protein, copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, folic acid, dietary fiber and potassium. Avocado benefits are not limited to the skin and hair. It has got wonderful health properties too. Avocado health benefits include the following:

20. Rich In Proteins:

Butter fruit contains the finest quality of proteins. The proteins they contain are far superior to the proteins of bread or any other cereals. The composition is similar to milk and thus, the fruit in the juice form is safe for children too.

21. Good Source Of Vitamin E:

Butter fruit is rich in Vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant and also helps in the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin E also protects the polyunsaturated fatty acids from free radicals.

22. Cardiovascular Disease:

Butter fruit contains foliate in high levels, which prevents the risk of strokes. It also helps in protecting good cholesterol that reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. It also contains polyunsaturated fat, potassium and monounsaturated fat. It contains linoleic and oleic acids in the fruit, which lower the LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL (good) cholesterol. It has high amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber, which lowers the risk of cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and obesity.

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23. Cancer Fighter:

Butter fruit is also known for its anti-cancerous property. It can be taken as a smart food option to lower the risks of cancer. Studies have proved that this fruit prevents oral pre-cancerous cells from developing into actual oral cancer cells. Regular intake will also reduce the chance of breast and prostate cancer.

24. Aids Digestion:

This fruit also provides a remedy for digestive disorders. It provides comfort to the sensitive surfaces of the stomach and the vitamins present in it reanimate the crippled cells.

25. Regulates Blood Pressure:

Butter fruit contains more potassium and other important minerals than any other fruits and thus helps in lowering the blood pressure level.

26. Improves Eyesight:

Butter fruit contains high fiber and carotenoid lutein, which protects the eyes from cataracts, eye diseases related to age, and vision problems. Its consumption also improves the eyesight.

27. Controls Bad Breath:

The persistent use of mouth washes results in disastrous health effects such as cancer. Instead, you may choose this fruit as a remedy for bad breath. It removes intestinal decomposition that is the actual cause for bad breath.

28. Baby Food:

Butter fruits are the first nourishing fruit that babies can enjoy. This fruit contains monounsaturated fats, which play an integral part in the baby’s development. The creamy consistency of the fruit is ideal for the babies. Its consumption provides niacin, potassium, folacin, Vitamin B1and B2, and magnesium. Its regular intake would make the body physically and mentally strong.

29. Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties:

Butter fruit contains antifungal and antibacterial properties, which would benefit women in menopause. It aids in insomnia, constipation, ulcer and nervous problems. It also helps in restoring any deficiency in your body.

30. Effective For Weight Management:

Butter fruits help in controlling weight effectively. They have a high fat content, which quickly gives a feeling of fullness and reduces overeating. The monounsaturated fat increases the metabolic rate. Studies have found a small amount of weight loss with the consumption of this fruit. A few people have noticed a rapid weight loss with the increased intake of avocado.

31. Arthritis:

Butter fruit is an excellent food supplement for arthritis along with soya bean. It helps to stimulate cartilage growth. With anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in treating the symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis.

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32. Heart Health:

Avocados are extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining a hale and hearty heart. They are rich in folate – an ingredient essential for a healthy, problem-free heart. One cup is enough to satisfy your body’s 23% of the daily folate requirement alone. Additionally, the monounsaturated fats, glutathione and vitamin E in the avocado are also very beneficial for the human heart. Not only this, the avocado’s high folate content also makes it an ideal food for preventing strokes.

33. Better Nutrient Absorption:

Avocados are found to be very effective in boosting the absorption of certain nutrients plus they also improve the human digestive system. Likewise, they also help in preventing constipation and facilitate immediate weight loss.

34. Glutathione Source:

Avocado is a rich source of glutathione, an antioxidant important in preventing ageing, cancers, and heart disorders. Furthermore, the abundance of vitamin E makes it an amazing ingredient to keep numerous health issues bay.

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35. Boosts Immunity:

Many beauticians and skincare experts also recommend the use of avocado oil over the face daily  to keep up the moisture level and hence maintain the juvenile glow for long. Moreover, because of high dietary vitamin E, it also helps in boosting the immunity of the skin against stress and other environmental hazards.

36. Increased Resistance Against Free Radicals:

A study conducted in the recently concluded year found that avocado can help in boosting the cell’s ability to fight the free radicals. The research was done on yeast that was exposed to free radicals; the oil multiplied the resistance of the yeast cells against the free radicals by many folds. So, on the basis of the results, medical experts believe that these benefits of avocado oil could apply to human cells as well.

