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13 Amazing Benefits Of Jackfruit (Kathal)

13 Amazing Benefits Of Jackfruit (Kathal) November 6, 2017

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit and is known for its fruity flavour, unique size, and sweet taste. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and energy. It’s also free from saturated fats or cholesterol. It is mostly found in the south western rain forests and mainly cultivated in the tropical regions of India. The jackfruit tree is something that can even find growing in the wild in many parts of India. Other than India these can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil etc.

Jackfruit benefits

Here we break down the 13 benefits of this fruit into categories for your convenience.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit:

1. Gives Energy and Revitalizes Body Instantly:

Just 100g of jackfruit can provide 95 calories. It’s soft and easily digestible and contains sucrose and fructose, due to which you can get instant energy and your body revitalizes instantly.

2. Protects Colon Mucous Membrane:

Jackfruit is a fiber rich fruit which helps in protecting mucous membrane of the colon since it decreases the exposure time and binds to the carcinogenic chemicals in the colon easily.

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3. Protects Lungs and Keeps Away Oral Cavity Cancer:

This fruit contains little amount of Vitamin A, flavonoids like carotene-beta, xanthin, lutein, and cryptoxanthin-beta which together play an important role in vision functioning. They contain anti-oxidants and the vitamin A present in them plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of mucous membranes and skin. It also protects lungs and keeps oral cavity cancer away, keeping the body healthy.

4. Protects from Free Radicals and Increases Resistance:

The high content of anti-oxidants and vitamin C present in the jackfruit increases the resistance of the body to fight against infectious agents and free radicals.

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5. B-Complex Rich Fruit:

So here is the rare fruit with high B-complex content in it, the jack fruit. It consists of the vitamins group, B-complex like pyridoxine, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid etc.

6. Controls Heart Rate and Blood Pressure:

Potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium etc. are present in good amount in this fruit among which potassium is an important component which is present in the cells and body fluids and it controls the heart rate and blood pressure. So the tasty and juicy fruit can keep you away from heart problems and blood pressure issues.

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7. Keeps Away Infections:

As discussed before, it keeps the virus and bacteria at bay and protects us from infections, keeping the body healthy. This fruit supports the white blood corpuscles’ (WBC) functioning and thus improves the immune system.

8. Keeps Away Free Radicals Protecting from Cancer:

If consumed regularly, the rich phytonutrient content in the jackfruit fights against free radicals which cause cancer cells to develop and grow, thus keeping cancer away from your body.

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9. Anti-Aging Properties:

If you want to look younger, then this is the fruit you must consume regularly. The anti-aging properties of jackfruit keep the skin younger for longer period.

10. Anti-ulcer Properties:

Jackfruit can keep you away from ulcers as well.

11. Digestion:

The rich fiber content in jackfruits helps in easy digestion by clearing the bowel movement.

12. Asthma and Anemia:

Extracts from the roots of the jackfruit plant control asthma, and the iron content of the fruit keeps anemia away from the body.

13. Others:

This fruit also regulates blood sugar levels in the body and the copper content in it maintains a good thyroid health. Calcium present in it helps in blood clotting. Calcium and magnesium of the fruit helps maintain strong bones.

This list of benefits makes the jackfruit nutrition value and superiority quite obvious!

The raw jackfruit is available in the market throughout the year, but the fruit is mostly available at the end of the summer. Still nowadays, these fruits are easily available in cans and market round the year anywhere in Asia and also in our country, India. So, what are you waiting for? Include jackfruit in your daily diet and reap the numerous health benefits it offers. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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