Avocado Beauty Treatments:

One can also create their own beauty treatments with this inimitable fruit. Find a few excellent recipes below:

37. Avocado Hair Mask:

Avocado provides great hair treatment in combination with egg yolk, olive oil and yogurt. It nourishes your hair and moisturizes it from the inside out, leaving it rejuvenated and well-revitalized. To prepare the treatment, pulverize the avocado first and then add some olive oil, yogurt and egg yolk to it. Stir well to get a consistent paste and work it over your strands evenly, covering them with a plastic wrap afterwards. Let the mixture sit in your hair for almost half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo normally.

38. Avocado Body Butter Recipe:

To create avocado body butter, take one fully ripped avocado and, after removing its pit and skin, mash it up in a small bowl. Apply the paste onto your skin, paying enough attention to the rough skin areas like knees, heels and elbows. Let the butter exercise its magic over your skin for almost half an hour and then wash off with cool water.

39. Avocado Facial Cleanser Recipe:

This recipe cleanses the skin pores and frees your skin from any dirt, grime, excess oil and other impurities. While a variety of such cleansers are available in the market, you can also prepare your own at home. For making an avocado facial cleanser, you’ll be in need of one egg yolk, half cup milk and half avocado. First of all, beat the egg until it is frothy and then add mashed avocado and milk to it. Stir the concoction to get a lotion-like consistency. Use the resultant mixture to cleanse your face regularly. It removes the harmful toxins from your skin and leaves it looking younger and radiant.

40. Avocado Hand Scrub:

This blend makes use of lemon for scent; oats help in the quick and easy absorption of avocado oil and provide gentle exfoliation making your hands soft and smooth. To get the treatment, simply take some mashed avocado in a bowl and add to it egg white, oats and a little amount of lime juice. Stir the mixture well and massage your hands with the resultant paste. Hold on for 20-25 minutes and wash your hands finally with tepid water.

41. Oily Skin Avocado Mask:

Avocado mask for oily skin involves the use of lemon, egg white and ripped avocado. Lemon acts as a natural astringent and controls the production of oil by the skin whereas egg white strengthens and nourishes your skin with high protein content. Avocado oil balances the mixture. To prepare the pack, you need to combine avocado, egg white and lemon juice in a blender and whirl until you get a smooth paste. Use the mask onto your skin for twenty minutes and rinse with warm water at the end.

42. Avocado Moisturizing Mask:

The moisturizing avocado oils join forces with a natural antiseptic agent, honey, and relieving yogurt to gently cleanse, eliminate redness and soften up the skin while firming and refining the skin pores. Take two fully ripped avocados and mash them after pitting and peeling. Now, add yogurt and honey to it and stir well. Apply the paste over your face and leave it on for almost fifteen minutes. Rinse with tepid water.

43. Moisturizing Eye Mask:

Avocado moisturizing eye mask is the best for relieving eye dehydration and irritation. The preparation of the mask doesn’t involve any intricate steps. Just mash a fully ripped avocado and combine it with aloe vera gel. Stir well and spread evenly on pre-cleansed under eye skin. Let it sit virtually for ten minutes and then wipe away. Splash tepid water over your face finally.

Nutritional Value Of Butter Fruit:

Butter fruit is enriched with energy, which comes from its fat content. It also has high soluble and insoluble fiber content. Its high intake results in lowering the blood cholesterol and the triglycerides level. It also helps in lowering cancer and the risk of diabetes. This fruit also contains sufficient minerals and vitamins that are essential for your diet. The Vitamin C and E present in the butter fruit help in making the immune system strong.

Butter Fruit, Raw
Nutritional Value Per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy670 kJ (160 kcal)
Carbohydrates8.53 g
Sugars0.66 g
Dietary fiber6.7 g
Fat14.66 g
Saturated2.13 g
Monounsaturated9.80 g
Polyunsaturated1.82 g
Protein2 g
Vitamin A equiv.beta-caroteneluteinzeaxanthin(1%) 7 μg (1%) 62 μg 271 μg
Thiamine (B1)(6%) 0.067 mg
Riboflavin (B2)(11%) 0.13 mg
Niacin (B3)(12%) 1.738 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)(28%) 1.389 mg
Vitamin B6(20%) 0.257 mg
Folate (B9)(20%) 81 μg
Vitamin C(12%) 10 mg
Vitamin E(14%) 2.07 mg
Vitamin K(20%) 21 μg
Trace metals
Calcium(1%) 12 mg
Iron(4%) 0.55 mg
Magnesium(8%) 29 mg
Manganese(7%) 0.142 mg
Phosphorus(7%) 52 mg
Potassium(10%) 485 mg
Sodium(0%) 7 mg
Zinc(7%) 0.64 mg
Other constituents
Water73.23 g
Fluoride7 µg

Thus, the avocado has a lot of benefits for your skin, hair and health. Did you find this information useful? Do let us know by leaving a comment.

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